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Chapter 11: Thirty Percent Rely On Talent, Ninety-Seven Rely On Your Blood, Sweat, and Tears

According to the strategy guide provided by the seniors, these scorpions were all melee attackers and had no long-range attacks.

This included the final Boss, the Poisonous Scorpion King.

It did not have long-range attack abilities or skills to kiting targets from a distance.

However, they were terrified of water.

If there were a Mage in the team with water-type skills, these scorpions would turn into a money-giving experience.

Defeating them would be a walk in the park.

Another characteristic written in the guide is that they are sensitive to sound, which would be an advantage since any sound in the cave would echo.

A single noise you made would send these Poisonous Scorpions straight right to you, surrounding you.

And the final part of the guide explains about a three-meter waterhole.

It is located at the end of one of the forks in the cave.

If you can swim to a block of stone in the middle, the poisonous scorpions would no longer be able to hit you.

Combining these four points together, he would be able to obtain an extremely simplewalkthrough.

Instead of fighting head-on, he would run straight for the waterhole in the cave, then swim to the stone block in the middle of it.

He would knock on the stone and make a sound to attract the poisonous scorpions.

Then, he would use long-range attacks to slowly kill these monsters to death…

It might sound easy…

However, Stone Cave Dungeon gave very little exp.

The tactic will take a long time, and its a little complicated, and the terrain and monsters were spawned by satan.

Therefore, almost no one would try it a second time, and no one would specifically memorize all the routes.

Basically, they would move on and find another dungeon as soon as they cleared it.

As a result, no one has discovered such a brainless way of “bugging the system” so far.

Lin Ye, who was a gaming god in his previous life, used his powerful memory and detailed analysis to find this “loophole” from all the scattered information.

Of course, this does not come from nowhere.

Lin Ye had enough patience and foresight.

While other students were playing online games, he studied the various Instance Dungeon strategies left behind by the upperclassmen.

While other students were busy chasing girls, he studied the monsters habits and skills in different areas.

While other students were watching movies, he used the scattered information he found to simulate the dungeons in his mind…

As the saying goes, “the heavens rewarded the diligent.”

Lin Yes status as the top student, 30% of it came from his talent, and the remaining 97% came from hard work and his blood, sweat, and tears.

From the very beginning, he had been aiming to get SSS rank for all the dungeons.

If he hadnt awakened a helpful talent, he would still have relied on those details and theories to obtain enough free attribute points and eventually make his way outrun other people.

Fortunately, the goddess of luck seemed to favor him.

He somehow awakened such an abnormal God-tier talent, “Universe Reversal Talent”.

An extremely bug-like awakened talent, coupled with enough hard work and diligence and his rich experience as a gaming bigshot from his previous life… It was as if Lin Ye was destined to be the most dazzling star of this era!

Back to the main topic, after killing the Poisonous Scorpion monsterlings that were blocking his way, Lin Ye would immediately run towards the waterhole based on the rough map that he simulated in his mind.

And plus… He could reverse skills.

Not only were the stingers of these poisonous scorpions useless against Lin Ye, but their poisonous effect would give him a slow pace “healing” effect that continuously healed him.

On top of that, Lin Ye had trained his body all year round so that he would dodge 90% of the attacks from these slow Poisonous Scorpions.

He couldnt hit his target at all.

So, even if Lin Yes simulated map had a slight mistake and made him take the wrong path, walking into a dead end filled with enemies and surrounded by a group of poisonous scorpions …

He could still guarantee he could get an SSS rating after clearing the dungeon.

Besides, Lin Ye was a walking killing machine with his newly acquired Divine Qi Therapy skill.

As long as he was a little more steady and used his AOE skills along the way, he would be able to reach the waterhole without any injuries…

I found it!

Lin Ye glanced at the rock above the waterhole.

There were countless small cracks in the rock, and a few crystal-clear water droplets would drop from time to time.

It seemed like this was the main reason for the waterhole.

Then, Lin Ye reached out and touched the cold water in the puddle to ensure the liquid wasnt harmful to the human body.

Mm… All clear…

It seems like drinkable spring water….

With that thought in mind, Lin Ye didnt care if his school uniform would get wet from the water and jumped into the cold surface.

He swam to the only rock in the center that he could stand on.

Then, he took out a slightly large gray stone he picked up from the cave and hit it hard on the rock he was standing on, making a loud banging sound…

Okay, onto the final step


When the noise echoed throughout the entire cave, it would attract the group of Poisonous Scorpions and the poisonous Scorpion King.

Then, he would use Divine Qi Therapy to send them to the west to get the chest and an SSS rank for clearing the dungeon.

And soon enough, the army of Poisonous Scorpions surrounded the entire waterhole.

The Poisonous Scorpion King, that was as big as a tiger, was in the center of the army, staring dead straight at Lin Ye across the water.

He immediately goaded, “Come, hit me! Use your poisonous stingers to stab me!”


Just as he had expected, the scorpions wave their pincers and poisonous stingers, roaring as if they were demonstrating their strength, but none dare to approach the big puddle of cold water.

Lin Ye was sure that the information the seniors posted on the forum was not a lie.

Theres nothing wrong with “cheating” his way, especially if he could exit this place injured-free.

As long as one was a long-range class like a Mage, they could use this method to quickly clear the dungeon and take away five free attribute points from this cave.

And he should be able to make a lot of money with it …

Alright! My mission is complete! Begin the slaughter!

It was time for reversal.


[Divine Qi therapy]!




Bang! Bang!

[Prompt: You have killed the Poisonous Scorpion King and gained 2300 exp!]

[Prompt: Dungeon “Stone Cave” completed.

Calculating rewards ..]

[Prompt: You have received a [Bronze Treasure Chest (Low)]!]

[Prompt: All hidden requirements have been completed.

You have killed the secret realms overlord, the Poisonous Scorpion King.

You have killed all the poisoned scorpions without being poisoned.

Your dungeon rating has been upgraded to SSS… You obtained an additional [Silver Treasure Chest (High)]!]

[Do you want to open the treasure chest reward]


Lin Ye didnt hesitate, “Yes!”

[Prompt: Bronze Treasure Chest (Low) has been opened.

You have received the Bronze skill “Poison Bubble” and one Mana Recovery Potion.]

[Prompt: Silver Treasure Chest (High) has been opened.

You have received 5 free attribute points, Silver Equipment “Gale Boots”, Silver Equipment “Hunting Greatsword”, and Silver Equipment “Emerald Ring”]

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