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“Its fine if you dont agree.”

Lin Ye walked in front of Huang Shaofeng,

“Just like how I dont agree with your opinion.”

“You feel that only people like you are noble.

Ordinary people are like ants, completely inferior to you, and have to revolve around you.

“To me,”

“Youre just luckier than them in the beginning.

You had ahead start.”

“However, in the end, when these ants suddenly get a pile of divine weapons and equipment, and when your Awakened Talent cant continue to evolve, the tides will turn, and you will be quickly surpassed and defeated by those people you once looked down on.”

“Nobody could guess who will be the final winner,”



After a moment of silence, Huang Shaofeng asked again, ”

“If your Awakened Talent is not good enough, but you can use other forces to become stronger, stronger than anyone else, will you choose to use external forces”

“It depends on the situation.” Lin Ye began.

“If this power is obtained from clearing dungeons that wont do me any harm, nor will it do my position any harm.

Ill use it without hesitation.”

“If its like the power of the abyss given to me by the Abyssal Demons will make me lose my self-awareness and have to obey their orders, and I have to point my sword at my own comrades and important people, I will refuse them without hesitation.”

“I dont care about right or wrong.”

“I dont care if I can become the strongest Professional in the world.”

“I only care about what I really want and how I should do it to get what I want.”

“What do you want”

“Youll have to ask yourself,”

Upon hearing this, Huang Shaofeng fell into deep thought.

‘What… What is it that I really want

[Little Feng, let me tell you, as men, we need to have a heart that keeps getting stronger.

Only when we are strong enough can we destroy those who dare to look down on us and let them know who their real father is!]

[Did the referee know Only the weak and the useless will gather in a group.

Strong lone wolves like us dont need support from ants!]

[Do you know why Im helping you Because I can see that you are actually very powerful, hundreds of times more powerful than those trash.

So, dont be affected by them.

Believe me, you will definitely surpass these trashes in the future, and you dont need their recognition at all!]

[Go and become stronger!]

[Let those who have been ignoring you see how outstanding you are.

Its not that you dont deserve to play with them, but those trash doesnt deserve to walk the same path as you!]

‘Brother Tiger,

‘I think I know what to do.

After taking a deep breath, Huang Shaofeng said,

“Lin Ye.”

“The words you said earlier.”

“I dont understand your view, so I cant agree.”

“In my eyes, youre one of the few people that I can acknowledge.

As for the others, theyre still trash in my eyes.

They dont deserve to be valued by me, Huang Shaofeng, and they cant surpass me by luck.”

“But I think what you said after that makes a lot of sense.”

“I want to become stronger.”


“I will work hard for this goal.”

“Even if I have to endure some unpleasant things… Wait for me for a year.

If one year is not enough, then I will challenge you again in three years.

At that time, I will try to defeat you.”

He then bowed deeply to Lin Ye.

“And also,”

“Im sorry,” He said.

“I was wrong back then and disturbed you and your friend.

You can punish me however you want now.”

“I wont have any complaints,”

Lin Ye looked at Huang Shaofeng silently.

‘Fine, Ive tried my best.

This guys superior brain is not something that can be saved by some great reasoning.


‘Since he had already decided to spy on the abyss forces…

‘Then my mission for today is considered complete.


Huang, youll have to find a way to correct the rest of the awkwardness.

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