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After a long time, all the students who were participating in the graduation trip arrived.

They boarded the train together and, accompanied by the rumbling sound of the train, drove out of Jiang City along the railway, arriving at the world outside the city that was full of forests and plains.

The students leaned against the window curiously.


“So this is what the world outside the city looks like”

“Its really beautiful!”

“Beautiful When a level 30 giant Boss comes out and stomps those plants to death, will you still think its pretty”

“Although, the train were on wont be destroyed by the monsters, right”

“Youre thinking too much.”

“These trains and rails are the only means of transportation between human cities.

They are made of the hardest materials from the other world and are even enchanted with special magic arrays.

There are also Professionals above level 30 as the driver and train crew.

Its almost as safe as hiding in an underground shelter.

Who can blow it up”

“Eh So you mean to say that if a dark wave appears, some people can escape on this thing”

“I think so”

“But by that time, these military trains will probably be sent to pick up reinforcements from other cities.

They wont have the time to carry people and escape.”

“Not to mention, most of the people cant board the train at all under the siege of the dark wave.

If they dare to open the door, the monsters of the dark wave will take the opportunity to rush up and occupy the entire train.”

“After all, this train only has its own powerful defense.

It wont be overturned or destroyed, but theres no screening mechanism that can stop the creatures of the dark wave from boarding it.”

“When you can get on a car, it means that the monsters from the demon wave can also get on the car and tear you to pieces.”

“I see.”


While everyone was discussing, Lin Ye, Su Mumu, and the others sat in their seats, took out a set of colored poker cards, and started playing a game of “Competing for the top”.

Su Mumu leaned against the window, holding a poker card in her left hand and grabbing the original-flavored potato chips on the windowsill with her right hand, her mouth constantly making crunching noises.

Lin Ye eyed her with slight amusement.

“Mumu, is your stomach connected to a different dimension”

“How can you still eat from morning to night”

“Ans showing no signs of stopping”

Su Mumu pouted her little mouth.

“Why do you care”


Shangguan Yan suddenly said, “Lin Ye….

Did you notice that someone is following us”

Lin Ye asked in a low voice, “Are you talking about the person in the third row behind us”

Shangguan Yan nodded, “Ive noticed him since we were at the train station.”

“I thought he was your fan, so I didnt pay much attention to him.

But when a bunch of fans came to ask for your autographs, he didnt come up with them.

Instead, he continued to sit in his seat and kept looking at you.”

“Its normal.” Lin Ye said, “That guy isnt here to get my autograph.”

“Hes here to fight me.”

Su Mumu looked at Lin Ye in confusion.


“Who is it”

Hearing this, Lin Ye grabbed the 1v2 and threw it on the table.

He then said slowly,

“Huang Shaofeng,”

Su Mumu was dumbfounded, ∑(O_O;)


“How did you know”

Lin Ye slowly explained,

“Ive heard from Uncle Huang that when Huang Shaofeng is bored, he would shake his feet and bend his fingers to make a rhythmic sound.

This has been his habit since he was young, and it has never changed.”

“Ive also memorized Huang Shaofengs appearance and body shape.

Other than the part under the mask that Im not sure about, everything else is the same as Huang Shaofeng.”

“Besides, no one has a reason to follow me other than Huang Shaofeng,”


“Theres a 99% chance that its him.”

Shangguan Yan threw out a bomb with four kings.


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