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“Its all okay now.”

After all…

Theres no denying that the Church of Healings strength was superior to humans.

Talking about their strength, what the other party had done, and the human forces powerlessness would only trouble Shangguan Yans heart and affect his state of mind and mentality.

There was no benefit from telling him.

Therefore, it was better to carry this annoying, negative, and troublesome matter on his own.

But it seemed Shangguan Yan still saw through Lin Yes thoughts.

“Is it something that you can not tell me”

“If so, then I wont ask.”

“Anyway, if theres anything I can help you with, just let me know.

After all, Im your martial uncle, and I have the responsibility to protect you.”

Lin Ye couldnt help but roll his eyes.


“I thought we banned the wordsmartial uncle!”

“And here youre bringing it up again”

“Do you not want your salary”

Shangguan Yan shrugged.

“Im just expressing my position.

Im not trying to use my status to pressure you.

Its not a violation of the agreement….

You still have to pay me my salary!”

Lin Ye gave him the middle finger.

“You talk too much.”

“Hurry up and take this plate of fruit out.”

Shangguan Yan smiled.

“Aye, Captain!”

Then, the four of them sat on the sofa in Lin Yes living room and played the Nintendo game console that Lin Yes parents bought for him when he was young.

They spent the entire day happily.

Su Mumu, who was frightened from the days events, gradually became in a better mood under everyones teasing.

She returned to her usual carefree and silly demeanor, occasionally expressing strange emojis with her face.

However, Lin Ye knew that she still had been affected by todays incident and her state of mind had changed.

She just didnt say it.

When night fell and Bai Zhi and Shangguan Yan left, Su Mumu sat on the white sofa with a game controller in her hand.

She secretly peeked at Lin Yes back, looking like she wanted to say something but was hesitant.

Lin Ye took the initiative,


“You can say whatever you want to.”

“Its okay.”

Hearing this, Su Mumu put down the game controller in her hand, grabbed the rabbit doll on the sofa, and then leaned back on the cushion, holding the rabbit doll with both hands, like an abandoned kitten, pitifully curled up on the sofa.

“Lin Ye…”

“Am I very useless…”

“They were just a group of level 10 monsters, and little Mumu and I could easily destroy them all by casting spells together.

But in the end, I was so scared that I forgot all my combat Skills and didnt even realize that I should fight back…”

“I didnt even remember that I had the Life-Saving Scroll…”

“Yes,” Lin Ye replied.

“But why does it matter”

“If it wasnt for the dark waves invasion, if there wasnt the invasion of foreign forces, and if the world still maintained the appearance of the old era, you wouldnt have come to become an unsuitable Professional at all.

Instead, you would have taken advantage of your appearance and voice to become an actor and singer, or even become an internet celebrity.”

“You were just forced to do something youre not good at.”

“Theres no need to compare yourself with others.”

Su Mumus hands that were holding the rabbit doll tightened.


“I can also choose to give up being a Professional now.”

“Like I could become a voice actor or something….”

Lin Ye took a deep breath.

“Yes, you can.”

“If you can make up your mind, I wont stop you.

Instead, I will support you unconditionally.

I will use all my connections in Jiang City to make you famous.”

“But do you think you can handle it if an accident were to come”

“If the dark wave like the one from ten years ago happens again, and Im not by your side, how will you protect yourself, and how will you protect uncle and auntie”

“Are we only placing our hopes on those Professionals that we dont know”

“I dont believe in others, I only believe in myself.

Because ten years ago, I believed in others, but all I got in return was disappointment.

My most precious parents sacrificed themselves to protect me, but no one came to help us,”

“Which is why, I dont want you to repeat my mistakes.

Thats why I helped you grow at all costs,”

“Youre the most important person to me now,”

“Do you know that”

After a pause, Lin Ye reached out his hand and gently touched Su Mumus head.

He said in a gentle tone,


“Youre not good at fighting.”

“Im very clear about this.”

“So, my original plan was to take you to get a high score in the college entrance examination and go to a better university.

Well try our best to improve our strength, then return to the Professional Alliance in Rivertown and become anybody we want to be.”

“As long as you can protect yourself and uncle and aunty from harm when you encounter danger in the future, thats enough for me.”


“You have awakened a divine talent that can make up for your shortcomings.”

“In the future, you can continue to grow and surpass 99% of the people until you become a strong person standing at the top of the world.

You will obtain the powerful strength to protect yourself and everyone around you.”

“Are you really going to give up on this path because of todays accident”

“Give up on becoming a Professional”

Upon hearing this, Su Mumu fell into silence.

After a long time, she took a deep breath, put down the rabbit doll, and waved her hand to summon little Mumu.

Then, she grabbed little Mumus transparent hands and, like two best friends having a conversation, softly asked,

“Little Mumu, I plan to continue on the path of a Professional.

You wont despise me, right”

“Im just a burden who cant do anything….”

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