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Chapter 155: “Hes The Only One Who Defeated The Cursemancer Uninjured” (I)

The cautious Lin Ye still didnt agree to Lingdangs invitation.

Instead, after a quick analysis, he continued to fish for more information from her,

“What do you mean”

“There are two factions in the Qing Cult.

Now, the cooperation faction has the upper hand, but you, the war hawks, want to overthrow the cooperation faction and start a new war with the Blood Kin”


“Isnt it good to receive an inexhaustible Bloodsoul resource without doing anything”

Upon hearing this, Lingdang shook her sexy cat tail and said with a melancholic expression,


“White silk may looks good,”

“But this is obviously aboiling a frog in warm water operation!”

“When the sinners of the Blood Kin become stronger and stronger with the help of these new challengers Bloodsouls, they will definitely be quick to turn their backs on us to attack our Qing Cult.

Then, they will snatch the entire Hive-like early map and become the only overlord in this territory!”

“They wont let the Qing Cult live freely!”

Lin Ye remained silent as a thought crossed his mind.

‘Isnt this how capitalists seized the market

‘First, they would use small benefits to trap you.

Later, when they killed other competitors and monopolized the entire market, they would immediately turn their backs on you and cut your leeks to death, raising the price crazily!

‘Youre not buying

‘Alright, it doesnt matter.

Other than me, no one else is selling it.

Lets see where youll go now!


‘Compared to this matter.

‘Im more concerned about Hive-likesforeign language translation function.

‘He could even translate the wordswhite silk.

‘Youre quite down-to-earth, haha.

Lingdang continued to talk to herself,

“Not to mention, Professionals from small planes like us dont have the right to speak at all.”

“The clansmen of the same plane entered like Hive-like.

They couldnt rely on our help to obtain the protection of the Qing Cult.

In the end, they could only become the slaves of the Blood Kin.

They worked for them every day and obtained a little reward for themselves.”

“Hive-like is a public resource that everyone can enter and challenge.”

“Why should it be taken by the Blood Kin”

“Why the others can only become slaves”

“Therefore, the purpose of the establishment of the Qing Cult was to put an end to this situation and help all challengers who want to challenge Hive-like get a normal opportunity.”

“The result is—”

Lin Ye interrupted, ”

“As a result, the dragon-slaying warrior became an evil dragon, and the higher-ups of your Qing Cults Holy Church gradually became corrupted.

You no longer have the ambition you had in the past.

And so you want to restore your groups original ambitions and give everyone a fair chance to challenge each other in Hive-like.”


‘Isnt this cat a little idealistic

He didnt know if she was just pretending to be stupid or serious.

A large-scale dungeon like Hive-like would allow all kinds of Professionals to enter.

Some of them were harmless, while others were war criminals.

If you allowed them to safely become powerful, they might become enemies who would invade your plane in the future and slaughter your family and clansmen.

Under such circumstances.

‘If I can gain control of the entire dungeon…

‘I wont give other otherworld creatures the chance to enter and become stronger.

Ill only use it to help my family and friends become stronger, as well as my human compatriots.

This wasnt to suppress the other side so that they could invade them.

Instead, it was to ensure that his own plane world would not be invaded by others.

‘Peoples hearts are sinister and the world is cold.

We cant change other peoples thoughts.

We can only stick to our own bottom line and do what we think is right under the premise of protecting ourselves.

Of course.

To the Lizardmen in Scarlet Dawn, they were too weak.

Their plan was not to obtain the ability to protect themselves but to become as strong as possible, and then invade other peoples worlds and plunder their resources.

After all, they were a group of orphan creatures that started off as bandits.

The current Lizard Kingdom was the territory that they had taken after killing the original residents of that plane.

He hoped that they would be obedient and honest people.

But it was unrealistic.

The higher-ups of the Qing Cults Holy Church were stupid.

They only saw protecting their own interests, but they didnt consider the interests of their own compatriots and other members of the Qing Cult.

This would inevitably lead to the gradually growing Blood Kins backlash, and in the end, they wouldnt even be able to protect their own interests.

Then he would be their next victim.


This cat before him just didnt understand the impact of her dreams.

The higher-ups of the Qing Cult had actually thought further.

The members of the Qing Cult under them were disposable pawns.

The most important thing was to let them obtain a large number of Bloodsoul benefits and let the other challengers in their own plane become the rulers in Hive-like.

Lin Ye was more inclined to believe the latter.

He guessed that…

At first, the higher-ups of the Qing Cult wanted to use the special mechanism of the “Guardian of Green” oath to organize a group of troops to fight against the old sinners of the Blood Kin.

After The Original Sinners were crushed, and at the same time, the compatriots they inserted became the new bosses of the Blood Kin, they immediately changed their plan and began to live with the Blood Kin with the concept of “peace breeds wealth”.


It would be really confusing.

Why would the leader of the Qing Cult give such a strategic land as the One-line Sky Forest to the sinner of the Blood Kin

Normally speaking, they would rather not accept the Blood Kins tribute than seize this place to ensure that their organization had a steady stream of new people to join.

After that,

When the time was right,

That higher-up would definitely completely destroy the influence of the Qing Cults Church that he had created, eliminating this group of people who could threaten the Blood Kin, and making the Blood Kin the only “Big brothers influence” that existed like Hive-like.

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