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‘Dont tell me, you want to…

The Cursemancer probably wants to get rid of us Red Spirit Intruders who will interfere with the battle first, then have a one-on-one challenge with the human to complete this special legacy trial!

And then—!

Grant the other party a new power!

Or perhaps, he wanted to take back his approval!

‘Damn it, Ive suffered a huge loss this time.

I didnt expect to have provoked such a troublesome enemy.

An enemy that even a monster-level existence like the cursed acknowledged!


‘Who is this human

‘Is he a veteran

‘Or did this human manage to defeat the Cursemancer in the Forest of the Fallen Giants fragment dungeon without any injuries

‘—A challenge that was beyond ones level

While the Lizardman Mages mind was in chaos, the Cursemancer had already finished off the other four Lizardmen.

He raised the black iron sword in his hand and pointed it at the Lizardman Mage.

The red glint in his eyes under the black mask and armor flashed slightly.

The meaning was simple.

‘I know you have suicide equipment in your hand.

Do you want me to help you return it… Or do you want to die quickly and save time for both of us

The Lizardman Mage couldnt say a word.


‘You are the Big Brother!

‘Ill just kill myself, okay

As he thought about it, the Lizardman Mage took out Hive-likes exclusive suicide item and crushed it decisively, turning himself into white ashes and dissipating in the cold wind above the castle.

After dealing with the Red Spirit Intruders, the Cursemancer turned around and looked at the dumbfounded Lin Ye.

He raised his black iron greatsword again.

[Prompt: The Cursemancer has sent you a duel invitation!]

[(Agree): Fight the Cursemancer one-on-one.

If you win, you will receive a portion of the Cursemancers power and a special reward.]

[(Reject): Proceed with the challenge normally.]

Lin Ye stared at this notification with question marks on his head.


‘A duel invitation

‘Is this another special situation that the seniors had never encountered before


‘Should I accept it

After thinking about it, Lin Ye felt that with his current strength, he could defeat a level 15 Cursemancers summoned creature without using his invincible reverse Skill.

The Cursemancer in front of him was even trashier than the Hex Teacher in his summoning card.

It was only level 12.

Even with the area curse assisting the Boss from the side, Ling Yi still had a high chance of winning against him.

He did not have to worry about exposing his true trump card in front of the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit.

And so,

Lin Ye decisively pressedAgree.

Immediately, black energy emerged from the ground between the two of them.

It quickly expanded and turned into a black barrier that could not be seen by the outside world.

[Prompt: The duel has begun!]

[Prompt: You have entered an unknown space! No one else can see the scene of your duel! [Outside parties are unable to participate in the duel!]


‘Outsiders cant watch the battle

‘Then wouldnt I win for sure if I activated my talent

After thinking about it, Lin Ye raised his left hand and threw Holy Light at the Cursemancer, planning to reduce his movement speed first.

Meanwhile, the Cursemancer still didnt understand Lin Yes skill mechanics and didnt know about Holy Lights effects.

That was why the Boss started off with a standard Moonlight Thrust.

It planned to get close to Lin Ye first and use its speed advantage to suppress him.

Then, he would slowly observe the effects of his Skills and weaknesses on the human.


With the sound of the big sword cutting through the air, the Cursemancers Moonlight Thrust missed.

Lin Ye used flash the moment it was about to teleport and cleverly avoided this godly Skill.

After that,

The reversed Holy Light hit the Cursemancers body, and it immediately slowed down as if it was under a spell.

He couldnt reach Lin Ye as fast as it wouldve been.

Moonlight Thrust had missed.

The Cursemancer was speechless.

Seeing this, Lin Ye immediately raised his Hidden Moon.

When he started with Silent Destruction, he used the follow-up healing combo and directly took out thousands of HP from the Cursemancer.

Cursemancer wanted to summon his Big Shield and cast a Cursed Shield to reflect Lin Yes spells and avoid the damage from this wave of Skills.

