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Chapter 156: “Hes The Only One Who Defeated The Cursemancer Uninjured” (II)

At this moment.

It didnt matter even if she was the leader of the Qing Cults Holy Church and had become the commander of the light pole with no subordinates.

They still took Bloodsouls from those lizard people and allowed them to take control over the beginner territory, increasing the strength of the entire plane and country while weakening the strength of others.

Deceiving the world, killing with a borrowed knife, and doing things behind the “obvious evil”… Lin Ye had fully understood the thirty-six stratagems.

The pitiful “victims” were the ordinary members of the Qing Cult.

They were all bound by the great belief that “everyone can challenge each other fairly in Hive-like”.

They worked for their enemies, wasting their lives in vain, and fulfilling other peoples dreams.

Lin Ye wasnt laughing at Warriors who had such great beliefs.

On the contrary.

He respected them very much.

These people were true heroes.

They fought for noble ideas and were willing to sacrifice themselves for others to create a more blissful society.

He just felt that it was a pity that these people did not have the ability to distinguish between the wise and the right.

The leader they followed was a selfish person who only knew how to take advantage of others.

He was not the same kind of person who had lofty beliefs as them.

“Alright,” he said.

“I understand your situation.”

“I can help you take down the Qing Cults cooperative factions, as well as the entire Blood Kin organization.

I can restore the Hive-like rules and promote your concept of fair challenges.”

“But you have to tell me something I want to know first.”

Lingdang agreed with a curt nod, “Alright,” she said.

“What do you want to know”

After listening to Lingdangs detailed explanation, Lin Ye learned about Hive-likes overall situation.

Hive-likes map was divided into three areas.

The first one was the One-line Sky Forest, the Forest of Fallen Giants, and the Hyde Fire Tower.

These three areas were collectively called the beginners area.

They were the three simplest maps in Hive-like and were also maps that must be fought.

The fourth map, Hive-like, was a neutral area where no battles could be carried out.

The Professionals would use that as a starting point to challenge the subsequent maps and Bosses.

At the same time.

Information trading, equipment trading, and color trading were all available there.

Not only the local NPC creatures, but the challengers would also open stores there to satisfy all the needs one could think of in exchange for valuable Bloodsouls.

Lizardmen fighting goblins, slimes fighting sprites, Hawk-feathered birds shooting crescent arrows at tree demons, all of these were possible.

To put it bluntly.

A place like Hive-like was more like asocial center for the otherworld than asecret dungeon to obtain rewards.

Many people were trapped in it and could never get out.

In order to stay in this place forever,

They even abandoned their families and wives and were willing to be stuck at level 15 forever.

They would rather be captured by the Blood Kin as slaves than waste their only entrance ticket.

If they returned to the real world, there was a 99% chance that they would never be able to get an admission ticket and return to this place.

After all…

Not every plane world could be like the Lizard Kingdom that has a stable source oftickets.

Of course,

This was just a portion of the people who had been lured.

The other group of challengers were people like Lingdang and Lin Ye.

They wanted to challenge the dungeons Boss that was as sweet as Hive-like to improve their strength.

After that, they would return to reality to protect the people around them or even support their own country and plane from the invasion of other worlds.

There were also some who were like the Lizardmen from Crimson Dawn.

They had the opportunity to enter again, so they could boldly send a large group to invade this place.

With the power of a group, they could turn this place into their backyard to harvest leeks.

The last group of people were the upper-class people from the higher planes.

Similarly, like the Church of Healing

These guys would arrogantly take on single-player challenges and leave immediately after clearing the entire dungeon.

They would never waste too much time in a dungeon which could affect their efficiency in becoming stronger.

So, there was nothing much to say.


Pass the Hive-like neutral zone,

The next area was the challenge area that only those who focused on challenging dungeons would go to.

With Hive-like as the starting point, you will be able to experience different sights and powerful secret dungeon Bosses with different abilities.

Secret Harbor, Forgotten Cage, Moon Bell Tower, Sinner Tower, Hunting Forest, Flowing Oil Valley, Pushing Earth Tower, Phantom Forest.

According to Lingdang…

None of the members who joined the Qing Cult or the Blood Kin had cleared the forest as easily as Hive-like.

The furthest they had cleared was The Phantom Forest.

Even then, they still couldnt beat the Phantom Forests Boss — the Scorpion, even with groups of people.

And apparently, the more people came to challenge the Boss at the same time, the stronger the Boss would be.

Therefore, it was unrealistic to expect the human wave tactic to kill the Boss in one go.


After many repeated challenges.

These experienced challengers roughly knew the main reason for their failure.

They had no healers.

It was not enough to just drink potions to replenish their HP.

With no healers backing them, the tanks in the front were depleting rapidly and the damage dealers in the back row would be instantly killed, which was why they could not beat the Scorpion Boss.

If only they could have a Priest Class to help.

They would only need a day at most to figure out a way to defeat the Scorpion Boss.

They would be able to clear thisPhantom Forest that had been holding them back for decades and enter the next region.


Even though the Lizard Kingdom had the never-ending “Hive-like entry pass”, they could not let a Priests Class, who was extremely weak in single combat, enter the Hive-like dungeon by cheating.


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