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“Remember to let me know when the time comes.”

“Itll be convenient for me to arrange for Wang Machao to go with you guys to Tianqi University.”

Shangguan Yan was stunned.

“Brother Chao”

“Isnt he going to lead a team to hunt for Abyssal Demons and Fallens in Jiang City ”

“Can he really go to university with us”

“Its fine.” Huang Tianqi explained,

“Ive already given his captains position to someone else,”

“The important thing is that Im afraid that the Abyssal Demon will take revenge on you for what happened before, or come to find trouble with you again.

So, Ive asked Wang Machao to protect you.”

“Although hes not as strong as the professors and guardians at Tianqi University, theDragon Knight Commander is one of the few rare hidden Professionals that have the ability to fly.

Even if he cant defeat the enemy in the face of danger, he can still retreat safely by air with you and your friends.”

“Hes also a gooddriver when you need to travel long distances.

He can take you quickly through the dangerous areas outside the city.”

“Hes very practical.”

Lin Ye didnt know whether to laugh or cry.


Huang urged Brother Chao to be our personal driver.

Isnt it too much trouble for him”

“No, Ive asked him, and he said theres no problem.

If you have anything, just ask him to do it.” Huang Tianqi said.

“Ill pay him on time anyway.”

“Just think of it as a change of job.”

After a pause, Huang Tianqi reached under the dining table and took out a thick stack of documents.

He pushed it in front of Lin Ye.

“Theres more,”

“This is the information regardingHive-like you wanted.”

“Although its not complete, it only records the terrain and monster information ofOne-Line Sky Forest,Forest of Fallen Giants,Hyde Fire Tower, and other maps, but its the most detailed information that we human challengers can get.

Its still best to take a look.”

“No one has explored the area before.

We dont know whats there.

You can only experience it yourself.”

Lin Ye quickly took the documents.

“Thank you, Mr.


Huang Tianqi took out a bunch of items from his system backpack.

“These are the 90Fate of Meeting andBig Dragon Claw that you asked for.

They were just delivered this afternoon.”


‘They have arrived

‘That means, the Tree Guardian could officially change its Class!

‘Who knows what kind of surprise it will bring

While thinking, Huang Tianqi took out the last item.

It was a black badge the size of a small coin.

There was a burning bonfire engraved on it, with a long sword stuck in the middle of the fire.

“Theres also this,”

“The fire-passing badge to enter the Hive-like dungeon.”

“When you want to go in, you only need to use your mind to communicate with it, and you can open the portal to the secret dungeon from anywhere.

The portal will only disappear when you come out, and it will turn back into this Black Badge.”

“When the secret dungeon is opened, other people who have an entry pass can also enter and see you in the dungeon.

Its not like any normal secret dungeon where challengers would enter the same space as you.

Challengers who enter in batches will start at different places.”

“This includes challengers from other planes.

If they use other fire-passing emblems to enter the Hive-like at the same time, they might meet you.”

“Some people will ignore you, some will want to team up with you, and some will directly attack you.”

“However, if they want to touch you physically, they must use certain exclusive items in the secret dungeon to become aRed Spirit challenger.

You must also meet the conditions of forming a party before you can invade their mini-map.”

“Which means nobody can just attack you as soon as they see you.”


“The situation in a large-scale secret dungeon is very complicated.

Its almost the same as the real world, only its not.”

“You must be extremely careful.”

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