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Time of Silence! Stars Godly Glory! Divine Qi Therapy! Aqua Tide! Stars Godly Glory!

Increase injuries! Easily injured! Blood! Two random debuffs were added! The group attribute was greatly reduced! Randomly dispels three enemy buff effects!

While the damage output exploded, it also caused the Cockroach-Men to collectively enter a weakened state.

Unless they had a Diamond-grade group dispel Skill, they would be able to withstand this ridiculous speed reduction effect and become human sandbags for ten seconds!

Then, with Shangguan Yans “Soul Connection” talent, all of Lin Yes Skills cooldown time was halved.

He only needed to wait for a short 10 seconds before he could start his second round of AoE attacks.

Stars Godly Glory! Divine Qi therapy! Aqua Tide!

Easily injured! Blood! Two random debuffs were added!

He killed more than half of them in seconds!


Only Time of Silence and Stars Godly Glory cooldown time remained the same.

The former was an equipment Skill, so it couldnt take the cooldown reduction of a Professional and needed a 50-second cooldown.

The latter had an initial 60-second cooldown.

Even if the cooldown was reduced by 50%, he would still have to wait another 30 seconds before he could cast it again.

This led to…

Lin Ye couldnt maintain the AoE for long, and he couldnt maintain the same frequency of high AoE damage and damage increase.

There would be a long period of time where he couldnt deal any damage, and it was likely that enemies who he didnt manage to kill would take the opportunity to ambush him.


Does this matter


90% of the Cockroach-Men in front of him couldnt withstand Lin Yes second round of Skill attacks.

As long as his group Sunlight Spell could hold the enemy back for 10 seconds and wait for the second round of AoE Skills to come out, it would be enough to kill most of the Cockroach-Men.

Ill leave the rest to the realBig Brother.

“Brother Chao!”

“Its your turn!”

Hearing this, Wang Machao descended from the sky on his black pterosaur.

Like a gust of wind, he flew past Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan and rushed towards the level 19 and level 20 Cockroach-Men who were still alive.

Gale strike!

Bang! Bang!

Instakilled Cockroach-Man No.


When the other Cockroach-Men with low health saw this, they immediately surrounded Wang Machao and attacked his black pterosaur like crazy.

The Cockroach-Men with full health that werent hit by Lin Yes AoE were also rushing over quickly.

They would surround Wang Machao in a few seconds.

At that time, even if Wang Machaos HP were to triple, he would not be able to withstand the siege of so many Cockroach-Men from the dark wave.

He would only die a tragic death in the shameless sea of people.

Thus, in the face of a groups power, there was always a limit to an individuals power.


Youre a cheater

Hidden Moon! Change form! Salvation Form, the Blade of Redemption!

Activate Skill! Ocean Moons Oath! Summon! Phantom Moon Jellyfish!

Dispel all negative status! Every half a second! Recover more than 1,200 HP per second! Lasts for 10 seconds!

The original.

Holy Light!

Restores 1,443 HP of a single target and gives the target a buff that greatly increases all attributes.

Attack speed and movement speed both increase greatly for 15 seconds!


Wang Machao was like the Wuji Sword Saint who had activated the Highlander.

His attack speed was ridiculously fast, and his damage was also extremely explosive.

Everytime he made a move, he would definitely take away a “child”, and beat the group of Cockroach-Men who surrounded him until they were scared witless and crawled all over the ground.


“This Holy Light…”

“This healing Skill is indeed outrageous,”

“With this buff that increases all attributes, I feel that theres no problem in rating it as a Platinum-grade Skill,”

“Its just a small flaw that can be instantly solved by a single dispel, thats all.”


Lin Ye is the one whos really ridiculous!

“Hes too well-rounded!”

‘Ive never seen a Professional like Lin Ye who can deal damage, heal, crowd control, weaken, and buff in a short time!

‘Other than the fact that the Priests body is too fragile and will be targeted and focused on by the enemy, there are almost no shortcomings.

‘When hes fully grown, hell be like a human-shaped nuclear bomb that can defy the heavens and change fate when hes placed in the planar battlefield where hes fighting otherworldly creatures head-on.

Hell be able to turn the entire situation around in an instant.

As his thoughts ran wild.

Lin Yes next wave of Skills came.

The group of black Cockroach-Men who had surrounded Wang Machao were instantly emptied of more than half of their HP and collectively entered a weakened state, no longer able to fight Wang Machao who had ridiculously high Animal Defense.

He immediately took advantage of this opportunity and completely gave up on defense.

He shuttled back and forth among the Cockroach-Men like a madman, cooperating with the black pterosaur to harvest the remaining blood.

The group of students behind Lin Ye also quickly followed up and used their AoE spells on the heads of the cockroaches that were stuck in a “Sheeps Cage”.

Lin Ye used another round of AoE Skills ten seconds later, and all the Cockroach-Men in front of him were cleared, leaving a large empty space.


“Brother Chao!”


“The rest of you, press forward with me! Maintain your AoE Skill and block! Bombard your Skills the entire way! If all your Skills were on cooldown! Immediately retreat! The next batch of people will do it!”

Everyone shouted with high morale,



Just like that.

He relied on everyones tacit cooperation.

It was mainly because of Wang Machaosself-sacrificing group attack, Lin Ye and Shangguan Yans high-frequency AoE damage, and their group weakening ability that they successfully made it to the dark wave teleportation gate.

It was a black portal that was even larger than the portal to the secret dungeon.

It looked like a black hole that devoured everything in the universe.

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