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In the Hyde Fire Tower region map, the Hyde Knight was at the bottom of the food chain.

The three-meter-tall ancient Knights who had different class panels and carried the elite monster template were the true overlords of this map.

Compared to the first secret dungeon Boss, Dragon Knight, the first secret dungeon Boss was much stronger.

Not only did they look like Bosses, but they also had heavy armor and huge weapons.

There were even more of them.

Those with axes, guns, big swords, and shields were simply invincible.

If all of them were to gather together, even the Dragon Knight Boss would be instantly killed.

There was no way to stop these violent elite monsters.

And so…

Just to be safe,

Lin Ye and the others slowly swept their way through and played a 4v1 with these ancient Knights.

He was determined not to attract three or four ancient Knights at the same time and would fight them as a group.

Under the terrifying damage output of the four, even if they could not be controlled by Control Skills, these heavy armored knights who were both offensive and defensive were still eliminated in batches.

However, with their fast Knight Skills and some long-range abilities, they managed to take a lot of damage from Lin Ye and the others.

This was the first time Lin Ye had encountered such difficulty.

Every monster was as difficult to deal with as a secret dungeon Boss.

Without enough dodging Skills or shield Skills, it was impossible to pass without getting hurt.


After familiarizing himself with the Skills and fighting habits of these ancient Knights, he finally understood.

As long as one was patient and had enough HP, they could challenge the map alone.

Let alone Lin Yes four cheaters.

“Up ahead is the first Dragon Knight Boss.

This guy has a fire Dragon as a Mount.

I dont know what hes thinking, but hes not with his fire Dragon.”

“So its quite easy to fight.”

“Those little Skills dont matter.

Ill be able to heal you in a few bites, but you must be careful to avoid his Light Javelin Skill.

Not only does it deal high damage, but it also has a few debuffs that weaken your abilities.”

“Dont worry about the Holy Light.

Ill dispel it every time he releases it.”

“Because control Skills are ineffective on him, Brother Tree, you should try to pull as much as possible.

After throwing a set of Skills, retreat and find an opportunity to sneak up on him.

Dont exchange blood with him.”

“The blood exchange will be very disadvantageous….”

Both the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit were Boss-level creatures with two panels, and their HP was about the same as the Dragon Knight, which was more than 30,000 HP and had high defense.

When the two sides fought each other, they dealt hundreds and thousands of damage, and it took them a long time to kill each other.

However, Lin Ye didnt want to use this advantage to develop the bad habit of “not using their brains” for the two brothers.

He didnt want them to become noobs who only used their attributes to mindlessly crush their opponents and didnt know the details.

“Even if we have more people, even if we are very strong, even if we have higher attributes, we still have to fight with all our might and pay attention to the details.”

Pulling, avoiding damage, and aggro-attracting… Lin Ye would always teach the two of them before a battle.

He would let them know how to maximize their damage output and minimize the damage they took.

In particular, they had to develop the habit of strictly following orders.

Even though it was troublesome and time consuming…

They produced good results.

The Big Tree Guardian never acted on its own in Yanan Forest again.

Now, every time he wanted to make a decision, he would ask for Lin Yes order.

He would only do it when he received a “yes”.

For example, when the Tree Guardian was planning to kill off three Hyde Knights in one go…

He would ask for Lin Yes opinion first.

That was why he chose to take action.

If this guy remained as the same guy little Mumu had summoned in the beginning, he would have used his Refresh Skill mechanism and killed all three Hyde Knights without a second thought.

He wouldnt even care about what Lin Ye thought.

At the same time.

Under Lin Yes influence, the two Spirit Soul Brothers combat Skills also grew rapidly.

Pulling, kiting, escaping with an attack, controlling, and interrupting a spell-casting were all at their fingertips.

Then, they walked into the hall where the Dragon Knights were.

The surrounding walls were carved with abstract drawings that they couldnt understand.

The pillars supporting the ceiling were inlaid with various gemstones, and the red torches hanging on the ceiling were also emitting a dazzling light.

“Person from afar.”


“You have stepped into a sacred place that you shouldnt have.”

With that, a Dragon Knight in red heavy armor slowly appeared from the passage deep in the hall.

Raised his spear and shield in a domineering manner, ready to face the enemy.

Lin Ye returned the favor by sending him a Time of Silence and a healing package.


When Stars Godly Glory, which was in a vulnerable state, hit, the two big Brothers also followed closely.

They jumped in front of the Dragon Knight and attacked from both sides.

The men on the left and right attacked the Dragon Knights head with their Skills as if they were free.

Little Mumu, on the other hand, raised the Book of Divine Thunder in her hand.

First, she used a set of melting flows, then a set of freezing flows, and finally, an ultra-current flow.

Although she dealt the lowest damage, she was a noble Mage.

Her position was far and safe, so she wouldnt be attacked by the enemy and lose her life because of her fierce damage.

It would be a waste not to have this bit of damage.

Very quickly,

The Dragon Knights HP was reduced to less than 30% due to the bombardment of the four Big Brothers.

The Boss immediately used Holy Light to recover a few thousand HP and at the same time, gained a buff effect that greatly increased all its attributes.

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