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“Youre saying that Huang Shaofeng was bullied and isolated by his peers when he was young”

“Yes.” Shangguan Yan said,

And its not short-term bullying, but long-term bullying.

It might have lasted for two or three years.

“Later, Huang Shaofengs mother died of illness.

Uncle Huang Tianqi found out about this and found Huang Shaofeng when he came to attend the funeral.

He took Huang Shaofeng back to Xuanji.

Huang Shaofeng had suffered for several years, and Uncle Huang had a son at his old age, so he treated him twice as well and pampered him like crazy.”

“But because his career was in transition, he had to work overtime to guard the company.

He couldnt stay by Huang Shaofengs side and teach him how to be a good person.”

“And this guy found that he was even more powerful than the people who had bullied him.”

“Hes the one who should be bullying others.”

“And thats how he became this arrogant and despotic young master.”

“He thinks that he is invincible, and he doesnt like the children of ordinary families.

They think that those who isolated them in the past are all trash, and they dont deserve to be with them at all.

They are only worthy of being their lackeys.”

Lin Ye was confused.

“F*ck, his experience… Its all thanks to him not accepting Meigaos invitation,”

“If anyone else was offered the same…”

“They might choose to join the enemy without a second thought.”

Shangguan Yan said,


And he doesnt do any of that.”

“When Huang Shaofeng was isolated when he was young, there was another person who was also isolated by the people around him, but he was very fierce and strong.

He couldnt bear to see Huang Shaofeng being bullied, so he helped him a few times.”

“Although the others behind him continued to isolate Huang Shaofeng, they didnt have the guts to hit him or insult him.

They only used the cold treatment and treated him like air, ignoring and ignoring him.”

“Thats why he doesnt really hate those who bullied him.”


“At the beginning, Huang Shaofeng was very weak.

He spoke in a soft voice and didnt use any dirty words.”

“Hes so cocky now, talking about his parents every time he opens his mouth.

Hes imitating the student who helped him back then.

That guy is also a mad man with a foul mouth, scolding people at the drop of a hat.

Hes almost exactly the same as Huang Shaofeng now.”

“Think about it.

With an idol that weve admired since we were young on our side, would he easily betray our human race”

Lin Ye touched his chin and thought,

“So you mean to say…”

“When Huang Shaofeng was young, he was isolated and bullied by others, which led to his weak personality.

But fortunately, the person you mentioned helped him, so Huang Shaofeng idolized that person in his heart and wanted to become as handsome as him.

“When Huang Tianqi brought him back, he suddenly realized that he was rich, powerful, good-looking, and had a high learning ability.”

“And so, there was a two-level reversal, from one extreme to the other extreme, and he became more and more arrogant, finally becoming the idol in his heart.”

“He only looks up to those who are as powerful as him, or even more powerful than him.

He doesnt show any respect to others.”


Shangguan Yan nodded, “Its almost the same.”

“But” Lin Ye asked curiously,

“And how did you know about any of this anyway”

“Huang Shaofeng didnt go to school in Jiang City when he was young, didnt he”

Shangguan Yan explained,

“I have a friend who lives in the city where Huang Shaofeng went to school when he was young.

When I was dealing with Huang Shaofeng, I was quite curious about his weird personality, so I asked my friend to help me investigate.”

“Thats how I found out about these things.”

Su Mumu doubtfully asked,

“So… Huang Shaofeng isnt a bad person”

“Hes not bad,” Shangguan Yan said,

“He just likes to look down on people and his words are filthy.

This kind of arrogant attitude is very annoying, and he never changes.”

“Although I dont know how you got into a fight with Huang Shaofeng, Lin Ye.”

“But I can guess that you must have said or done something at that time.

You didnt give him enough face, and you didnt show your strength in time to let him acknowledge your arrogance.

Thats why the scene ofWarrior fighting a Priest and being torn apart in public happened.

“I dont think I said anything at that time, hehe.” Lin Ye started to recall.



“I remember.”

“At that time, he came to hit on Mumu, but we didnt want to pay attention to him.

We were afraid that he would pester us, so I casually said,if you want to sell anything, go find someone else, and then we ignored him and left.”

“After that, he suddenly said that I was very arrogant and mocked that he was a stinky nobody who was here to promote his goods.

Then, he attacked me, but I subdued him with a single move.”

“… So… I guess I didnt give him face when I indirectly called him aseller”

Shangguan Yan shrugged.

“I dont think so,”

“It was probably because when Huang Shaofeng, who lowered his status and took the initiative to find you to express his goodwill…”

“You were like the group of people who isolated him when he was young.

You didnt give him thefriendliness he should have and chose to ignore him instead.”

“You broke his defense.”

Lin Ye was speechless.

“So… I did this”

Shangguan Yan nodded.


“This is a small matter to others.”

“But its a big deal to him.”

“He hates it when people ignore him, especially when hes the one whos trying to get on their good side.”


After a pause, Shangguan Yan continued,

“This all is just my opinion though,”

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