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In the end, Lin Ye didnt punish Huang Shaofeng for his rudeness and let him go.

At the end of the day, the whole thing was just a small conflict between two students.

If both sides had been a little more generous, they wouldnt have made thatPriest VS Warrior behind the school ground, nor anyone wouldve known about it, or made Huang Shaofeng the target of public criticism.

Not to mention,

Huang Tianqi had already paid for his sons debt.

He doesnt need to be so aggressive anymore.

When they returned to where the rest of his friends were, Shangguan Yan, who was in charge of keeping a lookout, immediately asked.


“Wheres Huang Shaofeng”

Lin Ye walked to Shangguan Yans side and leaned against the remaining half of the gray wall.

“Lets go,” He said casually instead.

“He only came to challenge me to a one-on-one battle today.

Hes not interested in the graduation trip at all.

Now that were done fighting, hell naturally run home.”

“We dont need to think about him.

There are a few high-level Professionals escorting him.

He will be fine.”

Shangguan Yan nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

“Its good that its done.”

“So, are we going to visit Heavenly River Bridge or go back to the train”

“Ill leave that to you.” Lin Ye said.

“Im not interested in the historical story of the city ruins or the bridge.”

“Im not interested in the graduation trip either.”

“Its just that Mumu is more curious about these things, so I specially accompanied her here.

By the way, where did Mumu go Why dont I see her”

Shangguan Yan looked around in confusion.

“Did you see her” He asked Bai Zhi.

“Wasnt she here just a few moments ago”

Bai Zhi also shook her head in confusion.

“Im not sure….”

“I didnt see Sister Mumu leave….”

Lin Ye held his forehead, speechless.


“Why is this idiot running around again”

As he spoke, Bai Zhi took out her phone, wanting to call Su Mumus number, but found that there was no signal here, so she couldnt make a call.

“Bai Zhi, this city has been abandoned, and the signal towers have been destroyed by the monsters.

You cant use the phone here.” Shangguan Yan reminded her.

Bai Zhi lowered her head, blushing.


“Is that so”

“I didnt think that far…”

At that moment, Lin Ye noticed the footprints left behind by the group.

He waved his hand towards them.

“Look here.”

“The citys ruins have not been lived in or cleaned all year round, so there are a lot of moss and plants on the ground.”

“When Su Mumu left, she must have passed through the soil and moss, leaving clear footprints.”

“Lets follow her footprints, that way well be able to find her.”

Shangguan Yan hurriedly asked Bai Zhi.

“Baizhi, do you remember where she was previously standing” Shangguan Yan hurriedly asked the smaller girl.

Bai Zhi pointed to a big tree to their northeast.

“Theres a rustling noise coming from there.”

“Sister Mumu was just standing under the big tree,”

Lin Ye nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

“Lets go and take a look.”

Then, the three of them came to the big tree and immediately found the footprints left by Su Mumu.

No one knew what she was thinking, but she actually ran to the west, far away from the train, deep into the city ruins.


“What is Mumu doing”

“Sneaking around without even saying a word”

Before the graduation trip, the Professional Alliance had already sent people to sweep through the city ruins.

They had also set up corresponding warning lines and alarm devices to ensure that there were no creatures of the dark wave or the dark wave teleportation portal that would threaten the safety of the students who were participating on the trip.

So, they were not worried about Su Mumus safety right now.

However, considering that there was no cell phone signal in this area, if Su Mumu got lost in the city ruins, she wouldnt be able to find her way back.

That would be the end of him.

And so,

The three of them could only follow the footprints she left behind and go deep into the abandoned buildings full of moss and vegetation.

They walked into the depths of the city ruins to find the little fool who was “running around”.

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At the same time, in the depths of the city ruins, on the roof of a building covered with green moss, the man and woman in white Priest robes appeared again.

Like gods, they looked down at the students in the distance, invisible to the naked eye.

“What do we do” The woman said.

“Theyre all here.”

“If they find Su Mumu and find out that she is currently involved in the test battle, its likely to affect our results… Do you want me to go and kill the three of them”

“Or should we just leave Lin Ye, who got the Hive-like qualification pass”

The man shook his head.

“No,” He said.

“These three humans are very interesting.”

“Leave them be for now…”

After a pause, the man continued,

“How about you do this instead”

“Get a summoning card.”

“Call out a powerful summoned creature.”

“Then, release it over there to stop Lin Ye and the others.

Dont let them come over and disturb Su Mumus battle.

Thats all.”

Upon hearing this.

The woman in the white robe nodded. “Alright,” She said.

With that, she reached out and suddenly pulled out eight summoning cards, which she handed to the man.


“You choose.”

“You understand them better than I do.”

“If I had to choose… I definitely wouldnt be able to resist calling my favorite big babyBloodthirsty Beast to come on stage.

If Im not careful and use too much force, I might just kill these three humans in seconds.”

The man took the eight summoning cards and glanced at them casually.

Then, he took out the weakest one and put it on the womans other hand.

“This one.”

“Level 20 gold 3-Star, theExecutioner.”

“Although its level is a bit high, it doesnt have any powerful Skills.

Even if it doesnt control its strength, it wouldnt be able to accidentally kill that Lin Ye kid.”

“Also, this guy has thick skin and is more tanky than the average dungeon Boss.

By the time Lin Ye and the others kill it, our test will be almost over.”

“And by then it wouldnt matter if they step in or not.”

The woman raised the summoning card.

“The Executioner”



“Lets have some fun with them!”

With that, a red light descended from the sky.

From the dazzling red light pillar, a two-meter-tall human-shaped fat man wearing a black cloak and holding a giant ax walked out.

His face was hidden in the hood, and he kept shouting.


“Im going to kill everyone!”

Seeing this.

The man in the white robe immediately turned his eyes to the other side where Su Mumu was located.

She and little Mumu were trapped in an oval boundary like an arena.

In front of them was a black portal, surrounded by invisible walls of air, making it impossible for them to escape from it.

Although it was similar to the dark wave teleportation portal that attacked Rivertown, this teleportation portal was not used to summon creatures from the dark wave.

It was not very dangerous as it could only summon one monster at a time.

The summoned monster had to be killed before a new monster would appear.

The owner of the teleportation portal could also interrupt the summoning of the monster at any time.

This meant that…

This “combat test” would absolutely not endanger Su Mumus life.

The two foreign creatures in the white Priest robes just wanted to use this special portal to get Su Mumus combat data, just like Lin Ye did when he fought the dark wave at the college entrance examination venue.


“Su Mumu,”

“Since the Bionic Tear chooses her as its master…”

“It means that you must be a super genius whos many times better than Lin Ye.”

“Lets see how much strength you concealed when you faced the dark wave in Jiang City.

Lets see what kind of trump card you have!”



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