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Chapter 153: Is Lin Ye… Hives Only Priest (I)

The Lizardman underlings died very quickly when they were faced with the top masters of the church of Qing.

Lin Ye hadnt even turned two pages of the information book when their throats were pierced by the dagger.


Any tools or items used to contact the outside world would no longer be useful during a Red Spirit Invasion.

Which was why, the death of the Lizardmens underlings were not known to the few people in power of Crimson Dawn.

“Hello, human,” She said.

“You should be able to see me, right”

“Accept my request to join the party.

Dont worry, Im not like those stinky lizards from Crimson Dawn.

I wont do anything to you.

I wont be able to attack you once we form a party.”

“I just have a few important things to tell you.”


Lin Ye raised his head when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

He saw a woman from another world with yellow cat ears, black tights, and a yellow cat tail wagging behind her.

She had short hair, a beautiful face, and a tall figure with long legs.

Coupled with her classic cosplay outfit, she exuded a seductive and sexy aura.


‘A catgirl

‘Is there something special about this place, Hive-like

[Prompt: The unknown Hive-like Challenger has applied to join your team and is about to enter your world.

Do you agree]

“I agree.”

As Lin Ye spoke, The phantom of the feline girl before him started to materialize.

She arrogantly stood in front of Lin Ye and was about to say something when she stopped.

In her surprise, the catgirl flashed back more than ten meters, putting some distance between her and the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian and the others.

At the same time, she pulled out two daggers from her waist and got into a fighting stance, staring at the two creatures with a guarded look.


“Whats up with these two dungeon Bosses!”

“Where did you lure them from!”

Lin Ye took a look and realized that the two daggers were completely different in color and style.

One of them was probably a real-life weapon, while the other was a Hive-like exclusive weapon.

“Dont worry,” Lin Ye replied.

“These two are just my summoned creatures.”

“Theyre not boss-level creatures.”

The catgirl stared at the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit suspiciously, only to find that they werent even paying attention to her.

They were still fiddling with their weapons and cleaning the body of the golden warhorse.

Overall, they looked very harmless.

The catgirl was dumbfounded.


“Two double-panel boss-level creatures are your summoning beasts”

“Yes,” Lin Ye nodded, “I summoned them to protect me through the night.”

In the face of unknown otherworldly creatures, it was better to keep some secrets so as not to be tricked by these seemingly harmless “people”.

What if her cute cat appearances were fake

Then, the catgirl carefully approached the two Big Brothers.

After making sure they wouldnt attack her, she let out a sigh of relief and sat down in front of Lin Ye.

When she first entered there was a trace of arrogance on her face.

But now, there was none.

There was no other reason for its disappearance.

The impact of the two bosses was too great.

Especially when she also knew that the man in front of her was a challenger acknowledged by the terrifying Cursemancer.

He shouldnt be underestimated.

“If you have something to say, then say it quickly.” Lin Ye said.

“Im very busy.”

The cat girl quickly introduced herself.


“My name isLingdang.”

“I am a member of the Qing Cults Church who signed theGuardian of Green oath.”

Then she was quick to change the topic.

“Do you know the background of the Lizardmen who were chasing you”

“Theyre from the Lizard Kingdom.” Lin Ye replied.

“He called himself part of the Crimson Dawn.”

“Other than that, I dont know anything else.”

“Do you even know about the blood oath” Ling dang asked in confusion.

Lin Ye looked confused.

Ling dang coughed lightly,

“Ahem, alright, I get it.


“An oath is actually a Hive-like label for an organization.

If you choose to sign a certain oath, you will become abeliever of that oath.

You will receive special rewards, but at the same time, you will also have to fulfill certain obligations.”

“For example, theGuardian of Green, which is my oath, will automatically teleport the nearbyGuardian of Green to my world to help me resist the invasion of the Red Spirits when Im being invaded by one.”

“After killing theintruders, you can obtain more Bloodsoul rewards and obtain an item calledProof of Faith to exchange for specific items and equipment.”

“With the same logic…”

“If any other Guardian of Green members near me were invaded,”

“I will also take the initiative to join their world and help them fight against the invaders and destroy those Red Spirits.”

“As for the Lizardmen of Crimson Dawn, they signed theBlood Kin oath.

After they become Red Spirits, they can plunder more Bloodsouls from the target of their invasion and strengthen their attributes when they become Red Spirits.”

“You can also get theProof of Loathing item and exchange it for specific items and equipment.”

“To summarize…”

“The two of us are sworn enemies,”

“And then there are several other oaths and forces, they are balablabla,”

“So, anyway…”

“Do you understand what Im saying”

“I understand,” Lin Ye calmly said.

“You came here today because you want us to join you and sign the oath ofGuardian of Green, right”

Lingdang snapped her fingers.

“Thats right.”

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