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The final Boss stage is right in front of them.

“There are three Hippo Behemoths.

Brother Tree, Brother Spirit, you two are each responsible for one.”

“Little Mumu and I will be in charge of the remaining one.”

“Both of you have higher damage than us in terms of normal attacks.

After youve killed your Hippo Behemoth, come and help us immediately.

Dont waste time.”

“Yes, Master Lin Ye!” The Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit replied.

With that, everyone rushed towards the three hippos that were wandering in the forest.

The Lizardmen who had been lying in wait also quickly crushed the cracked blood-red eye orbs in their hands and turned into red spirits, invading Lin Yes dungeon.


He even dares to charge at three Hippo Behemoths alone!

“Is there something wrong with your brain”

Before he could finish his sentence, the Lizardman Mage saw the two huge and powerful soul creatures, the Tree Guardian and the Demonic Spirit, as well as the Bionic Tear.

The Lizardman Mage looked on with confusion.

So does the Lizardman Warrior.

And so do the other Lizardmen.


‘Didnt that human come alone

‘Where the hell did the other three come from

‘And why is this sense of oppression so strong


*Sob* *Sob*

‘That white shadow doesnt seem to be a Professional…

Lin Ye turned around in confusion.

“Red Spirit Invasion”

“Huh, Lizardmen”

“Hehe, interesting.

Lizardmen Congo.

I didnt expect to meet you in the secret plane dungeon before the planar battlefield!”

Lin Ye sneered.

The Hive-like area curse was a forceddebuff that was effective on all Professionals.

It could not be dispelled or avoided, and all challengers had to follow the rules.

In other words…

These eight Red Spirit Lizardmen were the same as him.

They wouldnt be able to use any Skills and could only fight with the most basic attacks.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to defeat the Big Tree Guard and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit with their normal attacks.

They would definitely be crushed to the ground by the two Bosses without a chance to fight back.

That included Lin Ye.

It was impossible for him to defeat the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit now.

The two of them both had tens of thousands of HP, while Lin Ye barely had 7,000.

After exchanging blows, Lin Ye lost 700 to 800 HP while the Tree Guardian and the others only lost 300 to 400 HP.

It was obvious who would die first.


‘Im sorry!

‘Youre already dead in my eyes!

“Brother Tree, Brother Spirit, kill these Lizardmen but leave the Lizardman Mage.

Dont kill it.”

“I want to ask it something.”

After that, the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit immediately broke away from the Hippos and rushed toward the Lizardmen.

They raised their weapons and smashed them into the Lizardmen.


With a loud bang, the Tree Guardian immediately smashed three Lizardmen with his hammer.

Then, the golden warhorse raised its front hooves and stomped on them, directly taking more than half of the Lizardmens HP and causing them to instantly enter a wounded state.

The Evil Omen Spirit also slashed at one of the Lizardmen, sending it flying a few meters away.

It fell heavily on the ground and could not stand up for a long time.

This was the terrifying part of a Boss creature with two panels.

Their normal attacks have a knock-down effect.

It wasnt even considered a Skill.

It could not be restrained by his Universe Reversal Awakened Talent.

“How is this possible!” The Lizardman Mage shouted in shock,

“A normal attack dealt more than 1,500 damage!”

“Im just going to be defeated by a dual-panel Boss!”

“A summoned creature!”

“Damn it!”

“No wonder I couldnt see you before the invasion! So it was just a summoned creature! It wasnt another challenger”

As they spoke, the Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit continued to attack the Lizardmen, killing them one by one.

In the end, only the leading Lizardman Mage was left.

Seeing this–

The Lizardman Mage knew that he would not be able to escape death today.

He would lose all his Bloodsoul and waste a precious Hive-like resurrection item.

He stared at Lin Ye with extreme hatred and said through gritted teeth,


“Just you wait!”

“We, the Crimson Dawn, will come back for you!”

“I… will be back too!”

