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178 Hive-like, Eldon, The Northern Undead Yard, Firelink Sacrificial Grounds, and Yanan (II)

“Otherwise, Ill help you push Hive-like.”

“To be honest, its quite fun to fight these low-level bosses.

Not only can I get a huge number of health points, but I can also get a wave of health bar evaporation skill.”

Lin Ye ignored the silent witchs strange thoughts and continued, “I do have a problem.”

“Can you tell me how much you know about the Church of Healing”

The silent witch was stunned, “What”

“The Church of Healing”

“Their people came to find you”

“Yes,” Lin Ye replied, “I dont know if theyre friends or enemies, nor do I know their situation.

If you can tell me, Ill count it as a second favor.

In the future, if you need my help, Ill do my best to help you.”

The silent witch chuckled, “Hehe!”

“Little brother, you sure know how to do business.”

“Their situation isnt that complicated, but its not that simple either.”

“They are a religious group that worships a God called theMoon Goddess.”

“But no one has ever seen the so-called Moon Goddess, and no one knows if its real or fake.

Maybe its just a lie made up by someone….”

“Normally speaking,”

“These mysterious guys wont pay attention to low-level Professionals in new worlds like you, nor will they pay attention to high-level Professionals in advanced civilizations like us.

They are just a group of reclusive people who dont participate in worldly disputes.”

“Unless their Moon Goddess gave a prophecy or order.”

“And its clearly pointing at you.”

“Theyre the ones who crossed the plane gate to find you.”

“However, since youre still alive, it means that their mission objective is not to kill you, but to help you or observe you.

They can be considered your friends, right”

“Theyre definitely not enemies.”


“With their strength…”

“They can crush you like an ant.”

“Even if all the Professionals in your world attack together, they wont be able to stop them.”

After listening,

Lin Ye recalled the black barrier that the members of the church of healing had used to trap su Mumu.

After he broke it, it turned into a dozen “Fate of Encounter”.

He didnt know if this counted as the help from the Church of Healing.

He felt that the other partys main purpose for this trip was to observe him.


Not just to observe himself.

There was also Su Mumu, who had awakened her “Bionic Tear” talent.

Lin Ye asked, “According to what they said, they came to our world mainly to get my level 10 combat data.”

“This is what you meant byobservation, right”

“But whats the point of getting my level 10 battle data”

“After I break through the level lock of level 10, Ill be able to reach level 15 and 20 very soon.

By then, my combat power will be greatly improved, and wont their previous tests all be useless”

The silent witch glanced at him with a half-smile, “I dont know,”

“The Church of Healing has always been very mysterious.”

“However, I can guess that their main target of observation isnt you, but the little girl with theBionic Tear.

However, after discovering your divine talent, they also became interested in you.”

“Just like how Im curious about you.”

Lin Ye quiets in thought.

It seemed that Su Mumus identity and talent could not be concealed.

Alright, then…

Then lets be frank.

“Whats the matter with this innate talent called Bionic Tear…”

Hearing this, the silent witch raised her head and glanced at the people walking around on the honey-like Street.

She then took out a special badge item and summoned a black teleportation gate.

“Come in.”

As she spoke, the silent witch turned around and entered the portal, disappearing into the distorted space that was like a black hole.

Lin Ye followed closely behind.

After entering the portal, the scenery of the sunny street instantly changed into a large bedroom with the style of a medieval kings bedroom.

It was luxurious and spectacular.

Other than the clean red carpet on the ground, there were countless red roses that emitted fragrance.

The silent witch sat on a chair made of deerskin, crossed her legs elegantly, and assumed the posture of a Queen.

She said slowly,

“Bionic Tears.”

“I dont know much about it.

I only know that its an innate creature with self-awareness.

Its not a talent that the little girl awakened herself, but a special talent that is parasitic on her.”

Lin Ye looked alarmed.


‘Awakened talents can be parasitized

‘Is it harmful

As if she could hear Lin Yes doubts, the silent witch said calmly,

“Dont worry.

Although it looks like a parasite, its actually more like a symbiotic relationship.

It just needs to devour the original awakened Professional talent and become the hosts only awakened talent….”

“Lets put it this way,”

“If it parasitizes you, it will serve you unconditionally, just like a normal awakened talent.

No matter what you ask it to do, it will satisfy you.”

“Including the otherworldly creatures it summons, they will serve you unconditionally.

Even if you ask them to commit suicide, they will not hesitate to cut off their own necks.”

Lin Ye was confused.

“But it will devour the original Awakened Talent, right”

The silent witch said indifferently,

“So be it.”

“The Bionic Tear is a mythical-level talent.

How strong can an ordinary persons Awakened Talent be Wouldnt it be better to change it to a more powerful mythical-level talent”

Lin Ye touched his chin and thought,


“Thats true.”


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