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167 Not Only Is My Skill Damage High, But My Normal Attack Damage Is Also Very High! (II)

[-387 HP!]

[-592 HP!]

[-347 HP!]

[- 552 HP!]

Although he didnt have the additional damage from swordsman Skills, it didnt affect Lin Yes attacks.

Not only did it look cool, but he also gave off a powerful aura which could destroy the enemys mentality.

Combined with Lin Yes Hidden Moons Destruction Form, it dealt explosive damage.

‘He said that he was a swordsman.

‘No problem.

On the other side, seeing the red numbers that kept popping up in front of him, the half-beast leader, who was tortured by several debuffs and couldnt move, suddenly fell into a state of doubt.


‘What the hell is this guys normal attack damage

‘Why did every slash seem like a high-quality damage Skill

‘Wait a minute!

‘Something is wrong!

‘Is this guys normal attack actually a two-stage damage

‘The first wave of physical damage, because my physical resistance is high, so the damage is low…

‘Then the second wave of magic damage, because my magic resistance is low, so the follow-up damage is higher…

The half-beast leader was confused.

‘Forget it!

‘Im in no hurry!

‘The negative state of the substantial decrease in all attributes would disappear immediately!

‘Without the speed reduction effect, I can go all out!

‘At that time, even if this strange Priest wore two sets of Diamond grade equipment, he would not be able to withstand my explosive damage!

‘Because… I have my hidden Class!

‘They are born to kill other professionals!

‘This inheritance Skill was more suitable for me anyway.

Not the weird-looking human Priest who was holding two blades!

Unfortunately, the half-beast leaders plan failed.

Lin Ye didnt only have a godly Skill like “Stars Godly Glory”; he also had a small godly Skill called “Holy Light”.

A reversal!

Holy Light!

[Half-beast leaders HP -1,642!]

[Half-beast leaders attributes had been greatly reduced!]

The half-beast leader could only stare in shock!

Without waiting for the half-beast leader to question him, Lin Ye raised his sword, Hidden Moon, again.

Like a land sword immortal who had been cultivating for thousands of years, he elegantly slashed at the half-beast leaders body several times and took a large amount of its health bar.

“How is this possible!”

“‘Why do you still have such a godly Skill that can greatly reduce the attributes of others!”

Lin Ye smiled, “Its because… Im cheating!”

“Is it strange that a cheater can learn a few more bug Skills and can deal more than 10,000 damage to you in one go”

It was a reversal.

Healing Spell!

It was a reversal.

Healing Wave!

The swordsman Skill package! Chop!


Stab! Stab! Pick!

Within seconds—!

[Prompt: You have killed a sinner of the Blood Kin!]

The half-beast leader fell to the ground in disbelief,

“Youre so silly!”

“Could it be that…”

“You have… A God-level talent”

Lin Ye put Hidden Moon blade back into its scabbard and looked down at the half-Wolf leader, who had already died physically but was still speaking in his final moments.


“And Im not the only human who has a divine level talent!”

“Your allies from the Blood Kin, the Lizardmen who call themselves Congo, have provoked the wrong person!”

“Did you know”

Just as he finished speaking.

The white system prompt appeared again.

[Prompt: Due to the rules of the dueling space, the “Portrait” item of the sinner of the Blood Kin has become invalid.

It can not be resurrected after death.

You are about to return to your original space and obtain all of the other partys Bloodsoul!]

In this regard.

Lin Ye wasnt surprised.

Although the Inheritance Skills description bar did not clearly state it, he had found this possibility from the previous “Duel Invitation Skill introduction.

After the enemy was killed, he would give the enemy a free “Duel Invitation ” Inheritance Skill and a special item, “Cursemancer Summoning Card”.

It was still the same sentence that said that the two sides would fight to the death 1v1, and only the one who was alive could leave.

It was all a sign.

A one-on-one challenge after entering the duel space.

The two sides had to fight to the death.

Only after the final victor was determined could the winner leave this place alive.


As Lin Ye originally guessed,

After the half-beast died from hunting, it would automatically use the “Portrait” item to resurrect in the duel space, using its remaining ten lives to continue fighting with him.

However, he didnt expect that it would actually make all the “Portrait” item lose their resurrection effect.


He could only say,

‘Fortunately, I didnt waste my time.

‘Otherwise, if I were to accidentally let my thoughts go to waste, not only would I lose my life, but I would also give this half-beast from the opposing faction an Inheritance Skill and a powerful Hex Teacher summoning card for free.

After that,

Lin Ye returned to the One-Line Sky altar.

Unsurprisingly, during the time he killed the half-beast leader, the Fire Dragon Stryde was also blasted into pieces by the blood temple members and returned to the summoning space miserably.

But it didnt matter.

Lin Ye still had 10 items that could revive him.


The treatment package!

[All enemies lost more than 6,000 HP!]

Due to their potion resistance, the first batch of Blood Kin members guarding the One-line Sky altar was all low-HP.

Therefore, after eating the new set of healing packages, they all received their bento boxes.

They either died immediately or went to revive countdown.

The remaining elite half-wolf troops that came to support were full of health after drinking health supplements.

And so…

Lin Yes Skills didnt kill them.

It only caused them to be in a state of critical health, where all their attributes were greatly reduced.

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