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“After youtore off Huang Shaofengs hand, its natural that he wouldnt be as kind to you.

His mouth would be full of vulgarities.”

“It made all the more sense to me,”

Hearing this, Lin Ye recalled the time when he had just cleared the Forest of Fallen Giants and received a message from Huang Shaofeng using someone elses phone.

It seemed that this guys tone and words were indeed very normal at that time, completely different from the time when he had a one-on-one fight with him in the mountain behind the school.

He didnt call him “trash” as much compared to their first few encounters.

“Thats true.”

“He didnt shout as much vulgarities the last time I talked to him.”

“This means that incident made him realize that you are not an ordinary person, but a genius like him.

So he has a good impression of you.” Shangguan Yan explained

‘A good impression

‘F*ck, Ill just say what Im saying.

This word is a little disgusting!

Shangguan Yan didnt notice Lin Yes expression and continued, “Tell me the truth.”

“This kids childhood was quite miserable.”

“Without his fathers love and his mothers death, the adults around him are all pointing fingers at him.

The children around him are even making fun of him.

Its actually very normal for him to have such a weird personality.”


“Lin Ye, when you deal with him later, remember not to step on his stomach and heal him like you did before.

Youre deliberately torturing him.”

“Use your most powerful ability to defeat him in an instant.”

“Let him be convinced of his loss.”

“From now on, I can guarantee that he will see you as the same kind as him and will not come to find trouble with you again.”

“Like a personal test, I suppose.”

Lin Ye leaned against the window of the train and turned to look at Shangguan Yan, who was beside him.

“Youre helping him” He asked curiously.

“Yep” Shangguan Yan nodded.

“Our sect owes the Huang family a favor.”

Lin Ye shrugged.

“Alright,” he said.

“It just so happens that I also owe uncle Huang a lot of favors, hehe.”

As he spoke, Lin Ye suddenly stood up, threw away the poker cards in his hand, and walked straight to Huang Shaofeng, who was sitting alone in front of the car.

Lin Ye sat down in front of Huang Shaofengs shocked eyes.

“Huang Shaofeng, since youre already here, why pretend you dont know me Why are you sitting here alone and secretly observing me”

“You found out” Huang Shaofengs face was full of shock.

Lin Ye nodded,


Youve been shaking your legs and bending your fingers.

With such obvious movements, how could I not have guessed it was you”

Huang Shaofeng was even more surprised,

“You know my habits”

Lin Ye said, “Yes.”

“Im afraid youll come looking for trouble again.”

“I went to ask your dad if you have any habits or problems so that I can settle you.”

“Know yourself and know your enemy, and youll win every battle.”

“Thats why I need to learn about you.”

Huang Shaofeng could only chuckle.

After a long time, he spoke again,

“Since youve found me, you should know that Im not here to take part in some bullsh*t graduation trip.

Im here to take revenge for what happened last time!”

“I want to have a one-on-one fight with you again!”

“Ill defeat you face to face!”

“Sure,” Lin Ye said indifferently.

“When we reach the first stop of our graduation trip, well find a quiet place.”

“Lets fight another round.”


“You owe me and Su Mumu an apology.

Isnt it time to give it to us ”

Hearing this, Huang Shaofeng was silent for a moment, then slowly said,

“As long as you can defeat me this time, Ill acknowledge your strength and apologize to you.

Otherwise, Ill never apologize to those who are inferior to me!”

“They dont deserve my apology!”

Lin Ye sighed, “Aish… Dont you know that youre very annoying when you talk like this”

“Ha.” Huang Shaofeng said disdainfully,

“The ants loathing.”

“Ive already experienced this.”

“In this world, only the people I acknowledge are worthy of my sincere treatment.

Other trash is only worthy of being my, Huang Shaofengs, dogs!”

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