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171 Level Up Skill! Glory of The Stars! Level 4 Powerlessness (I)

Under Lin Yes attack, the remaining blood religion members were easily wiped out, and the resurrection point in One-line Sky Forest was completely occupied by the Qing Cult members.

This Oath battle that lasted for half a day.

It was finally over.

After the incident, the people of the Holy Church of the Qing Cult spread the news of their victory to Hive town, encouraging the ordinary challengers who had been bullied by the Blood Kin for a long time to rise up and fight back, besieging the members of the Blood Kin who were like stray dogs.

They were just as Lingdang had expected.

After seeing that the strength of the Green Churchs Holy Church was far higher than that of the Blood Kin, they immediately turned against each other and became the eyes of the Green Churchs Holy Church, tracking and monitoring the members of the Blood Kin who were hiding in the Hive-like town.

If they were found to dare to walk out of the neutral protection zone, they would either transform into red spirits and invade the other partys world, or pass the news to the members of the Qing Cult and let them come to encircle and annihilate them.

In this regard.

Lin Ye didnt care.

His target had always been the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn.

Killing the other members of the Blood Kin was just a deal he made with Lingdang to get information that was as sweet as honey.

Speaking of the deal…

Lingdang had promised him that as long as he could take over the One-line Sky Forest today, she would give him a huge wave of Bloodsoul as a reward, allowing him to graduate directly in the Hive-like early stage of the forest.

“Lin Ye.”

“This is the 500,000 Bloodsouls I promised you.”

“Next, Cola will take you to a few local merchants in Hive Town.

Not only do they buy weapons and equipment, but they also buy free attribute points, skill books, skill upgrade items, and so on.”

“You can buy them based on your needs.”

“500,000 Bloodsoul, and the Bloodsoul I gave you before, honey, you can buy almost all the important goods.”

“If its not enough… You can get Cola to tell me.

Ill think of a way to help you get more Bloodsouls.”

After she finished speaking, Lingdang transferred the 500,000 Bloodsouls she got from the Blood Kin members to Lin Ye and then rushed back to the headquarters of the Qing Cult with the other members.

Only the little cat boy named Cola was left with Lin Ye.

It looked at Lin Ye, who was like a god on the battlefield, with admiration.

“Master Lin Ye.”

“Please follow me.”


Then, the two of them walked around the Hive-like town.

With the 500,000 Bloodsouls provided by the Blood Kins great aggrieved species, Lin Ye leveled up like a rocket.

First, lets talk about the most basic free attribute points.

For example, the NPC merchants in Hive Town would provide 2,500 attribute points for sale, but they could not be freely allocated.

Instead, each attribute was 500 points.

For example, 500 points of strength and 500 points of agility.

Each attribute point was worth 50 Bloodsouls.

It would cost 125,000 Bloodsoul points to buy all of them.

According to Lingdangs guess.

In the later stages of the game, there might be NPC merchants selling attribute points, but these noob challengers who needed to form teams couldnt beat them.

The higher plane creatures that had the ability to pass the test disdained to pay attention to ants like them and shared information with them.


Lingdang wasnt sure if this guess was true.

Its just a cats sixth sense.

But that was not important.

The important thing was…

After Lin Ye spent a large amount of Bloodsoul to buy the merchants attribute points…

His original attributes became-strength 754, constitution 840, intelligence 836, spirit 711, agility 801 (not taking into account the attributes of real world equipment and Hives exclusive equipment).

These stats had already exceeded all normal level-15 human Professionals.

Even for those college students who had just reached level 20, only a small number of top-tier geniuses could surpass Lin Ye, even if they included the bonus stats from their equipment.

If Lin Ye counted the bonus stats from his equipment…

Then his status panel would be able to beat all the level 20 university students in the world.

Thats right.

It was all level 20 university students.

Including those with god-level talents, Professionals with money, and lucky players, none of them could compare to Lin Yes current stats.

The gold content of Hive was this high.

As long as one could obtain an admission pass and walk out of it alive, even if one did not pass the level, one could still obtain many rewards and beat up the students of the same batch.

After all…

There are no restrictions when it comes to solo killing monsters

As long as you have a certain level of strength and are willing to spend more time, you can take away all 2,500 attribute points.


A crown of wisdom used to level up skills.

They needed to exchange it for a female merchant in a green robe.

20,000 Bloodsouls to buy one with a limit of ten.

The total price was 200,000 Bloodsoul, which was more expensive than the 2,500 attribute points.

But could he not buy this thing

Obviously not!

This was a necessary item that every professional had to change!

However, even though Lin Ye had enough Bloodsouls to buy all ten crowns, he was having a hard time choosing which skill to level up first.

First of all…

He eliminated three wrong answers.

Healing Spell, Divine Qi Therapy, Healing Wave.

The first two skills were too low in quality, and the correction value of the healing and damage values were too low.

Even if he used the crown to upgrade it, it would not increase his combat power by much.

The skill experience points given during the battle would also be divided.

It was purely a waste of time.

The reason why Lin Ye still kept them was because he had yet to find a suitable replacement.

For example, Healing Spell.

The damage was low, but with the 20% cooldown, it could be used once every 4 seconds.

It was also a long-range locked-on attack, and it could be used to add some single-target damage when it was pulled, which was better than nothing.

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