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Chapter 159: Blessing of Lady Luck! Complete the Dragon Knight set! Summon “Fire Dragon Stryde” (II)

[Dragonblood Blessing: Damage dealt to the wearer by dragon-type creatures is reduced by 30%.]

[Four-piece Dragon Knight Set Effect: Can summon the Fire Dragon, Stryde, to fight for you.]

‘It cant be, right

‘Did I really hit the nail on the head

‘Lady Lucks buff can affect my effect in Hive-like

‘So in reality… It wasnt that little Mumus luck was terrible…

‘Its just that my luck at the draw is too good…


‘Thank God I asked Bai Zhi to bless me with her talent at two p.m.


It was nine in the morning, and there were still five hours left.

He couldnt waste it and wanted to see if he could get the last piece of Dragon Knight equipment.

After all…

Summoning a Fire Dragon to fight for him…

Although it might be the same as the Fire Dragon Boss, with its wings and body injured and unable to fly, what was wrong with getting another Boss-level helper for no reason

Lin Ye continued to move forward.

Until he reached the Watchtower at the highest point of Hyde Fire Tower.

A black portal appeared in front of him, which could take him to the fourth area, Hive-like.

Lin Ye entered the portal decisively.

After he was teleported to Hive-like, he used the portal again and returned to the Hyde Fire Tower area.

In an instant, all the monsters that were killed in the Hyde Fire Tower were resurrected, except for the three dungeon Bosses.

This was because Lin Ye had killed all the secret land Bosses in this area.

As such, the area-of-effect curse that enveloped the area was immediately dispelled.

The Ancient Knights and Hyde Knight no longer had super armor, and their combat abilities could be limited by control Skills and speed reduction Skills.

Lin Ye returned the way he came and used Stars Godly Glorys group weakening ability to quickly kill all the Hyde Knight and Ancient Knights he had killed previously.

When he reached the entrance of Forest of the Fallen Giants, he repeated what he did before.

After re-entering, he immediately exited and refreshed the Hyde Fire Towers Knights.

He killed and farmed as he went, and when his fourth attempt was almost over, he encountered a strange-looking Hyde Knight, who was emitting a faint golden light.


“Fortune boy”

The guide from the seniors mentioned that although these monsters that were covered in golden light had the same combat ability as ordinary monsters of the same kind, their drop rate was higher than that of dungeon Bosses.

Not only could they obtain more Bloodsouls, but it was also easier for them to drop high-quality rewards.

The probability of them appearing would increase everytime you kill a monster in the area until they appear in front of you.

It was equivalent to a small guarantee in a card drawing game.

It could be said that this was the pity that Hive-like left for the challengers, allowing them to bully those simple monsters and obtain a huge increase in strength.

‘I dont know…

‘Can this guy make my Dragon Knight set complete

With that in mind, Lin Ye made his move decisively.

He started with Holy Light to weaken and then used single-target Healing Spell.

The rest was left to the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit.



After a series of righteous attacks, the golden light Hyde Knight died with hatred.

The system notification also came as promised.

[Prompt: You have killed the special Hyde Knight and obtained 312 Bloodsoul points.

You have also obtained the Dragon knights Helmet!]

‘Holy F*ck!

He really completed the set in one go!


If it wasnt for Lady Luck, I wouldve livestreamed eating eighth brothers “Secret burger”!

“This luck!”

“This is simply too ridiculous!”

[Equipment Name: Dragoon Helmet (Hive-likes exclusive)]

[Type: Head Armor]

[Current forging level: LV 1 (max level 10)

[Grade: Diamond (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Increase defense by 50 points, increase magic resistance by 50 points, all attributes 30, has the effect of “Dragon Slayer”]

[Dragon Slayer: Dragon-type creatures will feel fear when they see the wearer, and all attributes will be reduced.

Can not be dispelled.]

[Four-piece Dragon Knight Set Effect: Can summon the Fire Dragon, Stryde, to fight for you.]

