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Seven days later, Lin Ye stood in his living room.

In front of him was the black portal that he had summoned with the fire pass badge.

Su Mumu, Bai Zhi, and the others were all curiously looking at it.

All of his equipment, except for the ones that were at their peak from level 10, had reached level 15 at the same time and gained new attribute bonuses.

The Crown of Wisdom was too rare, so he could not get it for the time being.

This caused all his Skills to be stuck at Level 5, unable to break through.

However, with the help of Universe Reversal, Lin Yes Skills could deal true damage that ignored defense, which was more than enough for him at this stage, so it wouldnt be a problem for him not to level up.

In terms of equipment…

According to the strategy guide Huang Tianqi gave him, Lin Ye had basically prepared all the items that were useful for him in the early stages of the dungeon.

He also prepared some additional items that might be useful.


Lin Yes plan to let little Mumu explore the way ahead of time and collect information failed.

She was struck by something that made her speechless.

He couldnt enter like Hive-like alone.

“Are you ready”

Hearing the heavy voice in his mind, Lin Ye held little Mumus right hand and walked towards the black portal.

He said in a slow tone,

“Were ready.”


The door opened!

With a dizzy feeling, Lin Yes vision turned black.

It was as if his body had fallen into an endless abyss, and he kept falling.

It was also like falling into cold seawater, sinking continuously.

[Secret Dungeon: Hive-like (Large Secret Dungeon)]

[Level: 12 – 15]

[Difficulty: Hell (Despair)]

[Description: The path you have chosen is a trial for you.

In many cases, you will lose even more miserably, but those who persist in their own path and never give up will eventually find the true darkness in the distance.]

[Prompt: You have activated party mode.

Your party member is ” Su Mumu— Bionic Tear.

Red Spirit has obtained the authority to invade your secret realm!]

[Prompt: You have entered the secret region, “One-Line Sky Forest.”]

[Secret Region: One-Line Sky Forest]

[Monster Level: Level 10 – 12]

[Regional Curse: Skills lost effect (you cant use any Skills.

Only equipment Skills can be used in One-Line Sky Forest)]

[Revival Point: One-Line-Sky Altar (Requires the use of a secret dungeon-exclusive item)]

A dense wave of system notifications appeared and then quickly receded like the tide.

Lin Ye opened his eyes.

In front of him was a round altar made of stone.

In the distance was a huge forest, and it was dark around him.

It wasnt because it was dark, but because they were in a huge canyon, and only a small crack at the top could give out some light.

Lin Ye turned his head.

“Little Mumu, summon the Big Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit to see if they will be affected by this curse.”

Little Mumu nodded and reached out to take out the Soul-Summoning Bell from her bag.

The bell quickly chimed, which was unusually ear-piercing in this quiet forest.

Ding! Ding!

[Summon the Big Tree Guardian!]

[Summon Evil Omen Demonic Spirit!]

With the clear sound of bells, the two Big Brothers slowly walked out of the white mist that suddenly rose and respectfully saluted Lin Ye and little Mumu.

One of them was a heavy-armored knight who was twice the size of a human and was wearing heavy golden armor and riding a golden warhorse.

The other one was a human-shaped monster with a cape, a devil mask, horns on its head, and a strange tail on its back.

They looked like…

The former was like a hero knight who protected humans, while the latter was an evil monster who killed humans indiscriminately.

The two of them were like fire and water, and could not get along at all.

However, the relationship between the two of them was unexpectedly good.

Their cooperation in battle was also very high.

It wasnt an exaggeration to call them gay friends.


Compared to them…

Lin Ye was more concerned about the fact that the Soul-Summoning Bell, which was like a Skill, wasnt affected by the One-Line Sky Forests curse and could be used normally.

This meant that he could also use Universe Reversal talent, but he couldnt use his own Skill.

He had to use it to reverse the enemys Skill.

“Little Mumu,”

“Lets get the Big Tree Guardian to change his Class.”

Little Mumu nodded again and took out the Big Dragon Claw and 90 Fate of Meetings that Lin Ye gave her.

She turned them into a white power and merged them into the Big Tree Guardians body.

[Prompt: The Big Tree Guardian has begun its Class change!]

[Prompt: The Big Tree Guardian has changed its class toDragon-Armored Tree Guardian.]

[Name: Dragon Armored Tree Guardian (Magic Knight)]

[Level: 13]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★★★★★]

[Characteristics: Hunters Blood (all Skills will be refreshed after killing an enemy), Super Armor (immune to most control Skills)]

[Weapons and Equipment: Dragon Bone hammer, Dragon Bone shield, Gold Knight Set]

[Skills: Shield Strike, Heavenly Strike, Triple Death Slash, Guard, Desperate Strike, Horse Kick, Thunder Explosion, Fireball Combo, Enchanted Lightning]

[Description: A spirit soul from another world.

Information unknown.]

After the Class change, the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian was even cooler than the original Big Tree Guardian.

The golden halberd in his hand had become a huge hammer made of dragon bones.

He also had a dragon bone shield that could block damage, greatly increasing its attack and defense.


The new Skills and spells he had learned gave him the capital to deal with monsters that could resist physical attacks.

Combined with Hunters Blood respawn mechanism, hes like the Father of The Sea of Monsters.

The more minions you call, the stronger his combat power will be.

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