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174 Hidden Moon Blade Is Not A Mythical-Grade Weapon, But A Weapon That Surpasses Myths-Godslayer-Grade (I)

Compared to the level 15 Glory of The Stars, the increase in the Aqua Tide was slightly smaller.

But it was still very terrifying.

Originally, its healing value was only 800 points.

Now, it has increased by more than 900 points.

Including the 60% damage bonus from dying and Glory of The Stars, he could now deal 2,784 damage, 300 points more than the level 5 Holy Light that had not been upgraded.

The only price to pay was an additional 10 seconds of cooldown time and more mana consumption.


The reversed Aqua Tide can now randomly apply three harmful states to the enemy.

When one is lucky, a negative status such as healer ban and disarm could instantly make an enemy without dispel doubt their life.

‘In other words….

‘My first-round skills can deal 10,274 AoE true damage.

‘Including single-target skills like Healing Spell.

‘So, the first round of skills can deal 14,684 true damage to a single enemy

‘Whats this

‘To be honest, its a little perverted.

‘Too bad…

‘I still need six crowns to max out my main skills.

‘If I can pull all of them to full, I can use a set of AoE reversal skills to evaporate those Blood Kin members who have more than 10,000 HP in the previous Oath War.

I dont have to ride on the fire dragon to fight them.

‘As for the most powerful half-beast Captain, even if he could withstand my first round of AoE skills, he would not be able to withstand my follow-up Holy Light and single-target Healing skills.

‘I can crush them in minutes.

As he was thinking…

A certain figure suddenly appeared beside Lin Ye.

She was wearing a long black dress, a black witchs hat, black stockings, and small leather boots.

She was obviously thin in black, but she looked very tall and voluptuous, especially the murder weapon on her upper body, which was as magnificent as the Pacific Ocean, with turbulent waves.

“Little brother,”

“Have you bought the crown of wisdom”

“!” Lin Ye looked up in surprise.

The silent silent witch

The silent witch revealed an extremely elegant smile,

“Whats wrong”

“Have you forgotten me”

“In the secret dungeon of the Yanan Forest, with the help of the Campfire Explorer, we met each other once… Although you only saw a clone of mine.”

Lin Yes right hand quietly touched the flickering stone as he maintained a high level of vigilance against her.

“I remember.”

“Your name is the silent witch, right”

“What are you planning to do”

The silent witch blinked her eyes,

“Im not planning anything,”

“I was just curious about your progress in Hive-like, so I created a level 15 clone and returned to Hive to take a look.”

“I didnt expect that youd actually help the Qing Cults Holy Church defeat the Blood Kin.

And in such a clean and neat way too.”


“A Priest Class that can enter Hive-like.”

“Even in the eyes of us advanced Professionals, this kind of thing is like a miracle in the Arabian Nights.

Almost no one can do it.”

“I want to know….”

“You must have awakened a divine talent that is extremely suitable for Priests.”

“Let me guess, your Awakened Talent is to turn your healing skills into damage skills.

The original buff effects will all become a debuff effect, and it will also double the amount of damage dealt.”


‘Sorry, you were only half right.

I did indeed turn healing skills into damage skills, and I even turned buffs into debuffs.

‘However, the amount of damage did not double.

It ignored the enemys defense and directly lost HP, which was the same as true damage.

Moreover, a Priests healing value was higher than the damage value of the damage output Class, which made the damage look explosive.

But instead of speaking all of these, Lin Ye challenged, “So what if I am”

The silent witch chuckled, “I knew it.”

“Your healing skills and damage skills have completely different effects.”

“But if one looks closely, theyll find that the effects are completely the same after beingreversed.”


“As long as you learn the support skills of a Priest, you will be able to obtain almost omnipotent combat power.

You can heal and gain benefits for your teammates, and also cause damage and curse your enemies.”

“Its completely reached the realm of divine talent, haha~”

Lin Ye coldly asked, “So”

“Youre looking for me just to show off your observation skills”

“Why dont you continue to hide in the dark and secretly observe me Why did you suddenly approach me”

The silent witch shook her head slightly.

As her head shook, the two white rabbits on her upper body also began to ripple slightly.

They were as soft as water.


“Its such a simple once over.

When youre an advanced Professional at the same level as me, you can observe others and analyze their Awakened Talent with ease.”

“Theres no point in showing off at all.”

“Im here today to help you…”

Lin Ye was confused.

“What do you mean”

The silent witch leaned against the wall behind her and gently flicked her long orange hair.

While posing like an alluring lady trying to attract customers, she slowly explained,


“Most of the bosses in this dungeon arent worth raiding,”

“Only the Cursemancer that you defeated, the Boss with the inheritance that can grant the Challenger aninheritance skill are the most important beings in this dungeon.”

“For us advanced Professionals….

That is, what you call an advanced civilization creature.”

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