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Chapter 12: The Family Heirloom Ring That Worth Millions

After opening the chest, Lin Ye immediately scanned through the information of all the loot, looking for equipment and skills that he could use.

[Skill Book: Poison Bubble]

[Quality: Bronze] [Intermediate]

[Class Requirement: Mage]

[Equipment Effect: Consume mana to summon a poisonous bubble that floats towards the enemy.

After touching the enemys body, it will cause single poison damage, and when it pops, it can cause poison damage within a one-meter radius.

There is a certain chance to poison the target for five seconds]

[Equipment Name: Storm Boots]

[Type: Shoes]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (out of 10 levels)]

[Quality: Silver (High)]

[Class Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: When equipped, Agility 10, Speed 30%.

Passive effectGhostly Steps]

[Ghostly Steps: Increase dodge rate (dodge rate will depend on the users initial dodge rate.

The higher the users dodge rate, the higher it will increase)]

[Equipment Name: Hunting Greatsword]

[Type: Weapon]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (upper limit of 10 levels)]

[Quality: Silver] [Intermediate]

[Class Requirement: Swordsman]

[Equipment Effect: After equipping, attack power increases by 200 points, strength attribute increases by 5 points, and has a passive effectShield Break]

[Shield Break: Break through shields and get more shield break points when enemies raise their shields to defend, increasing the efficiency of shield break (Not used for Elemental Shield)]

[Equipment Name: Emerald Ring]

[Type: Accessory]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (Unforgeable Material)]

[Quality: Silver (High)]

[Class Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Reduces the cooldown of all skills and talents by 10% (Wont have any effect on other equipments cooldown effects.

Under normal conditions, the maximum cooldown reduction is 40%)]


‘Not bad.

“Poison Bubble” was a skill exclusive to Mages.

Although its quality was not very high, it can be replaced by more powerful skills in the later stages.

It also had a Poison effect.

Similar to Shadow Daggers Bleeding effect, it could play an unexpected effect in specific environments and has immunity(restraining) to poison attacks.

Its really not bad.

Therefore, this skill must be kept hidden from other peoples radar, so what better way than to give it to Su Mumu This way, she would learn how to deal with poison.

Next, Storm Boots.

It was a general equipment that increased the users agility and speed.

Not only that, and it also had a passive effect that increased the users dodge rate.

Lin Ye agreed that this gear indeed lived up to its quality.

He could already think of several strategies where he could use this special gear in motion.

Its an awesome gear to have.

If he were to sell it, he could get at least 100,000 Yuan, which was much more valuable than the Shadow Dagger, which could only be sold for 30,000 Yuan.

Next, is the Hunting Greatsword.


Its not that the weapon is trash… Its just the Swordsman Class is a horrible class to choose.

Not only were their movements slow and heavy, but they also had low intelligence.

They had no long-range attacks, and their defense was not as good as the Shield Class.

However, if they have a highly suitable awakened talent, that mightve helped.

The talent boosted the class strength, which made them extra strong.

But then again…

The same could also be applied to a Mage too.

If they have a compatible talent, it will increase their attack power.

However, the Mage does have the advantage of attacking from afar, so they have a lower chance of getting beat up by monsters…

Anyway, moving on….

The last was the Emerald Ring…

It was a handy accessory to have.

Any piece of equipment or skill that could reduce the skills cooldown time was as valuable as getting free attribute points.

At first glance, the 10% cooldown reduction seems small, this item could not be upgraded, and it could not be stacked with other cooling-reduction equipment.

However, every second you have is precious in a battle between Professionals.

If you had a cooldown reduction accessory, you could throw out damage skills faster than your opponent or protect yourself with a shield skill, catching your opponent off guard and obtaining the final victory.

Especially when you have skills with longer cooldown time…

It was even more worth it.

For example,Teleport, which had a cooldown of ten days, can be reduced to nine days with this accessory.

‘Rise From The Dead, which had a cooldown of one hundred days, can be reduced to ninety days…

Of course, the most valuable part of this cooldown reduction equipment was its extremely low drop rate.

It was as rare as finding a needle in a haystack.

This ring is worth millions of Yuan.

If he sells this High-Silver quality ring, Lin Ye could be instantly rich without a doubt!

Then…Should I sell it

Bah! Only a fool would sell it!

If he cant get other cooldown equipment in the future, he can still use this ring until he reaches his maximum level.

He could even pass it down to the next generation like a family heirloom!

Its strategic value could not be measured by a mere million!

What kind of luck do I have I feel like I can buy a lottery ticket today

Lin Ye didnt waste any more time.

He reached into the black portal in front of him and returned to his world.

Meanwhile, Su Mumu was obediently sitting near the schools dungeon on a public chair.

There were many students gathered around her.

Most of them were students who had come to find teammates to level up together, but some were different.

“Hey, Zhao Qihang.

Do you see that girl with two ponytails Shes so cute!”

“Yes, shes beautiful.

Ive said it before, some girls in school are not bad, but they just dont know how to dress up.”

“Im not going to beat around the bush.

I think I have a crush on her.

I have to go and get her phone number!”

“Hey… Isnt that…”

Before he could finish his words, two boys approached Su Mumu, who was playing on her mobile phone.

When he reached her, he put on a kind smile, “Hey, are you waiting for someone”

Su Mumu raised her head and doubtfully looked at the two boys approaching her.

They were good-looking and elegant, and they were wearing expensive branded clothes.

The unique sneakers on their bare feet cost at least a hundred thousand Yuan, so they gave an excellent first impression, especially to the girls who are into fashion and brands.

One could see these boys “power” at first glance.

However, rich kids like them had plenty of ways to clear easy and high-drop dungeons.

They didnt need to waste time on low-level dungeons in school.


Looking for extra free attribute points

Nobody even needs to ask whether these boys could clear a dungeon with an SSS rank.

With their family background and connections, they could easily find Secret Dungeons that could guarantee them an SSS rank.

They could farm free attribute points and — and you guessed it— it was not open to the public.

Even if they ignored the schools low-level Dungeons, they could still get more free attribute points than ordinary students.

They didnt have to worry about losing money by clearing one less dungeon.

Not to mention, these low-level Instance Dungeons had level requirements.

If you accomplished the dungeons hidden conditions, it was very likely that you would level up immediately, but it would ban them from re-entering the dungeon of the same level.

In the end, they could only choose one of the two dungeons to get their first clear score…

So, these two boys intentions were very obvious.

They were the wealthy young masters who had come here to flirt with her.

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