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Chapter 163: I Just Like Seeing You Looking At Me With Disdain, But You Cant Kill Me (I)

The Qing Cults Holy Churchs movements were very fast.

It had only been five minutes since Amperes death, and they had already gathered their main force and rushed toward the three novice areas.

It was as if they had been preparing for this for a long time.

Lin Ye didnt care about this.

He summoned Fire Dragon Stryde and asked little Mumu to summon the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit.

The two of them rode on the handsome Fire Dragon and flew away.

As the starting point of a new challengers first birth, One-line Sky Forest was the most important of the three novice maps.


The Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn would definitely send people to defend and support this place.

Lin Ye wanted to severely injure these future enemies.

It was definitely a good plan to wait here.

As expected, the people of the Blood Kin didnt expect that the Holy Church of Qing would suddenly break the peace treaty.

In their hurry, they didnt have time to support the members of the Hyde fire tower and the Forest of Fallen Giants.

The only thing they could do was to teleport to One-line Sky Forest to resist the incoming invasion from the Holy Church of Qing.

According to Hive-likes rules,

When the sinners of the Blood Kin invaded a single normal challenger, they would receive attribute bonuses and could “Cooperate” with the dungeon Boss, which would be equivalent to the members of the Blood Kin restraining the normal challengers.

When the people of the Qing Cult took the initiative to invade the individual sinners of the Blood Kin, not only would they receive attribute bonuses, but they could also share resurrection items and automatically summon their teammates who had not participated in the battle to support them.

It was a two-level reversal.

It became the Qing Cults Holy Church restraining the sinners of the Blood Kin.

However, when the members of the Qing Cult invaded the members of the Blood Kin, new members of the Blood Kin would invade the members of the Qing Cult who were fighting.

This would then evolve into a new kind of fight — the Oath War.

Both sides would enter the same space, and all the bosses and monsters in the dungeon would disappear.

The effect of the Oath on them would also disappear, and everyone would maintain their original combat power.

It would be like a dimensional war, a chaotic battle between different forces.

At this moment,

Whether it was an ordinary challenger, a member of the other Oath forces, or a new member of the Qing Cult or the Blood Kin, as long as you performed the invasion ritual in this area, you would enter the Oath War and participate in the battle between the two sides.

Other than not being allowed to attack teammates who swore the same Oath as you, you could attack anyone you wanted.

Lin Ye was now an ordinary challenger without an Oath.


As long as he carried out the Red Spirit Invasion in One-line Sky Forest, he could attack every member of the Blood Kin who was participating in the war and heal all the members of the Qing Cult who were participating in the war.

In order to distinguish his identity, Lin Ye tied a long green scarf around his neck with the Holy Churchs symbol embroidered on it.

Every member of the Holy Church would recognize him as an ally when they saw this eye-catching symbol.

If someone ignored the scarf and attacked Lin Ye…

This guy was most likely a spy trained by the half-werewolf, Ampere.

However, compared to the green scarf, Lin Ye felt that the Fire Dragon Stryde he was riding on was the most obvious symbol.

After that,

They entered the One-Line Sky Forest.

Lin Ye immediately saw the group of Oath members fighting in the Canyon Forest.

One side of their bodies was red, while the other side was green.

It was very easy to distinguish them.

He was not in a hurry to let the Fire Dragon land.

Instead, he flew to the top of the canyon where no one would pay attention.

He flew back and forth around the battlefield, constantly observing the situation of both sides.

After all…

Caution is the parent of safety.

Although Lin Ye had ten Portraits on him that could revive him after he died, he realized that it didnt work when he tried to give the Portraits to little Mumu.

Little Mumu couldnt change the equipment on her body, nor could she take away the items that had already appeared in the real world.

She could only obtain Bloosouls given by the system and the reward from the treasure chest.

The rest must be completed by Su Mumu who was in the real world.

Even if Lin Ye obtained a new dragoon set, he wouldnt be able to give it to little Mumu, let alone let her take it away with her backpack.


In order to ensure little Mumus safety,

Lin Ye couldnt casually get involved in the unknown AoE battle between the Qing Cult and the Blood Kin.

The chances of dying were just too high.

As for the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit…

The two of them could change their equipment and carry items anytime.


These two fellows had been summoned by theSoul Summoning Bell.

If Lin Ye was worried that they would be killed by all the Skills on the battlefield, he could just send them back to the other world.

There was no need to take them with him to participate in such a dangerous large-scale war.

This included the problem of whether or not the back of Fire Dragon could carry these twobig guys.

He could just send it back to the other world.

Of course.

Lin Ye gave the extra “Portrait” to the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit.

It was a little weaker than the Big Tree Guardian, especially after his Class change, so it was the most likely to die.

By giving the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit a Portrait, he could ensure its safety in Hive-like and not waste any extra Portrait items in his hands.

The main thing was to avoid the Portrait items from being swallowed by the black-hearted system.

“Alright,” he said.

“I roughly understand.”

“The people of the Blood Kin want to defend the altar resurrection point in One-line Sky Forest.

As long as this place is not occupied by the Qing Cults Holy Church, they can always resurrect from this resurrection point and quickly join the battlefield after their members with Portrait items die.”

“However, the members of the Qing Cult have to spend a lot of time to escape from them before they can return to the forest for the battle.”

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