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Chapter 154: Is Lin Ye… Hives Only Priest (II)

“As long as you join the church of Qing, we can provide you with protection so that the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn will not dare to come and find trouble with you.”

Lin Ye put down the book in his hand and looked at Lingdangs cat ears.


“If I have to join your Qing Cults Holy Church.”

“Doesnt that mean that I not only have to deal with the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn, but also the other enemies who have signed the Blood Kin oath”

“Which means its a forced battle.”

“And I cant choose to refuse it.”

“Doesnt this agreement look a little one sided”

“With me being on the short end of the stick”

After hearing that, Lingdang moved her cute little cat ears and patiently explained.

“Yes, youre right about that.

But isnt it the same as fighting any group of people”

“Not to mentioned,”

“Our Qing Cults Holy Church has already made an agreement with those sinners of the Blood Cult.”

“Its very rare for a battle to take place now.”

“After all, not everyone has aPortrait.

If you participate in an invasion battle and accidentally die, youll really die.”

“Everyone cherishes their lives.”

“Theres no need to be so serious and risk your life for a few Bloodsoul.”

“What” Lin Ye was curious and slightly confused.


“Youre not going to do anything to those Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn They blocked the frontline forest and transformed into Red Spirits to invade new challengers who knew absolutely nothing about Hive-like and treat them like a means to get Bloodsouls… Really nothing”

Lingdang shook her head.

“I cant.”

“We, the Guardians of Green, cant turn into Red Spirits and invade other peoples worlds at will.

We can only invade the world of sinners that have signed the oath ofBlood Lin and killed people.”

“The members of Crimson Dawn who are in charge of forcing new challengers either have not killed anyone or they killed people who have not signed the oath.”

“We cant stop their actions.”

“But,” Lin Ye continued to press.

“But you can also send people to block the frontline forest and pull those new challengers to your side before they invade.

You can protect their safety.”

“Why didnt you”


Upon hearing this,

Lingdang was silent for a moment.

After a long time, she sighed and helplessly told the truth.

“I have no choice.”

“Thats their territory.”

“According to the rules agreed by both sides, we, the people of the Qing Cults Holy Church, cant go there.

Otherwise, the agreement will be invalid and we will be besieged by the other party.”

“So in other words…” Lin Ye analyzed.

“The Qing Cults Holy Church is no match for the Blood Kin sinners”

“Otherwise, why would you give up this strategic treasure land that can continuously attract new members to join your organization ”

“No,” Lingdang said with some difficulty,

“We can beat them.”

“Its just that theyre aggressive.”

Lin Ye roughly guessed the situation and sneered.


“Because of benefits”

“You cant transform into Red Spirits to invade the world of other challengers.

You can only fight with the Red Spirit Intruders with your lives in order to plunder their Bloodsouls.

Thats why youre very envious of the Blood Kins ability to continuously plunder Bloodsouls from the hands of newcomers who know nothing of this dungeon.

Its easy and simple.”

“And so…”

“You have reached an agreement with them.”

“The two sides will no longer fight, but co-exist.

Let the new challengers become your workers, and the Bloodsouls they earn every day will be equally divided.

A safe and relaxing strategy, huh.”

After listening,

The Lingdang fell silent again.

He was right, Lin Ye was right.

The higher-ups of the Qing Cult and the Blood Kin had made such a shady deal.

The members of the Qing Cult no longer interfered with the Blood Kins invasion of other peoples worlds, and the Blood Kin regularly provided a large number of Bloodsouls to the Holy Church of the Qing Cult.

But a long time ago, the Holy Church was not like this.

They kept sniping the people of the Blood Kin and tried to protect every new challenger from the harassment of the Red Spirits to clear the Hive-like dungeon.

Including the large-scale oath war, there was a small battle every three days, and a big battle every half a month.

The two sides fought until the sky was dark and the earth was bloody.

Both sides were doing their best to fulfill theiroath.

After a long silence.

Lin Ye picked up the book next to him and put it into his normal shoulder bag that he brought into the dungeon.

