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179 Hive-like, Eldon, The Northern Undead Yard, Firelink Sacrificial Grounds, and Yanan (III)

Thanks to the god-level talent of the Bionic Tear, which could remotely control Brother Tree and Brother Spirit to fight the secret dungeon, Su Mumu could become an advanced Professional.

If it were a normal Awakened Talent, with Su Mumus ability, no matter how hard she worked, it would be impossible for her to catch up with him.

She couldnt even catch up with an ordinary Professional and would only be a low-level Professional for the rest of her life.

It wasnt that she wasnt good enough, but her genes had determined that the path of fighting wasnt suitable for her.

She was more suited to be a singer.


‘She can be a masseuse too!

‘That little girls massage technique is indeed impeccable….

Her message was as if she was raising him to the heavens.


“It doesnt matter if the Bionic Tear is a mythical-level talent or if its a parasitic talent.”

“No one can forcibly take away someone elses talent, especially those who kill the host of the parasitic talent will never become the next target of the parasitic talent.”

“Theyre very vengeful….”

“The important thing is…”

“The Bionic Tear is related to a large-scale secret dungeon namedEldon.”

“Hive, the Undead Yard in the north, Firelink Sacrificial Grounds, Yanan, and so on.

They are all large-scale dungeons with the same origin.

The dungeons have already appeared, but Eldon has not appeared yet.

There are only some records of it in the ancient books.”

Lin Yes ears perked up at the familiar name.


“The Yanan Forest”

The silent witch nodded.

“Yes, theYanan Forest that you saw me in the college entrance examination was Yanans realm fragment.

However, your luck was a little bad.

You actually didnt get Yanans entry pass from that instance dungeon.”

Lin Ye looked shocked.

‘What the–

If he had known earlier, he would have killed all the other dungeon Bosses with temporary buffs!

Although he might not be able to get Yanans admission pass, at least he had a higher chance of getting a ticket.

He would not regret missing a few bosses and not fighting the cricket.

The silent witch continued, “According to the ancient book when something related to Eldon appears, it means that this large-scale secret dungeon is about to appear.”

“The others just need to follow the guidance of that thing and they will be able to find the admission pass and the teleportation badge to Eldon.”

“As for Eldons world, its like Hive to you.

Not only does it have inheritance Bosses that give the Challenger inheritance skills, but it also allows the person who defeats all the inheritance Bosses to receive the mythical final reward, and even the Godslayer final reward.”


“Professionals from advanced civilizations like us…”

“If the existence of the Bionic Tear is discovered, it and its host will be closely watched.

They will also protect them, in case the Bionic Tear suddenly disappears after the death of its host, causing everyone to lose their chance to go to Eldon.”


“Simply put,”

“That little sister of yours is now a Lucky Star in the eyes of all creatures from higher civilizations.”

“Except for a few people who are out of their minds, no one would want to hurt her, let alone interfere with her life.

They dont want to affect the appearance of Eldons dungeon.”

Lin Ye looked in confusion.

“In other words, the Church of Healing is here to observe us in order to obtain the ticket to enter Eldon” He asked.

‘If that were the case, wouldnt they just need to observe us in secret

‘Why did he have to use the lives of tens of thousands of people for an experiment and risk Su Mumus safety as if he was seriously ill Why did they especially test our level 10 combat data


‘Ill just pretend that they dont know that Su Mumu is a combat idiot!

‘As a result, when the strength test began, she couldnt even defeat a gold-level level 10 monster and almost lost!

‘But this still doesnt explain why they want our level 10 battle data.

The silent witch shrugged.

“Im not sure,”

“Im just talking about the attitude of normal Professionals from advanced civilizations toward that little sister.”

“Those weird people from the Church of Healing are the ones with mental problems I mentioned.

They dont care about Eldon or the inheritance skills.”

“They only care about that so-called Moon Goddess.”

“If the Moon Goddess prophecy requires them to kill that little sister, then they will definitely take the risk of offending all the higher civilizations to kill your little sister.”


“If theMoon Goddess that the Church of Healing believes in really exists… ”

“That means shes interested in the level 10 battle data of you and that little girl.”

“If you want to know the reason,”

“Its best to go to the Church of Healing and ask that Moon Goddess yourself.”

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