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The One-Line Sky Forest was Hive-likes easiest newbie stage.

Even if they couldnt use their Skills, very few people would die here.

Those unlucky ones who died were not careful enough and attracted a large number of wild dogs.

They were then surrounded by these little guys with extremely high attack power and killed with normal attacks.


This was only the fate of human Professionals experienced.

Their efficiency in obtaining the admission passes was too low.

On average, there was only one every few months, and they couldnt form a team with other human challengers at the same time.

Therefore, they basically entered the arena alone and fought the likes of Hippo Behemoth and the group of wild dog monsters alone.

As for the challengers from other planes, they had a stable channel to obtain an admission pass and could enter Hive-like with their friends from the same world.

Furthermore, they could enter the Hive-like dungeon multiple times.

Which means, those otherworldly creatures could proceed into the different stages in Hive-like like humans do in normal dungeons.

They can also choose to hunt in a group, which makes things easier.

At this moment, at the exit of the forest, a few Lizardmen wearing different Class equipment were sitting on the treetops and rocks.

In front of them was a bonfire, and a red wild boar was being roasted on it.

It seemed to be lunch for these Lizardmen.

Suddenly, a Lizardman in Warrior equipment rushed out of the forest and shouted to the chatting crowd,



“I see a newcomer!”

The leader of the Lizardmen, a Mage, quickly jumped down from the branch,

“Are you sure its a newcomer How many people were there How are their combat strengths Are they easy to beat”

“Definitely.” The Lizardman Warrior replied.

“The other party didnt even sign an Oath.”

“And from their appearance, they seem to be the group ofhumans that our Lizardmen Kingdom is attacking.

These idiots dont even know what an Oath is.

Lets just kill them.”

After a pause, the Lizardman Warrior continued, ”

“Its just that….

I dont know how many there are.”

“I only saw one human.”

“But I was afraid of being discovered, so I came to report.”

The Lizardman Mage touched his chin,

“They probably split up, right”

“Just in time.”

“We can take them down one by one.”

He turned around and waved his hand.

“Brothers, lets find a place to hide.

When these guys come to fight the secret dungeon Boss, well invade and work with the Boss to kill all these idiotic humans.”

“Boss” One of the Lizardman Archers raised his hand,

“Dont you plan on extorting their Bloodsoul”

“Extorting my *ss!” The Lizardman Mage cursed.

“Arent these humans at war with our Lizard Kingdom Lets kill them now! In the planar battlefield, well be able to kill fewer of our brothers! Well win faster!”

“In the face of national righteousness, what is this little profit”

“Well just extort others later.”

Everyone started to flatter him, ”


“Our Boss is so cool!”


This group of Lizardmen called themselves “Bloody Dawn”.they could not defeat Hive-likes late-stage, but they have cleared the early-stage map.

They were a group of orphan Professionals who occupied Hive-like.

They were stuck at level 15 and blocked One-Line Sky Forests exit, looking for “new challengers” who had formed a team for the first time and did not have the protection of an Oath.

They invaded their world and threatened them with force and numbers, taking all their Bloodsouls and equipment they obtained from killing monsters.

Then, they would use the Bloodsouls they obtained to exchange for equipment, Skill books, and other things.

They would return to his Lizard Kingdom in the real world and sell them to other lizard people in exchange for things and money that were useful to them.

If the other party refused to obey or resisted, he would kill them with no hesitation.

In order to prevent anyone from escaping or resisting, these people even specially sent their spy to stay in the targets world and form a team with the target to monitor their every move.

It had almost formed a stable black industry chain.

Of course.

They were powerful Professionals from the higher planes.

There were also new challengers who had learned about the Hive-likemechanism from their seniors and were protected by them.

These Lizardmen did not dare to provoke them.

They only dared to bully those who were weaker and oblivious to the advantageous they could have.

Their way of judgment was through what they calledOaths.

He would not offend anyone who had made an Oath.

For those who did not have these, they would first observe whether the other party was strong or not and whether there were many of them.

If their victims have none of the above, they would immediately launch a Red Spirit Invasion to threaten and extort them.

However, the Lizardman Mage didnt need to consider any of his criteria to the hostile creatures like Lin Ye, who were fighting with his kind.

Kill them directly.

The Professional Alliance didnt know about this.

This was because the previous human challengers had all challenged the first few maps individually and had not formed teams.

The Lizardmen were unable to carry out the Red Spirit Invasion.

They could only watch as the human enemies left the forest and entered other areas that were as sweet as Hive-like.

Then, they encountered the powerful secret dungeon Boss and finally lost hope.

Including the signing of the Oath.

The Professional Alliance didnt know anything either.

Their understanding of Hive-like was that this secret dungeon was very difficult to clear.

It would give a lot of good things and a lot of free attribute points.

It was a “treasure land” where risk and reward coexisted.

They didnt know the true meaning of the existence of this secret dungeon.

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