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Lin Ye immediately cast Stars Godly Glory and dispelled the buff on the Dragon.

Then, he used the standard healing set.

The Dragon Knight was speechless.


Lin Ye laughed.

‘Can this hit you

‘Forget it, Im giving up.

Ill just do it, you guys can do whatever you want.

Lin Ye noticed that the Dragon Knight didnt want to fight back anymore, so he immediately ordered the others to increase their damage output.

They surrounded the Dragon Knight and attacked it crazily.

If they had Skills, they would use them.

If they didnt, they would use normal attacks.

[Prompt: You have killed the Dragon Knight and obtained 137 Bloodsoul points.

You have obtained the Dragon Knights Sword!]

[Equipment Name: Dragon Knights Sword (Hive-likes exclusive weapon)

[Type: Weapon]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (max level 10)]

[Grade: Diamond (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Increase attack by 200 points, all attributes by 30 points, has theDragon Slayer effect.]

[Dragon Slayer: All damage dealt to Dragon-type creatures is increased by 30%.]

Four-piece Dragon set effect: Can summon the Fire Dragon, Styder, to fight for you.

After the Fire Dragon dies, it has to wait for a day to resurrect.

Only effective in Hive-like.

(There is a small chance of getting the four-piece set by repeatedly killing monsters in Hyde Fire Tower, or you can buy it from a weapon merchant in Hive-like.)


‘Exclusive weapon

‘And its a set that doesnt have any Class requirements

‘Can I use one too

As he thought about it, Lin Ye equipped the Dragon Knights Sword on himself and realized that his stats had indeed increased.

There was also the “Dragon Slayer” passive effect on his stats window.

Now, holding the Hidden Moon in his left hand and the Dragon Knights Sword in his right, coupled with the Priest robe he was wearing… He looked a little strange.

‘Dual blade berserker Priest


Lin Ye ignored this annoying thought and returned from the main hall.

He went to the harbor outside the Hyde Fire Tower near the shore, took out the Camping Equipment he had prepared, and placed it on the White ground.

[Camping Package: A must-have item in the wild that can summon sleeping bags, tents, iron pots, and matchsticks.]

After that,

Lin Ye arranged the matches, set up the rack, placed the metal pot on it, and started cooking dinner for himself.

The Hive-like map had many harmless small animals, such as rabbits, deer, wild boars, and so on.

If the challengers were hungry, they could catch and cook them.

Or he could fish in the blue sea around the Hyde Fire Tower.

If you have a unique taste, you can also roast the dungeon creatures you kill along the way.

For example, some cannibals like to roast the corpse of the Hyde Knight for dinner.

Lin Ye wasnt that crazy.

He only plucked the feathers and organs of the three pheasants he killed along the way.

Two of the chickens were placed on a fork and placed on the torch to be roasted.

The remaining one was placed in a pot and slowly stewed over a fine fire, intending to make chicken soup.

After that,

He ate and drank to his hearts content.

The surrounding sky gradually darkened.

Fortunately, there were torches and magic lamps placed on the streets of Hyde Fire Tower.

As long as you cast fire Magic, you could light up the torches, and the remaining mana would light up the streets.


According to the experience of a senior.

After the dungeon creatures here die, they wont be resurrected immediately.

You have to leave this area and come back again before they can be resurrected.

Boss-level dungeon creatures could not be resurrected after they died.

Only the small monsters and elite monsters would be resurrected.


If Lin Ye wanted to gather all four pieces of the Dragon set, he would have to do it.

He had to keep killing the Ancient Knights and Hyde Knights, relying on his mechanical repetition and a bit of good luck to get the remaining three pieces of equipment.

The other option was to spend a large number of Bloodsouls to buy from merchants.

According to the reward model of a Boss that only gave a little more than 100 Bloodsoul points, and the silver snake of greed ring cost 5,000 Bloodsoul points.

Lin Ye would need to farm for at least seven to eight days before he could save enough to buy Bloodsouls for a Dragon Knight.


‘It does seem like its more worthwhile to invade others, right

‘Theyve been farming for Bloodsoul for days, but it was all stolen by someone else with a Red Spirit Invasion.

I might even lose my life unless I get that Portrait item…


‘I have to say, no matter where honest people are, they are always the main force to suffer losses.

While he was thinking…

Little Mumu walked to Lin Yes side and pointed at his shoulder.

She then massaged him with both hands and asked if he wanted to relax and quickly recover his fatigue points.

Lin Ye remained quiet through the whole process.

‘If he didnt enjoy it, would he still be human

‘Come on, little Mumu!

‘Let me experience the power of big brothers massage technique!

Meanwhile… In another world…

After receiving the order from the Lizardman Niger, the members of Crimson Dawn immediately sent out a large number of people to explore Hyde Fire Tower, Forest of Fallen Giants, and One-line Sky Forest, to look for Lin Ye.

They had to figure out Lin Yes movements so that they could set up an ambush and get rid of this terrifying threat.

“I found him!”

“Outside the hall of the Hyde Fire Towers Dragon Boss!”

“Looks like hes already killed the Dragon Knight and plans to camp here for the night.

Hell probably go fight the Fire Dragon tomorrow!”

“Okay, good job! Well keep an eye on him!”

“I guarantee there wont be any problems!”


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