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The Abyssal Demons would definitely plant evil Fallens among the ordinary people in Jiang City.

There were many of them, and they were not very powerful.

They were usually inactive and occasionally came out for lighter missions.

They also were on a one-way communication, mainly the demon contacting the human, so it was difficult for the spies arranged by humans to find out their specific identities.

They were not like the spies in the Professional Alliance.

Their identities and positions were too important, and they often leaked information to the Abyssal Demons.

They left all kinds of clues, which made them easier to find.


The higher-ups in the Professional Alliance had considered this from the very beginning.

These low-level Fallens might go to the college entrance exam venue with a suicidal attitude when the abyss was attacked.

This would affect the safety of Lin Ye and the other students.

They had to arrange for sufficient defensive forces to guard the college entrance examination venue.

Only then could they ensure the safety of the students.

The imprisoned members of the Professional Alliance had agreed to this before the college entrance examination began.

They had even drawn up a detailed defense plan for the examination.

However, after the examination, no one remembered the defense plan that had been arranged long ago.

Even if they had really forgotten about it by accident…

Even if that was the case, the staff in the central control room who were watching the surveillance should have stayed where they were.

Why did they have to move them all away and deliberately give these moles a chance to release the dark wave teleportation gate

As for Wu Liu and the others, who were members of the Abyssal Demon Encirclement Operation team, after killing the evil fallen, Cardsharp, they should continue to stay in the same place and be responsible for the security of all the students in the college entrance examination venue.

In the end, he was suddenly ordered by his backer to participate in the battle to attack the abyss.

This sudden change

What was going on

Could it be the work of a mole among the other high-level evil Fallen that had not been discovered

Giving Wu Liu a fake order

Could it be that the memory of the members of the Professional Alliance who were in charge of the defense plan for the venue had been erased by the enemy

If so—

Since the identity of the evil Fallens spy had not been discovered…

Why didnt they warn the King of Abyss to retreat from the abyss earlier Instead, they let the King of Abyss wait for death inside, to be besieged and even beheaded by the main human force

Could it be that there was internal strife

This battle seemed like the humans had seized the initiative, but in fact, was it a trap set up by another Lord of the Abyss in order to get rid of the Lord of the Abyss in charge of Jiang City

This is bad…

If things were really like this…

That would be too terrifying!

The enemy actually managed to sneak into their ranks even when they had planted a mole in the abyss.

They even came up with such a near-perfectkilling with a borrowed knife!

If the enemys target today is not the King of Abyss, but the Professional Alliance of Rivertown….

“Little Liu!”

“Immediately! Immediately!”

“Contact the Professional Alliance at the front line and ask them to send a powerful advanced Professional to Jiang City to investigate all the members of the Professional Alliance in Jiang City!”

“Its best to investigate the members of the Professional Alliance in all the cities!”

“These Abyssal Demons are more difficult to deal with than we thought!”

“They might have other conspiracies!”

“And also–”

“Go and find Wu Liu and Wang Machao!”

“Let them choose members they trust and form a Special Investigation Team.

Find all the guys who recently came into contact with the person in charge of the college entrance examination defense!”

“I want to know who wiped their memories!”

“Especially the way they erase their memories!”

“What item did they use”

“I want to know everything!”

At the same time, on the top of a skyscraper in the center of Rivertown, a man and a woman were standing at the edge of the roof.

They were both wearing white Priest robes and standing against the wind.

“Hey,” The woman suddenly said, “Our little trick seems to have been discovered by the Guild leader from Rivertown, hm ”

“Its fine.” The man said indifferently, “Were so obvious about our actions.”

“Its normal to be discovered.”

“If they didnt find out about the mayfly, I think we need to reevaluate the intelligence of the humans in Jiang City and lower their threat level.”

The man turned his head.

“In any case.”

“Weve obtained theLin Yes combat data we wanted.”

“Theres no need to stay in Jiang City.”

After a pause, the man suddenly let out a low chuckle.

“I have to say that this kids talent and strength are indeed extraordinary.

He far surpasses his average peers.”

“No wonder he could defeat the Cursemancer, who is known as theHive-like strongest gatekeeper, without any injuries.”

“Even the Cursemancer acknowledge his strength,”

“Offer the kid his summoning card.”

“Among the Professionals I know who have obtained a Hive pass, no one has such powerful strength as him.”

“Moreover, although the summoning card does not have a high combat power, it is proof of the owners strength.”

“In the eyes of those who truly understand theindustry.”

“Thats something even more precious and important than the Hive pass.

Im afraid theres only one person who can obtain it.”

The woman blinked.

“Whats wrong”

“Do you like this little human friend”

“Werent you afraid that those idiotic Abyssal Demons dark wave teleportation gate would kill this human genius ”

“What is there to be afraid of” The man said calmly,

“That guy called Wang Machao is in the exam venue.

If the others cant hold the place, hell definitely use the flying ability of theDragon Knight Commander and leave with Lin Ye, who was his main objective, to begin with.”

“Ourluring the Tiger away plan wont threaten Lin Yes life at all.”

“Its just a tool specially used to test his strength.”


“Only the dark wave.”

“Only that could test ones overall strength and be accurately displayed.”

“The dungeons are too formulaic.

Even if the Campfire Explorer increased the temperature, its still too rigid.

We cant find anything useful at all, haha.”

The woman waved her hand.

“Ah, Okay, okay, okay, youre right.

Dont lecture me anymore.”

“Hurry up and tell me our next move!”

“I can imagine how fun it will be when the city is under martial law!” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Theres no hurry.” The man said, ”

“Well leave Rivertown after the puppets send us the detailed recording of the scene and let us have a better understanding of this human genius strength.”

“The worst case scenario, well just take out a teleportation scroll and use it,”

While they were talking.

The phone in the mans pocket suddenly rang.

He immediately took out his phone and opened the text message.

He found that it was the video of Lin Yes battle that he wanted, including the entire process of Lin Ye fighting against the Cockroach-Men and the video of him clearing Yanan Forest, as well as the entire process of Su Mumu and Bai Zhis performance in the dungeon.


As he finished watching the video on his phone, the man in the white Daoist robe lost his composure.


“This… This is a Bionic Tear!”

“And the Tree Guardian!”

‘Its actually a real Tree Guardian— a summoned creature with a summoning card!

“To hell with this!”

Even the silent witch who created the Campfire Explorer has been lured here!

“Whats the background of this human female student”

“How did she get the recognition of the Bionic Tear”

“Damn it!”

It seems like we were wrong!

The third navel didnt point to Lin Ye, who defeated the Cursemancer without getting hurt.

It pointed to the female student named Su Mumu!

“She is thechosen one that we need to find!”

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