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172 Level Up Skill! Glory of The Stars! Level 4 Powerlessness (II)

Another example was Divine Qi Therapy.

It also dealt low damage, but it was a noble AoE true damage skill.

It could be used in conjunction with skills such as Glory of The Stars to finish off enemies with low HP.

It could also give the enemy an additional “bleeding” effect, which could deceive the opponent into dispelling the skill.

It was a normal skill that was not very useful, but had a little use.

The gold quality of the latters Healing Wave wasnt considered low, and it could be used for a short period of time.

However, there were too many restrictions on its use, and it was almost impossible to encounter a situation where it could be used to its full potential.

For example,

Ever since Lin Ye entered Hive, none of the enemies he met were conjoined twins who played mixed doubles.

Each Healing Wave could only deal a short amount of damage, which was almost the same as the worst healing spells.

In the later stages, it would definitely be replaced with a gold skill with a wider range of application.

Or skills that are Platinum or Diamond Grade and above.


The MP recovery of the clarity spell was also quite low.

However, mana recovery skills were really hard to come by, especially skills that could recover mana for other targets.

They were almost as rare as the emerald ring that reduces the cooldown.


Even if Lin Ye didnt want to level up this “low-level skill”,

He had to feed it the crown with tears in his eyes.


The Clarity skill didnt consume any mana.

No matter how many mana recovery skills Lin Ye learned later on, they would only bring him benefits and not harm him.

They wouldnt affect his skill cycle either.

As long as he had enough crowns.

Anyone would be able to use all of these skills that could recover mana.


The wrong choice was eliminated.

All that was left was to choose the most cost-effective plan from the correct options.

[Glory of The Stars] required six crowns to break through the level lock of Level 5 and level 10 to increase the coverage of its “all attributes greatly reduced” effect.

The Glory of The Stars “vulnerable” effect had the same effect.

When it was raised to level 10, the duration would be extended.

However, because it was a Platinum-grade skill, it only needed to consume four crowns to reach level 15.

After breaking through the level 10 lock, the Aqua Tide skill would dispel two negative statuses to three negative statuses.

After the reversal, it was equivalent to giving the enemy three random debuffs.

It was also a sure-upgrade skill that required eating four crowns.

Holy Light, after breaking through to level 10, would also extend the effect of “all attributes greatly reduced”, and only needed to use two crowns.

It was the cheapest skill to level up.

However, it was also the most easily countered and deciphered skill.


How to choose

After thinking for a long time, Lin Ye finally made a difficult decision.

He would give up on the glory of the stars and the Holy Light for now.

Instead, he would level up Glory of The Stars and the Aqua Tide to level 15 to improve his AoE damage ability and AoE control.

After all…

The “vulnerable” effect of the Glory of The Stars was best matched with the “increased injury” effect of Silence.

Even if the duration was extended, it wouldnt allow Lin Yes second round of healing package to receive additional damage, nor would it be able to adapt to the cooldown Time of Silence and complete a perfect cycle of skills.

It was equivalent to only increasing the damage caused by his subsequent reverse healing skill and normal attacks.

It was not worth it.

In addition to being easily dispelled by the enemys low-level “dispel” Holy Light also had a disadvantage of only dealing single damage.

It was not that single-target skills were bad, but they had more limitations.

they could only be used to their fullest against secret dungeon bosses.

Other skills such as clearing monsters, Oath War, and dimensional war were not as good as group AOE skills.

In addition, this skill was only of gold quality.

The damage value increased after leveling up was not as good as Platinum and Diamond skills, and the cooldown time was much longer.


Lets just leave it for now.

He would consider raising it when he had more crown resources in the future.

[Glory of the Stars (Diamond Grade) (Low)]: Level 15: recovers 3,021 HP for all targets within range (correction healing boost) and applies thestars effect.

All attributes of all healed targets are greatly increased [Level 4], and four random buffs are obtained for 20 seconds (can only be dispelled by diamond-grade buff-type dispel skills).

Cooldown: 90 seconds, mana cost: 200]

[Glory of the Stars (Reverse): Level 15.

Reduces 4,833 (1.6 bonus) HP of all targets within range and applies themeteor effect.

All attributes of all targets with reduced HP are greatly reduced [Level 4].

Randomly dispels four buffs (can only be dispelled by diamond-grade debuff-type dispel skills).

Cooldown: 72 seconds.

Mana cost: 180 points.]

[Aqua Tide (Platinum Grade) (Medium): Level 15, summon a wave of healing to sweep the entire field, restore 1,740 HP of a designated group within the range (attribute correction equipment bonus), and randomly dispel 3 harmful States.

Cooldown of 30 seconds, 200 mana points consumed.]

[Rise of Aqua Tide (Reverse): Level 15, summons the tide of death to sweep across the entire field, dealing 2,784 HP to a designated group within the range (60% damage bonus during the Glory of The Stars and Time of Silence), and randomly adding 3 harmful States.

Cooldown of 24 seconds, mana cost 180 (talent and cooldown reduced).]

The upgraded Glory of the Stars dealt more than 3,000 damage from the original 1,300.

Including the buffs from Time of Silence and Glory of The Stars, it dealt close to 5,000 true damage.

Furthermore, it was an AoE attack.

He used his AoE to take on Lin Yes total damage before he leveled up.

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