However, Lin Yes attack speed was too fast.

As soon as the Cursemancer summoned his shield, Lin Yes healing combo was used up.

He even raised his handsome sword that glowed with a purple light and charged at the Cursemancer fiercely.

He had no choice.

The Cursemancer could only change his strategy.

He put away the heavy shield and counterattacked with its beautiful sword skills, forcing Lin Ye to move back to move away from the attack.

Lin Ye didnt care about these fancy skills.

He dodged the Cursemancers Skills with a set of cool movements and easily dodged all of them.

Then, he raised his famous sword, Hidden Moon, and slashed at the Cursemancer, crazily scraping his skin.

The Cursemancer wanted to fight back, but the menacing human was too powerful, especially with his own stats greatly reduced.

Lin Ye easily dodged all of his attacks and Skills, just like how he dodged all of the Lich Kings Skills in the past.

After that,

When the Holy Light effect reached its last few seconds…

Lin Ye immediately retreated to put some distance between them.

At the same time, he switched to the swords Guardian Form and stabbed his sword into the ground, creating a large area of protection.

When the Cursemancer charged at him again, Lin Ye had just finished switching his Moon Blades sword and used its Protection Forms active Skill, Natures Wrath.


A yellow stone pillar fell from the sky like a meteor and smashed into the center of the guarded ground, sending a thick cloud of dust into the air.

It petrified the midair Cursemancer for 3 seconds.

Lin Ye pulled out the blade of protection from the ground and used another five seconds of standing as punishment to switch to Moon Shadow.

At the last moment, when the Cursemancer was no longer petrified and was about to attack him again, Lin Ye used Moon Shadow in the air to increase the distance between the two.

It was good.

He delayed for another three seconds.

‘Unfortunately, this was the limit of my pulling.

‘Next, Ill fall into a “vacuum” where I can only use small Skills like Heal Spell.

Coupled with the negative effect of area curse, which has a double cooldown time.

The faster Priests will definitely seize the opportunity to cast several sets of Skills and madly lose their health at the same time.

If he wanted to continue without any injuries…

He had to activate his Universe Reversal talent.

Converts all of the Cursemancers Skills and normal attacks into healing effects.

Otherwise, Ill have to withstand the attacks and skills of the Cursemancer, while saving my healing skills to heal myself, and at the same time reduce my output to deal damage, slowly exhausting it to death.


‘It seems that my crowd control skills are still a little lacking…

‘Cant achieve the whole process of pulling.

‘The cooldown isnt enough either.

Unable to let the Skill group do an infinite loop…

In reality, if he encountered a troublesome enemy like the Cursemancer, he would definitely be beaten up by the other party during the output vacuum period.

Lin Ye decisively activated talent.

He wasnt sure if this Cursemancer had the same hidden criteria as before— the Challenger must defeat him without getting hurt— It would be better to do so.

Maybe he would get a better reward

At the same time…

The Cursemancer had finally waited for Lin Yes weakness to show.

He quickly rushed in front of Lin Ye and used a set of beautiful sword Skills and beautiful normal attacks on Lin Ye.

[ 876 HP!]

[ 1,021 HP!]

[ 983 HP!]

Cursemancer stare dumbfoundedly.

Just like that, a historic scene appeared once again.

The Cursemancer kept attacking Lin Ye in all sorts of positions, but all he could do was heal him.

On the other hand, Lin Ye raised his Hidden Moon and attacked the Cursemancer, slowly depleting its tens of thousands of HP.

In the end,

The Hive-like Cursemancer was once again defeated by Lin Yes “no injuries”, and the system notification appeared.

[Prompt: You have defeated the Cursemancer! (Duel Invitation completed!)]

[Prompt: Your Cursemancer summoning card has been injected with new power.

It has been upgraded to 1 Star Platinum and has obtained new Skills.

All attributes have been permanently increased!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the legacy Skill from the Cursemancer, “Duel Invitation”!]

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