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After explaining, Shangguan Yan turned around and left.

Bai Zhi hesitated for a moment but eventually decided to listen to Lin Yes order and leave the city ruins with Shangguan Yan.

After the two of them had left safely,

Lin Ye collected his thoughts and placed all his attention on the Executioner.


‘No Boss body, right

‘Even a level 10 Hex Teacher would be able to crush you to the ground!

‘Do you know

With that in mind, Lin Ye took out the summoner summoning card and injected a certain amount of Fate of Encounter, summoning this super-strong player who was able to challenge people of a higher level as if it was a normal meal out of thin air.

“Hex Teacher!”

“Go and stall this guy!”

“… If you can kill it, then kill it!”

Hex Teacher didnt say a word.

He just pulled out the black iron greatsword on his back and sent a moonlight thrust at the Executioners face.

He used a set of gorgeous sword techniques and sent the Executioner flying from the sky to the ground.

It couldnt even fight back.


‘He looked so determined…

‘Looks like youre very confident in taking on this level 20 ax-wielding monster alone, huh


‘Then Ill leave this place to you!

‘Ill move first!

On the other side, the woman in the white Priests robe frowned.

“Uh… This guy actually thought of using a summoned creature to delay the enemy…”

“What do we do”

“Should I call another summoned creature to stop him”



“Im asking you a question.”

The man in the white Priests robe was stunned.


“Did you just say something”

The woman said in a bad mood,

“Whats our next move” The woman asked in a bad mood, “Is that human girl that good looking Do you have to observe her so intently Why dont you just bring her back and marry her”

“No, I just dont understand.” The man clarified.

“ThisSu Mumu has clearly obtained the recognition of the Bionic Tear and received its inheritance.

But why is her performance so trashy like…”

“She cant even defeat a 1 Star Gold-rank monster.”

“She just ran around the field being chased by it and didnt use a single Skill the entire time.

In the end, she had to rely on the Bionic Tears help to finally finish it off,”

“Isnt this a far cry from Lin Ye”

The woman was dumbfounded.


“She cant even beat a 1-Star Gold rank monster”

“Did you summon a monster with a Boss panel and a Class panel ”

The man shook his head, speechless.


“Just an ordinary monster.”

“It only has 5,000 HP, not much defense, and its very slow.

Its almost a free point question…”

“Could she still be hiding her strength” The woman asked,

The man shook his head, “I dont think so.”

“There are no other humans here to see her.”

“This enchantment is like a dangerous trap that is going to kill her.

She has no reason to continue hiding her strength if her life is on the line,”


“Even if she wanted to hide her strength, she wouldnt be doing this!”

“Wont she just cast it normally”

“Is it that hard to throw a fireball”

“Does she even know how to kite”

“She has been chased around by the enemy from the start up to this point and didnt have the ability to fight back at all.

How is this hiding her strength ”

“Youre saying…” The woman began, eyes widening in realization.

“This Su Mumu really cant fight”

“Then why did the Bionic Tear take a fancy to her ”

The man sighed.

“Ai, ai, ai, ai.”

“I dont know….”

“Ive never seen such a situation either…”

“According to common sense, only super geniuses with unlimited potential and strength that far exceed others will be recognized and selected by the Bionic Tear, a self-conscious God-tier talent.

It will replace and devour the original Awakened Talent and live in their bodies, forming a symbiotic relationship with the host.”

“If I were the Bionic Tear, I would definitely not choose this Su Mumu student.

Instead, I would decisively choose that Lin Ye boy.

His growth potential is obviously higher than Su Mumu…”

“But the Bionic Tear chose her….”

“And shes still such a weak person….”

“I cant figure out what its thinking…”

“I really cant figure it out…”

“Could it be that the Bionic Tear made a mistake when it was choosing its target” The woman touched her chin and guessed.

“How is that possible” The man quickly denied.

“This isnt a matter like deciding what to eat for lunch!”

“Theres no way the Bionic Tear would make a wrong choice!”

“Even if they chose the wrong one, it can also think of a way to leave its host and find a new suitable host!”

“Theres no need for them to rot on a dead tree with no future!”

“Theres no way itll follow Su Mumu to death!”

The mans eyes suddenly turned serious.

“In my opinion, theres only one possibility in this situation.”

“What possibility” The woman asked.

Hearing this, the man took a deep breath and then said his bold guess.

“What if, the Bionic Tears initial target might not be Su Mumu, but the true genius who defeated the Cursemancer without injury.”

“However, that human student awakened a talent thats even more powerful than the Bionic Tear.

The Bionic Tear cant devour or replace his awakened talent, so it could only choose a new partner,”

“At the same time!”

“Because Lin Yes Awakened Talent is too powerful,”

“The Bionic Tear felt that following him would be much safer than finding a so-called genius to protect itself!”

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