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“Weve arrived at the first stop,Heavenly River Bridge,”

“This is the first line of our Rivertowns resistance against the large-scale demon wave.”

“Countless human heroes have sacrificed their lives here, buying enough time for us to build the inner and outer walls of Jiang City.

Without them, we wouldnt be where we are now.”

“Everyone, please get off the train in an orderly manner.”

“Dont wander too far away!”

With the reminder of the leading teacher, the students got off the train in an orderly manner.

They stood excitedly on the land outside the city and looked around curiously.

They looked at the dilapidated old human city and the flowing rivers besides the city ruins.

Lin Yes group of five avoided everyones line of sight and walked to a remote part of the city ruins.

Shangguan Yan, Su Mumu, and the others stood around as a lookout, while Huang Shaofeng and Lin Ye stood in the middle and prepared for their fight.

“Huang Shaofeng, do you want to use a weapon or bear hands” Lin Ye asked.

“Its very painful to hit someone with a weapon.”

“Think carefully.”

Huang Shaofeng summoned the extremely familiar wind eagle sword.

“Use your weapon.”

“Only then can we tell our true strength.”

Lin Ye summoned his blade, Hidden Moon, and changed it to the moon Shadow Blade, in case the Blade of Destructions damage was too high and accidentally killed Huang Shaofeng.

“Alright,” he said.

“Remember to pay attention to our bloodlines.”

“After 50%, stop immediately.

Dont lose your life because youre unconvinced.”

“You understand”

Hearing this, Huang Shaofeng fell into a short silence.

Then, he used a voice that only Lin Ye could hear and said softly,

“I understand…”

Then, the battle started.

Huang Shaofeng used the warrior skill “charge” and charged toward Lin Ye as he did in the last 1v1.

The only difference was that he had activated his Awakened Talent this time, and his entire body was emitting a bright red light, as if he was a red demon that had walked out of hell.

Perhaps it was because of his Awakened Talent or because Huang Shaofengs agility was no less than Lin Yes, but his charge speed was more than ten times faster than before.

It had already exceeded the range of Lin Yes normal evasive speed.

And so…

Lin Ye decisively used the Flicker Stones flash and teleported five meters to the right, avoiding Huang Shaofengs first Skill.

However, the moment he appeared, Huang Shaofeng, who was glowing red, suddenly turned his head and calmly looked at where he teleported to.

He then quickly used another movement Skill, “Jumping Back”.

He canceled “Charge”, and used the third movement Skill, “Bull Strike”, to charge at Lin Ye.

‘Forward charge, change direction!

‘So fast!

‘It was just as Uncle Huang had said!

‘This kids learning ability was extremely terrifying.

In just one month, he had turned from a battle idiot with no rules to a battle Professional full of details!

After all…


Using a displacement skill to cancel the displacement Skill, Back Swing, and then using the third displacement Skill to immediately change the direction of the sprint, “Charge Turn”.

This was not something that a Professional could do if he wanted to.

It was one of the high-end Skills that required a lot of repetitive practice to barely master.

For Huang Shaofengs smooth “Charge Turn”, it would take an ordinary person at least three to four months to barely achieve such a fast speed.

‘He had actually used only a month to master it almost perfectly.

‘His learning ability was indeed outrageous.


‘Hes almost the same as me.

As he thought about this, Lin Ye raised his Hidden Moon horizontally in front of his chest, planning to block Huang Shaofengs Bull Strike.

If it could be blocked.

He wouldnt get any loss.

If he couldnt block it, then it would be a good time to see how high this guys current attack power was.

He would roughly calculate his current four attributes.

Bang! Bang!

The Hidden Moon saber collided with the Wind Eagle sword!

The block was a success!

Physical damage reduced!

[-106 Hp!]

[Prompt: Special Skill effect activated.

Your weaponHidden Moon blade has been knocked down by the opponent.

You are now unarmed!]

As the system notification sounded, Lin Yes Hidden Moon was instantly sent flying by the Wind Eagle sword.

Like a shooting star, it landed on the ground seven to eight meters away and stabbed into the soil.

Huang Shaofeng quickly followed up with a second slash, which landed on Lin Yes abdomen and cut open his stomach.

[Encountered a normal attack.

-414 HP!]

‘Good God!

‘As expected of a Warrior Class that relied on normal attacks to survive!

‘One-twelfth of my health bar was cut off with just one slash

It was almost as powerful as an ordinary secret dungeon Boss!

‘Alright… It seems that Huang Shaofeng has grown a lot.

Hes no longer the noob who can be fooled with his fists.

If I dont use my Skills now, I might flip over and be crushed by this guy.

He thought.

Lin Ye used his equipments Skill flash again and flew with his sword in hand.

At the same time, he activated his Universe Reversal talent and raised his hand to reverse the situation.

The Holy Light hit Huang Shaofengs body.

[-1,443 Hp!]

‘All attributes greatly reduced Wait a minute! It didnt drop


‘But he didnt use any Skills.

‘Or did he learn some high-quality Skill that prevented him from taking debuffs

‘For example, the skill that glowed red

‘Or perhaps…

‘Was this Lin Yes awakened talent

Huang Shaofengs health bar instantly dropped by one-fifth after being attacked by the Holy Light, but he didnt choose to give up or surrender.

Instead, he endured the intense pain that felt like millions of ants were biting him and attacked Lin Ye again.

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