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Chapter 160: F*ck… A Priest With Over 10,000 Damage Output (I)

After getting a fullDragon Knight equipment set, Lin Ye didnt stay in Hyde Fire Tower area for long.

Instead, he went through the black teleport door and returned to the Hive-like edge.

He followed the directions on the road and headed west.

Soon, he arrived at the entrance of the Hive-like Town.

[Prompt: You have entered the neutral zone — Hive-like (no form of invasion is allowed)]

“Come, come, come! Its the best pig and monkey brain from Feizhou.

Its a specialty from Barbies Q dimension.

Its fresh and very nourishing.

You dont want 999 Bloodsouls, only want 99 Sold to you! You can take it home!”

“Handsome, come and play.

Our slime girl can change into anything you want.

If you dont like it, you can play with girls from other planes.

Lizard girls, goblin girls, mushroom girls, you can have everything you want~”

“We deliver to your door~”

“My latest work,A Guide to the Customs of Women in Another World, costs 100 Bloodsouls.

I guarantee fairness and fairness.

Ill help all old drivers to avoid detours and experience the most refreshing dimensional battle!”

“Selling the Hyde Knights spear.

2,000 Bloodsouls to go.

Is there anything you need”

“500 Bloodsouls for one elemental bottle.

Message me if you have any!”

“Forming a party to challenge Secret Harbor.

Fourth Class, first Class.

Wizard class best.

Private chat if you want to join!”

“The Moon Bell Tower is for mining.

All the monsters have been cleared.

Were only responsible for mining and moving goods.

50 Bloodsouls a day.

Those who want to join the party!”


Lin Ye felt like he was in a public city in a virtual game.

The peddlers shouts were everywhere.

He turned his head and asked,

“Little Mumu, Brother Tree, Brother Spirit, can you see the creatures from the other world walking on the streets”

The three of them shook their heads.

Obviously, assummoned creatures, they werent challengers in Hive-like, so they couldnt see other challengers, and they couldnt be seen by other challengers unless they were in the same space.

Lin Ye continued,

“Thats fine.”

“Just stay by my side.”

They walked to the back garden of a church building on the east side of rush Hive-like and stood under a big tree full of brown leaves.

They played with the leaves that fell from the big brown tree in boredom while waiting for the guide from the Qing Cults Holy Church.

After a long time, a sneaky black shadow suddenly appeared in the grass behind them and quietly approached the group.

“Are you Mr.

Lin Ye”

Lin Ye nodded, “Yes,”

Then the black shadow revealed his true form.

Like the catgirl Lingdang, he was also a half-orc with cat ears and a cat tail.

He looked very young, less than 15 years old.

Just a little boy.

“Please follow me!”

“Lord Lingdang and the others are waiting for you!”

Lin Ye followed behind the little boy and passed through the Hive-like streets and alleys until they arrived at another dark alley.

Then, under the guidance of the little boy, they entered a transparent teleportation portal that was completely invisible to the naked eye.

They were teleported to a small brown wooden house standing by the lake.

In addition to Lingdang and the little boy, there were dozens of people here, all members of the Qing Cults Holy Church.

Lingdang secretly gave Lin Ye a look, telling him that the faction leader he needed to kill was here.

Later, they would follow the plan.

Once Lin Ye started the Red Spirit Invasion, the people that Lingdang brought would collectively commit suicide to create an opportunity for him to assassinate.

Lin Ye nodded slightly to show that he understood.

Soon, a half-beast In black knight armor came down from the second floor of the cabin.

He was two meters tall and muscular.

He held a domineering spear in his hand, and his sharp eyes were filled with the arrogance of a superior.

He opened his mouth and asked, “…Are you the new challenger recognized by the Cursemancer, Lin Ye”

Lin Ye replied, “Yes.”

The half-beast nodded and began to introduce himself.

“Im the current leader of the Qing Cults Holy Church.

Im from the kingdom of werewolves.

You can call me Ampere, or you can call me Leader.”

“Now, according to the ritual, I will give you the badge of Guardian of Green and make you a—”

“Ampere, I have something to ask you.

If I join the Qing Cult, I want to get rid of the Blood Kins Crimson Dawn.” Lin Ye suddenly interrupted.

“Will you stop me”

Ampere was confused.


“Didnt Lingdang tell you”

“Our Qing Cult and the Blood Kin have been living in peace for a long time.

Both sides dont interfere with each other and cant invade each other.”

Lin Ye said, “I know,”

“You two can work together.”

“Force new challengers who know nothing to become your mine.

They must hand over a fixed number of Bloodsouls to the Blood Kin every day, and then the Blood Kin will hand over a fixed number of Bloodsouls to you.”

“Disobedient new challengers will be executed immediately.”


Hearing that, Ampere frowned.

He raised the spear in his hand and asked in an unfriendly tone, “Youre here to find trouble, arent you”

Very good.

He had confirmed the look in his eyes.

He was the person he wanted to assassinate.

Lin Ye smiled, “Yes, youre right.”

“Im here to pick up your head.”

[Prompt: Using item “Cracked blood-red eye Pearl”, beginning to invade Amperes “world, invasion successful!]

[Prompt: Your party member is about to follow you into Red Spirit Invasion.

Another three “Cracked blood-red eye orbs” have been consumed!]

[Prompt: The target has received help from the oath of Guardian of Green and is about to summon the surrounding Guardians of Green for help! The current Guardians of Green who are supporting are: 10 people!]

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