Then the Lizardman Mage took out a special Hive-like tool and decisively ended his own life, not giving the big tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit a chance to capture him alive.

[Prompt: All Red Spirit Intruders have been eliminated!]

[Prompt: You have obtained 8,212 Bloodsoul points from all the Red Spirit Invaders! (Can only be obtained by the party leader of the origin world)]

“…” Lin Ye stared at the two incoming notifications.

‘As expected, I knew it.

These Red Spirit Invaders can plunder other peoples Bloodsouls.

Otherwise, who would have nothing better to do than to interfere with other peoples dungeon clearing

‘But wasnt this group of Lizardmen too disgusting

‘Blocking the entrance of the newbie area, killing others before they could develop, snatching their Bloodsoul…

‘Wait a minute.

‘There were only so many monsters in the secret dungeon at the beginning of the map.

Even if they killed everyone, they could only plunder a mere 100 to 200 Bloodsouls.

He might even be killed by the enemy.

It was obviously a thankless act.

‘Why did they arrange so many people to wait in the One-Line Sky Forest

‘It did not make sense if the Lizard Kingdom had sent an ambush to capture human Professionals.

‘After all, our human challengers basically enter the dungeon alone.

We wont use the opportunity to turn into Red Spirits and invade their raid.

Its only a waste of manpower and resources for them to do so.

He thought.

Lin Ye roughly understood.

This bunch of bastards should be squatting here to catch new people and make them their laborers and fighters to farm for Hive-like Bloodsoul.

They might even have to hand over their weapons and equipment.

If the newcomer did not agree, they could choose to quit and waste their opportunity.

Otherwise, they would be killed by them and become a dead man.


“As expected of the invaders who want to invade our human world!”

“The younger generation only knows how to do such sneaky things!”

“So filthy!”

At that moment, Lin Ye had an idea.

Since these Lizardmen wanted to kill him as a Red Spirit, he could use his Hive-like rules to turn into a Red Spirit and kill these Lizardmen enemies in advance.

This way, they could weaken the strength of the Lizard Kingdom and help the Professional Alliance as much as possible, reducing their pressure on the planar battlefield.

It would also allow him to obtain a large number of Bloodsouls and he could exchange them for some good things.


Before that.

Lin Ye had to make sure that little Mumu and the Tree Guardian could become Red Spirits with him and invade other creatures worlds.

If that was not possible, he would have to take his time and think of a way to kill the Lizardmen who called themselvesBloody Dawn and crush them.

Even if he could,

Lin Ye still had to be careful and observe for a while.

After all, this Hive-like world seemed to have many special rules that the Professional Alliance didnt know about.

If he did things too rashly, he might suffer some losses.

After taking care of the Lizardmans Red Spirit, Lin Ye turned his attention back to the three Hippo Behemoths.

They still still remain the same.

The Dragon Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Spirit were like fathers beating their sons.

They easily killed the enemies in their hands and then ran over to help Lin Ye and little Mumu kill the remaining Hippo Behemoth.

The three hippos dropped 300 Bloodsoul for each of them.

At the same time, they also dropped three normal items that werent very useful, such as the Flame Pot.

Lin Ye just threw them into the warehouse and didnt care anymore.

What he really cared about….

Was the other fixed treasure chest that the three hippos were guarding.

[Prompt: Opening the unknown treasure chest.

You have received Hive-likes exclusive item, “Portrait”]

[Portrait: When you die in Hive-like, you will be resurrected at the nearest resurrection point.

After resurrecting, this item will disappear, and you will lose all the Bloodsouls you have.]

Lin Ye looked at little Mumus system notification.

[Prompt: You have opened the unknown treasure chest and obtained the Knights exclusive weapon, Frost Gun.]

[Frost Gun (Gold) (Low): A spear weapon that has the special effect of Ice and can cause ice-type magic damage.]

‘Well, well, well…

‘This Mumu…

‘Why does she always get the trashiest Gold weapon!

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