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173 Level Up Skill! Glory of The Stars! Level 4 Powerlessness (III)

The Buffs from “Glory of The Stars” had also changed from three to four.

After the reversal, although it did not give the enemy four random debuffs, it could dispel the enemys four random debuffs.

When dealing with some enemies who liked to give themselves buffs, this skill could effectively limit their combat power.

Thats right.

He was talking about the old skeleton who had a long foreplay.

Moving on,

The most important effect was that all attributes were greatly reduced.

Other than changing the 10-second duration of the group sheep tactic to 20 seconds, it also increased the reduction of all attributes, which could instantly reduce all the enemys attributes by 4 levels.

What was the meaning of this

Take the other states where all attributes were reduced as an example.

The “slight decrease in all attributes” in the injured state meant that all the attributes of the target would decrease by one level.

The “medium decrease in all attributes” in the heavily injured state meant that all the attributes of the target would decrease by two levels.

This included the “slight decrease in all attributes” caused by the duel invitation, and the “medium decrease in all attributes” caused by other skills.

They were all reduced by one or two levels, which was about a dozen or so attribute points.


When it came to “all attributes greatly reduced”, it did not just decrease by one level, but several.

For example, in the near-death state, the targets “all attributes greatly reduced” meant that all attributes would be reduced by 5 levels, the most serious level.

The enemy would be almost paralyzed, unable to move, and they would have to rely on the help of their teammates to get out of danger.

Whether it was to capture evil Fallen or other world creatures, the Professional Alliance always relied on “near death state” instead of control skills such as “stun” or “sleep”.

It was because the level 5 attribute reduction was almost the same as the strongest control skill, “suppression”.

The only difference,

There was no time limit.

On the other hand, Holy Lights “all attributes greatly reduced” and the Glory of The Stars at the very beginning only reduced the targets weakness by three levels.

Although it seemed like he had turned the enemy into a weak target, the enemy could at least continue to move.

Whether it was to attack, defend, or escape, there was no problem.

The only hindrance would be that their speed movement would be a little slow.

When he meant “a little slow”, he meant that the enemy would be very slow in the eyes of Professionals of the same level and above.

If it was an ordinary person or a Profession with a much lower level, even if you got hit a level 3 “all attributes greatly reduced”, you could still hang the other party up and beat him up.


If you got hit with a level 4 decrease, all your attributes would be significantly reduced.

That would be troublesome.

Attack power, defense power, movement speed, and attack speed would all be reduced, and you would be almost useless.

It was even likely that you would be pressed to the ground by a Professional who was ten or twenty levels lower than you until the debuffs duration ended or you were dispelled.

However, when all attributes significantly increased and all attributes significantly decreased at the same time…

The outcome would be judged based on the level of weakness.

If I give you a level 4 “Goat Armor”, while you give yourself a level 3 “Magnify”, After the two offset each other, it would be equivalent to wearing a level 3 “Goat Armor”.

The level 4 weakness was far greater than the level 3 weakness.


Even though the cooldown time for Glory of The Stars had increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, and the mana cost had increased from 120 to 200, the coverage of several effects had also increased by an additional 20 seconds,

Its current strength was still far greater than its original Level 5.

As the saying goes,

The way of the king was to fly the brick with great strength.

Lin Ye didnt lose anything by using these six valuable crowns of wisdom to level up Glory of The Stars.

In fact, he gained a lot.

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