Then, he zipped it up and took the initiative to break the silence.

“Miss Lingdang,”

“I just want to know the truth about the cooperation between the Qing Cult and the Blood Kin.

I also want to know the nature of the Qing Cult.”

“Im not trying to stop you.”

“As long as it doesnt affect my ability to clear the dungeon,”

“You can do whatever you want.”

“I dont care.”

“As for the matter of you wanting me to join your Qing Cults Holy Church…”


“But I have one condition.

I want to kill the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn.

You cant stop me.

If you cant agree to this, Id rather act alone without signing any oath.”

Lingdang was puzzled,

“Kill Crimson Dawn”


“As long as you join our Qing Cults Holy Church, they wont dare to find trouble with you,”

“The reason is simple.” Lin Ye slowly explained,

“These Lizardmen have launched a dimensional war against my world.

Their soldiers are constantly killing my compatriots, occupying our land, and destroying our homes.”

“And theyre planning to kill me in the Hive-like forest.”

“They dont want me to leave this place alive.”


“Whether its because of personal hatred or because of my standpoint, I cant let these Lizardmen run around in front of me.

They are my mortal enemies.”

Lingdang frowned,


“Im afraid… I can not allow you to join us.”

“The Qing Cult and the Blood Kin are now partners.”

“If you attack the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn, its the same as challenging the Blood Kin.

Not only will the Qing Cult not be able to help you, but we might even help them to deal with you.”

“If thats the case,” Lin Ye said coldly,

“Then theres no other way,”

“We have different ideas.

Lets part on good terms.

Just leave my world.”

“However, let me give you a piece of advice….

Dont get involved in the matters of Crimson Dawn.

If you dont care about them, I wont care about you either.”

“If you guys want to interfere…”

“Then Ill kill all of you from the Qing Cults Holy Church.”

A trace of anger appeared on Lingdangs face.


“Youre quite arrogant, arent you”

“Do you know how many Professionals there are in Blood Hall and Qing Church”

“You think you can win”


‘It is hard to say.

‘However, it would definitely not be a problem for me to escape unscathed.

‘After all, everyone here was stuck at level 15.

Even if each of you had two sets of Diamond-grade equipment, which could raise your HP to more than 10,000, you still couldnt withstand my healing package.

‘In the first set, I can cripple all of them, and in the second set, I can proceed to kill all of them.

‘Even if you didnt die, you wouldnt dare to attack again.

‘By that time, I can retreat and run away with a swagger, find a safe and hidden place to regroup, and slowly kill you one by one.


‘Do you think you will have a healer to heal yourselves

‘Please, just the ridiculous conditions for entering Hive-like such as defeating the Cursemancer without any injuries, killing the Dragon Knight in twenty seconds, how many normal Healers could complete these conditions

Maybe close to none.

Lin Ye was the only Priest with healing abilities in Hive-like.

Everyone had to treat him like a father among fathers.

Even to the extent that…

After Lin Ye revealed his identity as a Priest.

There would be many challengers who wanted to team up with him, crying and begging to help him kill the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn.

Seeing Lin Ye smile without saying anything and his eyes filled with confidence, Lingdangs expression suddenly calmed down, and her tone changed from angry to friendly.

“It seems that you are really confident to challenge the Qing Cults Holy Church and the Sinner of the Blood Kin at the same time….”

“As expected of a challenger acknowledged by the Cursemancer!”

“Hes indeed extraordinary!”

“Alright,” She said.

“Im a little sorry.”

“I wasnt telling the truth to you.”

“In fact, Qing Cults Holly Church is indeed cooperating with the Blood Kin to snatch the Bloodsouls from newcomers.”

“But not all of us do that,”

“The other members of the Qing Cult, including me, want to kill the Blood Kin and start a new oath war.

We want to take back the ownership of One-line Sky Forest and restore the Hive-like back order.”

“Since you want to kill the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn, the Blood Kin will definitely come to protect them.

Why dont you join us and kill the sinners of the Blood Kin together”

“If you think about it…”

“This condition is better thanprotecting you from the Red Spirits, right”

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