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Chapter 162: F*ck… A Priest With Over 10,000 Damage Output (III)

“What youve done is to make use of the Qing Cults Holy Church to help you deal with the Blood Kins enemies, then return to help the Blood Kin strengthen its strength, coerce new challengers to become your slaves, and suppress the development of the Qing Cults Holy Church.”

“You dont care at all about the Qing Cult,”


“Its very unfortunate.”

“The Blood Kins Crimson Dawn is the mortal enemy of us humans.

If I want to uproot them, I have to kill the Werewolf Kingdom and the Blood Kins people as well.”

“Youve seen it too,”

“I have the strength to fight against all of you by myself.”


Ampere was silent.

And it was because of this man who had a divine level talent.

Even if he were to take on a group of people from the Qing Cult, he could still kill them with his AoE skills and debuff skills.

Furthermore, this guy was the only Priest Class that had appeared in Hive-like.

And if this human were to reveal his identity, there would definitely be a large number of challengers who wanted to clear Hive-like with him and become his loyal supporters.

‘He will clear all the enemies in front of him.


It seemed like Hive-like was going to change.

Then, Lin Ye used his blade, Moon Blade, to cut off Amperes Wolf head.

After receiving the kill notification from the system and the Bloodsoul notification, Lin Ye and the others instantly returned to their original Hive-like space.

He waited for about ten minutes before Lingdang and her gang arrived.

“How did it go”

“Have you taken care of that guy”

Lin Ye nodded, “Its settled!”

“So, whats your next battle plan”

“Who will be the new master of the Qing Cult”

Lingdang said with embarrassment,



“Ill tell the other members of the Qing Cult that the sinner of the Blood Kin has assassinated Ampere.

We must avenge him so that we can use a reasonable excuse to start a war with the Blood Kin.”

“As for the specific battle plan… ”

“What I plan to do is to start from the three maps in the novice area and invade the Blood Kins world.”

“After we get rid of all their Portrait-less members and drive away all the members who have Portraits, well return to Hive-like and announce this to the public.

Well let the new challengers who were coerced by the Blood Kin to join our Qing Cult.

Lin Ye asked curiously, “Why didnt Hive-like make an announcement first, so that the oppressed challengers could help you fight together”

Lingdang helplessly sighed, “Its useless…”

“Most of the challengers are submissive.”

“If the Holy Church doesnt show some results or the power that we can defeat the Blood Kin, no one will dare to help us, even if we keep promoting it in Hive-like.”

“Instead, we might alert the enemy and let the Blood Kins enemies prepare for the battle in advance and ambush our troops.”

Lin Ye instantly reacted, “Oh….”

“Thats kind of similar to human nature.”

“Well help the side that wins.

So we let the bullets fly for a while.”

Lingdang didnt understand what Lin Ye meant.


“Let the bullet fly for a while”

“What do you mean”

Lin Ye casually said, “Dont worry.

Its nothing,”

“I wont join the Qing Cults Holy Church in the oath war for the time being.

If there are other spies planted by the Blood Kin among you, it will be easier for me to get rid of them all if Im acting as athird party.”

Lingdang asked with a puzzled expression,


“Other spies”

“Do you mean that… Ampere and his followers are spies planted by the Blood Kin”

Lin Ye said,


“He just admitted it himself.”

“In the end, he even said that he managed to get into your position as the leader of another church.”

“Its like a snake shield.”

“Which is to say, that it can be very ridiculous.”

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