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168 Not Only Is My Skill Damage High, But My Normal Attack Damage Is Also Very High! (III)


‘This is my final wave.

As he thought about it, Lin Ye was overwhelmed by the Skills that the elite half-wolf had thrown at him.

The 10,000 HP bar above his head was instantly emptied, and he didnt even have the chance to struggle.

This was the powerlessness of a single character against a group battle.

No matter how strong you were, no matter what powerful Skills you had, you would be instantly drowned by the tens of thousands of the enemies damage Skills.

Unless you have the ability to reverse the universe, you can take all the Skills without being injured.

[Prompt: You have died!]

[Prompt: The “Portrait” item has been consumed! You can revive after 5 minutes! (For the resurrection point, you can chooseOne-line Sky Altar,Bonfire in the Forest of the Fallen Giants,Lighthouse of Hydes Fire Tower, orthe Hive-like town gate.]

‘Uh… Whats with these choices

First of all…

He doesnt even have to consider the One-Line Sky altar.

This was because he would not have any invincibility during the time he was resurrected.

Instead, he would be petrified in a heartbeat.

If he chose this place, he would definitely be attacked by the members of the Blood Kin.

Other than wasting a Portrait, there would be no benefits to gain.


The Forest of the Fallen Giants and Hyde Fire Tower was also out of the question.

He wasnt sure about the exact situation of the battle over there.

If the Qing Cult had the upper hand and had taken over the resurrection point, it would be fine.

He could join the battle after he was resurrected.

If the people of the Blood Kin were still in control of the resurrection point, then the same thing would happen to him as the One-line Sky Altar; he would be killed as soon as he was resurrected, which would lead him back to this resurrection countdown.


Lin Ye could only choose to revive in the safest place: Hive-like.

Despite the guaranteed safety, the distance between the battlefield and the resurrection point was too far away for many of the Qing Cults members.

This was the main reason why they were unable to progress further to take over the One-line Sky Altar.

What was more, they were also delayed due to the Blood Kins elite troop reinforcements.

Based on the current situation and the information Lin Ye had on the enemy…

The Qing Cult might be able to take over Hydes Fire Tower and the Forest of Fallen Giants today, but their main objective was to take One-line Sky Forest from the hands of the Blood Kins elite troops.

It was basically impossible.

Even to the extent that…

The group of elite troops of the Blood Kin could also counterattack the troops of the Qing Cults Holy Church and take over the territory that the Qing Cult had occupied.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

It was obvious that the old fox, Ampere, had secretly excavated all the resources of the Holy Church, including Bloodsouls, Portraits, equipment, and so on, to secretly fund the group of compatriots of the Blood Kin.

Then, by relying on the Concentrating Resources strategy to raise their Big Brother, he trained them all into elite troops with full equipment and configuration so that they could deal with the members of the Qing Cult on his side.


Does this matter


‘Dont you still have me to help you with the Qing Cults Holy Church

If it werent for the sudden arrival of the Blood Kins elite troops and the Hunter Class leader who inexplicably learned theCatch Net Skill, the altar resurrection point in one-line-Sky Forest would have been snatched by Lin Ye alone!

Meanwhile, the Lizardmen guarding the One-line Sky Altar were all stunned.

You can either choose to run away with your tail between your legs, or you can use up all the Portraits on you and obediently go to get your bento box.

‘None of you are my match!

‘As for now…

‘Since you dont want me to try out a 1 vs 8 guerrilla tactic on the battlefield, Ill give it a try.

‘Then Ill have to join the main attacking force of the Qing Cults Holy Church and play an 8 vs 8 confrontations with your Blood Kin.

‘And according to Lingdang…

‘Im the only Priest that has ever appeared in the Hives life.

‘You dont know

‘Can your Blood Kins elite troops withstand my God-tier buff machine

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