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Lin Ye also stepped back decisively and raised his right hand at the same time, releasing Aqua Tide.

[-887 HP!]

Huang Shaofeng received two random debuffs! Aqua Tides special effect still did not take effect! He did not have any negative status!


‘So it wasnt just a debuff!

‘Instead, he could ignore all negative status effects

‘Then can I use a dispel Skill to dispel hisSuper Armor

He thought.

Lin Ye reached out his right hand again to cast a spell.

It was a reversal.

Stars Godly Glory!

[-1,021 HP!]

[Ignore all attribute debuffs! Random dispel of three buffs: “dispel failed!”]

Huang Shaofengs entire body was still red! His speed did not decrease!


Lin Ye could basically confirm it!

That red special effect around Huang Shaofeng was his Awakened Talent!

It could prevent him from being affected by any negative state.

Whether it was the debuff from the attack reduction or the effects of being poisoned or burned.

It would not affect him!

Furthermore, it would not be dispelled by dispelling Skills!


His Awakened Talent was awesome!

Not being affected by any debuffs meant that he would not be controlled or restricted.

Lin Ye had to rely on high enough explosive damage to instantly kill him!

In a battlefield where control Skills were thrown all over the place, it would be too easy for him to cut whoever he wanted.

Could anyone stop him

Huang Shaofeng chuckled at Lin Yes expression, “Hehe.”

There was a moment of silence.

Huang Shaofeng suddenly put away all of his equipment and weapons, as if he had completed his greatest wish as if he had completely let go of it.

Then he let out a deep sigh.



‘Ive lost,*sob, sob*

‘Ive completely lost…

‘Just three status Skills to test the effect of my talent and I already lost half of my HP.

‘If Lin Ye wanted to, he could have used damage-increasing Skills like he did in the dungeon and used a specific Skill sequence to maximize the damage of his Skills and kill me in an instant.

‘Even if my Awakened Talent can ignore all negative states…

‘Im still no match for him.


‘This is the first time Ive encountered a worthy opponent since I was young, huh

‘Completely crushed from start to finish


‘Am I really that far from him

Huang Shaofeng suddenly recalled what those people had said to him in the past.

[Give up.

This person is much more powerful than you.

Dont go looking for trouble with him, or youll definitely suffer.]

[Why did you have to provoke him of all people]

[I wont help you in the future.]

[Trust me, you are no match for him now.

Only by joining us and becoming a spy for the Fallen will you have a chance to fight him!]

[This is not for you to give up on yourself and rely on external forces, but to explore your other talent.]

[Otherwise, youll still be on your own]

Huang Shaofeng looked at Lin Ye with confusion in his eyes,

“Lin Ye!”


“Why are you so strong”

“Youre clearly just—”

Hearing this, Lin Ye put away his weapons and equipment.

While healing himself and Huang Shaofeng with the Stars Godly Glory and Divine Qi Therapy, he calmly replied,

“Theres no reason.”

“Its just pure luck.”

“I was lucky enough to awaken a powerful talent, and I was lucky enough to find a group of powerful teammates.

Then, I was lucky enough to get equipment and Skill books that are very useful to me.”

“If I didnt have such good luck, I definitely wouldnt have been able to beat you today.”

Huang Shaofeng asked in confusion, “Thats it… Luck”

Lin Ye nodded.

“Dont tell me you think that this is an advantage brought about by only hard work and bloodline” Lin Ye said.


“I dont deny that hard work is useful, but it can only help you surpass a portion of ordinary people.

You cant surpass the top geniuses.”

“30% depends on talent, 97% on hard work, but those 30% is hundreds of times more important than the 97%.”


“Its just that most people in this world dont work hard enough to the point where they need to compete with those geniuses.”

“Thats why I feel that hard work alone is enough.”

“When they really reach the peak in their hearts through hard labor and see the wider world, they will find that their level is still far from it.

There will always be people better than themselves, standing on the unreachable peak.”


“Youre going to say that my bloodline is that of an ordinary person, unlike you who was born with a golden spoon in your mouth.

That since my family background isnothing compared to yours, therefore I shouldnt be stronger than you,”

“This train of thought”

“Dont you think thatreincarnating into a good family is also a kind of luck”

“Can you control the family you were born into and what your parents are like”

“Can you control the quality of your talent”

“I cant.”

“Thats pure luck,”

“Youre lucky, thats why youre called Huang Shaofeng.

Youre the young master of the Huang Corp.

You were able to get a Diamond-grade suit during the college entrance examination.

Even if you dont work hard, youve already surpassed most ordinary students.”

“And Im even luckier.

Ive awakened an awesome talent that can allow me to match your background and financial resources and beat you in a head-on fight.”

“Almost 99% of the things in this world can be attributed to luck.”

“Without this luck,”

“You and I will become those ordinary students that you look down on.”

“No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you struggle, the final destination that you and I will reach is just the starting point of those European Kings who were born with a golden spoon in their mouths.”

“Of course… This is all just my personal opinion.”

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