After looking at the equipments attributes, Lin Ye couldnt wait to use the four-piece set Skill of the Dragon Knight set and summon the Fire Dragon, stend.


A Dragons Roar resounded through the entire Hyde Fire Tower.

A giant red Dragon appeared in the sky, covering the sky and creating a spectacular sight.

However, just after the roar, Fire Dragon strays fell like a meteor and crashed into the street of Hyde Fire Tower, losing one-third of his HP.



‘What the hell

‘To make the battle more difficult


This was too much!

[Prompt: The Fire Dragon Stryde has unknown Cursed.

It can not flap its wings and fly.

The old wounds on its body can not be healed (Every summoning will reduce its HP by two-thirds and can not be healed by normal healing Skills and potions).

Dispel Skills are required to dispel the curse to allow it to fly in the sky again.]

Lin Ye was confused.

A dispel Skill

He looked at theAqua Tide Skill on his stats window.

This was the only Skill he had that could dispel debuffs, and it was a precious AoE dispel.

Good God!

This meant that the Fire Dragon had been debuffed by a curse-like Skill.


The Skill to dispel debuffs could only be learned by support Classes.

Hive-like doesnt welcome support classes without any output…

Fine then.

He could only say, his luck after entering the Hive-like was simply too good.

It wasnt like in the real world, where players could farm for a month without dropping any useful equipment or Skill books.

In particular, the good equipment and Skills he had were either from the only dungeon with an Ω score, a gift from the Professional Alliance and Huang Tianqi, or from the Campfire Explorer placed by the Abyssal Demons.

There were not many that he had gotten by luck by opening regular boxes.

On the other hand, after entering Hive-like,

In just a days time, fighting the simplest Bosses and monsters in the dungeons and opening the lowest-grade chests in the early stages, he was about to complete with a set of top-tier equipment exclusive to Hive-like.

Not to mention the resurrection prop “Portrait” that dropped at the start of the game, the summoned disabled Fire Dragon that could be dispelled and healed, and the legacy Skill that he obtained from the Cursemancer, which also increased the Cursemancer summoning cards strength, etc.


“Forget it,” he said.

“Sighing about this is meaningless.”

“Lets see what the Fire Dragon looks like at its peak.”


‘Aqua Tide!

[Prompt: Cast the Skill “Aqua tide” on “Fire Dragon”! Dispel the unknown curse on its body! [Restore a portion of its HP!]

‘Not full

‘It doesnt matter, I dont have anything else but HP.

I can guarantee a large amount will fill your stomach!

‘Holy Light! Healing Spell! Healing Wave! Divine Qi Therapy!

‘All of you, heal it!

Under Lin Yes tireless healing, the Fire Dragon, which had lost one-third of its HP, was fully recovered.

It immediately flapped its huge red wings and flew back into the sky above Hyde Fire Tower, excitedly doing all kinds of difficult 360-degree somersaults.

Seeing this,

Lin Ye called it down from the sky.

Then, he tried to ride on the back of the Fire Dragon, Stryde, to see if it could be his means of transportation.

He didnt expect to be able to do it!


Lin Ye could also use reverse healing on the Fire Dragons back.

All enemies on the ground within his attack range wouldnt have any restrictions or negative effects, and it wouldnt reduce the damage of his Skills.

In the future, if he encountered a dungeon Boss without long-range attacks, he could ride on Fire Dragon and transform into a long-range “Dragon Knight Commander”.

He could kill enemies without suffering any injuries and leave them on the ground cursing in anger.


“Isnt this Fire Dragons ability a little overpowered”

‘The key is that unless its killed by the enemy, it doesnt have any summoning restrictions.

I can always summon it by my side.

I can go wherever I want and ride it however I want!

“Too bad…”

“This Dragon Knight equipment set can only be used in Hive-like dungeon.”

“I cant bring it back to reality.”

“Otherwise, Ill ride a Fire Dragon to college.

Ill be able to fight and ride on it.

Ill even be able to bully short-handed enemies.

Ill be invincible!”

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