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176 Hidden Moon Blade Is Not A Mythical-Grade Weapon, But A Weapon That Surpasses Myths-Godslayer-Grade (III)

“If you want to know, you can just ask me directly.”

“You dont have to threaten me…”

Then, with the quiet witchs knowledge, Lin Ye learned a few important pieces of information that normal human Professionals and even the Professional Alliance might not know.

In the early stages of the low-level normal secret dungeon, the highest score was SSS.

Without the buff of Lady Luck, the best equipment that could be obtained was basically only Platinum-grade.

In order to obtain Diamond-grade equipment, one had to either clear high-level, high-difficulty dungeons or rely on luck.

In hell-mode Dungeons, it was like obtaining five gold coins in a row, obtaining a low-level Diamond-grade reward from a Platinum-grade treasure chest.


If it was a unique hell mode Dungeon that spawned from the stone sword key…

There was a certain probability that there would be ultimate creatures whose strength far exceeded the current Class.

For example, Kro, the angel doppelganger that Lin Ye met in the Land of Death, was a Diamond-grade phantom doppelganger.

Even the Cursemancer, whose level was almost invincible, could only use skills to scrape it.

The Cursemancer was even instantly killed by a few skills.

It could be said that it was invincible among invincibility.

At this moment, the same situation would occur as the Boss with the inheritance.

You can choose to challenge the other party.

If the challenge was successful, he would receive a large number of rewards.

If the challenge failed, he would receive no rewards at all.

If it was serious, he would lose his life.

If you choose not to challenge it, although you will not receive any additional rewards, you will not be at risk of dying.

You can safely return to the real world with other rewards.

For example, senior Hive, who discovered that they could bypass the Cursemancer by running the map.

Of course,

This was not the main point.

The main point was that as long as one followed the systems instructions and defeated the only ultimate creature in the secret dungeon, it would be impossible to defeat it.

You can get a Ω clearance score and obtain a mythical-level reward that is formed by the fusion of all the power of the only secret dungeon.

What if…

You can rely on your own strength to defeat this ultimate creature without suffering any injuries.

That would be even more terrifying.

You will receive a growth-type mythical-level reward, which includes equipment, weapons, and skills.

The maximum growth limit will not be displayed.

However, the Professionals of the higher civilizations would not call such equipment and skillsmythical.

Instead, they would call them in a way that highlighted their preciousness and power.

[Surpassing the Mythological-Godkiller level.]

The meaning behind this name was that mythical equipment with growth potential had terrifying potential that surpassed mythical quality.

As long as they continued to grow and evolve, they could even obtain the power to kill even gods in the end.

The ultimate strength pursued by all advanced Professionals from advanced civilizations was to have a full set ofgodkiller equipment and a large number ofgodkiller skills.


Obtaining the Godkiller level was only the beginning.

Raising them to a high enough level, obtaining more attribute bonuses, and evolving more ability effects was the long road that everyone had to walk.

And theres no end to it.


Thats right.

Lin Yes Hidden Moon blade was a Godkiller weapon that surpassed legends.

According to the incomplete information left behind from ancient times, if the Challenger could gather all the inheritance skills in a special large-scale secret plane dungeon like Hive-like, he could also get a clear score of Ω and get one or more “Godkiller” rewards.

After all…

In order to gain the Bosss approval, players had to be careful.

The most basic condition was to defeat them without any injuries.

Just like how Lin Ye could only get the Godkiller weapon, Hidden Moon, after he defeated the ultimate creature, Kro, with no injuries.

The process of the two is extremely similar.

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