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Chapter 14: Some People Were Born Nobler Than You

At the dungeons entrance, Su Mumu stood on her tiptoes and wiped the cold water off Lin Yes face with a towel.

“Why are you all wet” She asked in confusion.

“I have no choice,” Lin Ye replied, “Im not a Mage like you, and I cant walk on water either, so for thischeat to work, I have to swim.

So, of course, Im going to be wet!”

Su Mumu couldnt help but roll her eyes, “Didnt you plan this out beforehand You could have at least bring a set of clothes and a towel.

Get yourself changed before exiting the dungeon.

What if you catch a cold”

“I brought it,” Lin Ye calmly said.

Su Mumus brows slightly furrowed, “Then”

“I brought back news and gifts for Miss Su, but I was hoping the fine lady would repay my kindness by treating me to a meal….” He said dramatically.

Then he trailed off into a chuckle.

“Dont tell me.

You were hoping to sleep with me for three nights”

Hearing this, Su Mumu pouted her little mouth adorably and threatened him, “You want to die” Then the girl changed the topic and lowered her voice, “Anyway, two people were trying to hit on me just now, but I rejected them by saying youre my boyfriend.

Hopefully, they will give up once they see us.”

Lin Ye blink rapidly, letting the information sink in.


“F*ck! Youre using me as your shield again”

Seeing that she had caught him off guard, Su Mumu happily laughed, “Since youre so useful, I couldnt help but use you~.”



I wont,” Lin Ye quickly shook his head, “You cant force me to take a knife for you! I dont want to be chased by all the boys like I did for you in middle scho—” Lin Ye suddenly stopped, his eyes caught something over her shoulder, “Are you talking about the rich guy thats walking this way”

Su Mumu turned around to glance and quickly faced her friend again.


I think hes called Huang Shaofeng, the young master of the Huang Corp.

I heard he likes dating many girls at once.

Hes like an old scumbag.”

“Wrong, only the poor are scumbags.” Lin Ye corrected.

“The rich… Are the nations husbands!” He teased.

Su Mumu rolled her eyes, “Youre so annoying!”

Lin Ye touched his nose, “What do you mean If you want me to help you persuade him to leave, whats in it for me”

Su Mumu gave him aninnocent smile, “There are no benefits, but I can gladly give you a taste of my fist.

I insist.”

“Women are just so unreasonable….” Lin Ye sighed helplessly, “Lets go.

Im going to change my clothes.

Ill also help you persuade thisscumbag to leave,” he said.

As he spoke, Lin Ye naturally held Su Mumus little hand and took her to the entrance of the dungeon hall, just like when they were young.

Seeing that the pair was leaving, Huang Shaofeng quickened his pace and rushed in front of the two.

He said in an amicable tone, “Hello–”

Lin Ye cut him off by using a textbook refusal method, “Sorry, were a little busy.

If you want to sell something, please find someone else.”

“Uh, Im not trying to sell…” Huang Shaofeng began, feeling a little subconscious.

But before he could finish, Lin Ye pulled Su Mumu and walked past Huang Shaofeng.

They went straight to the halls exit without looking back, not intending to say anything anymore to the rich boy.

Huang Shaofengs mouth dropped open into anO, “Huh”

F*ck, okay.

Did he just… He just ignored me!

He even dares to mock me by calling me a salesman

As they left, Huang Shaofeng silently watched Lin Ye and Su Mumus back.

A trace of gloominess flashed in his eyes, and the gentle and charming aura of Prince Charming completely vanished.

To Huang Shaofeng, it didnt matter what the people thought of him.

Hed be fine if they ignored or scolded him behind his back.

After all, a tiger would never care about the eyes of an ant.

Hell let them scorn him, let them be sour.

It doesnt matter because hell continue to enjoy himself and be done with it.

However, if he took the initiative to express his good intentions, and the other party ignored him with a virtuous appearance, then that would not do.

What was the point of living


I gave youface and even took the initiative to be nice to you, but you ignored me while pretending to be the good people!

Thats not giving meface!

Huang Shaofeng was a person who cared the most about whether others gave him face or not.

The boys nearby, who were already unhappy with Huang Shaofeng, saw him fail to talk to the guy and were even intimidated by that girls “boyfriend”.

Now they were all looking at Huang Shaofeng as if he was an idiot!

This made Huang Shaofeng lose even more face, and his face was as red as a monkeys butt.

When had he ever been laughed at by a group of ants

“Damn it…”

Huang Shaofeng returned to Zhao Qihang, who was happily chatting with the girls, and said impatiently, “Zhao Qihang, lets go back!”

Zhao Qihang casually replied, “Whats the rush No need to hurry.

These girls are entertaining to talk to.

I want to invite….”

He slowly trailed off as he saw Huang Shaofengs dark expression.

That boy looked ready to kill someone.

He immediately guessed that not only did this guy fail to initiate a conversation with the cute girl, but he had also been somewhat insulted by whatever she said.

Wait, okay.

Hes furious!

Zhao Qihang quickly made some excuses to send the group of girls away to avoid them being used as a punching bag by the angry Huang Shaofeng.

Then Zhao Qihang swiftly pulled Huang Shaofeng out of the dungeon hall.

He then asked in confusion, “Hey, Huang Shaofeng, what happened just now Why are you so angry She didnt slap you, right”

If possible, Huang Shaofengs face turned redder from anger, “Hmph! Its not her Im angry at! Its that girls boyfriend… Hes broke, a stinky loser has no background, and has to rely on the schools trash Instance Dungeons to level up! And he dared to ignore me! And he f*cking mocked me by calling me a seller! Who does that and to me of all people!”

Zhao Qihang was speechless.

Ah… I see.

Its the guy who riled him up,

To summarize, he was ignored by the girl, ridiculed by the girls boyfriend, and in the end, was intimidated by them…

But this was your fault in the first place anyway! The girl clearly showed no interest in you, but you just

had to

flirt with her.

Of course, her boyfriend would attack you.

What do you think would happen A pat on the back

‘You better be grateful that the guy was not someone with a bad temper.

If he were, he wouldve beaten you up into a pulp for being so shameless to his girlfriend!

Zhao Qihang thought silently but tried to maintain his expression neutral.

He wanted to teach Huang Shaofeng a lesson.

He needed to know that there are just some things that money can buy.

However, due to the relationship between their fathers, and not to mention this fellows bad temper, he could only sigh helplessly and try to smooth things over.

“Aish, alright, alright.

That guy probably has bad eyesight and doesnt recognize who you were… Youre a great man, so dont hold it against him.

Calm down and forget about it, okay Lets go karaoke.

Im sure it will help us calm ourselves.

Ill even treat you!”

“I can invite the girls I just talked to as well! They are very fun and funny too.

Itll be exciting to drink with them!”

Unfortunately, Huang Shaofeng wasnt as benevolent as Zhao Qihang.

He coldly replied, “No.

Im going to give this kid a good lesson! He needs to learn that some people… Are just born nobler than him, an existence he can never afford to offend!”

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