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‘What the hell

‘The nameless sister is actually Shangguan Yans biological sister

‘Didnt she say that she was only an outer sect disciple and had learned some trivial martial arts She said that she could just casually teach me and that it didnt matter


‘Sister Wuming, you actually lied to an eight-year-old child

‘Does it not hurt your conscience at all

Although Lin Ye was a little speechless, he knew that this wasnt the time to reminisce.

He had to take advantage of the Soul Connection buff and take back the underground shelter.

And so,

He and Shangguan Yan ran to Wang Machao, who was guarding the East Gate and explained the general context of the whole incident, indicating that if the two of them cooperated in battle, there was a great chance that they could recapture the underground shelter.

Wang Machao had wanted to reject the offer.

He didnt want the two super geniuses, Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan, to do such a dangerous thing.

What if something happened

What would he do then

However, he couldnt stop these two people from insisting on going.

One of them was the star special enrollment student of Jiang City, and the other was the head of the Spirit Charm Sect.

He didnt have the power to stop them.


The dark wave teleportation portals also began to appear in the central inner city.

Not only did the Professional Alliances defense force have to deal with the large number of dark wave creatures coming from the outer city, but they also had to divide a large number of people to block the teleportation gate that appeared in the central inner city.

This was to prevent the defense force from being attacked from both the front and back.

They did not know how long it would take for them to clear the dark wave creatures on the streets and rush to the college entrance examination venue to carry out the rescue work.

If they could not snatch the underground sanctuary again during this time and use the geographical advantage and fortifications to stop the large-scale invasion of the dark wave…

The college entrance examination venue could be at a very disadvantageous and vulnerable position.

By that time…

Who knew how many innocent students would die

“Alright,” he said.

“You guys can go.”

“Remember to pay attention to your own safety.”

“If the situation isnt right, retreat immediately.

Dont try to be a hero.

Your lives are very important, even more so than all the students in the venue.”

“Even if we all die here today,”

“You guys cant die.”

“You understand”

Although the words werent pleasant to hear, it was the truth.

Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan had a God-tier damage output talent and a legendary support talent.

If the two of them could grow up, then humans would have a greater chance of winning on the front line of the battlefield against the otherworldly creatures.

They would be able to stop all those greedy otherworld creatures and protect all humans in the world from the harm of the dimensional war.

At that time, the number of humans they could save would be thousands of times more than the number of people in the college entrance examination venue now.

They might even become the savior of the world.

Which one was more important

With just a glance, everyone knows the answer.

After that,

Lin Ye and Shangguan Yan arrived at the corridor outside the East Gate.

In front of them were a dense group of black Cockroach-Men, and behind them were a few support-type students that Lin Ye had called over to add mana and buff.

Although Soul Connection could speed up Lin Yes mana recovery, it was still a very useful Skill.

However, his casting cooldown had been temporarily reduced to 50%.

He could now cast a healing Skill every 2.5 seconds, Divine Qi Therapy, Stars Godly Glory, and Aqua Tide every 10 seconds.

It was just like the evil baldy in Summoners Rift who was poisoning everywhere.

He clearly had an Archangels Staff, but he still had to eat the mana buff to keep from poisoning.

His current mana recovery speed still couldnt keep up with the speed of mana consumption.

He had to prepare more ways to recover his mana.

“Holy f*ck!”

“Brother Lin is here! They are all rushing towards us! Are you still not going to fight”

Lin Ye shouted, “Dont panic!”

“All of you, stand behind me and maintain your current distance.

If I walk, you walk.

If I stop, you stop.

If I retreat, you retreat as well!”

“The enemy is the Cockroach-Men and they dont have long-range attacks!”

“They wont be able to hit you!”

Hearing this, although everyone was extremely nervous, they still tried their best to remain calm.

They said in low voices,


“We understand—”

Soon, the group of two-meter-tall black Cockroach-Men rushed in front of Lin Ye.

He immediately raised his Hidden Moon and aimed it at the Cockroach-Men in front of him.

He then used the reverse AoE healing combo.

Time of Silence! Stars Godly Glory! Divine Qi Therapy! Aqua Tide! The blessing of the Stars!


No one died!

Lin Ye started to calculate the damage he had just done.

Soul Connection, Skill damage 100%, Stars Godly Glory, vulnerability 10%, when on the verge of death, damage increased by 50%.

The only exception was that Stars Godly Glory could not take the 10% damage reduction.

All other reversal Skills would receive a total of 160% damage increase.

After some calculations…

Lin Ye instantly dealt (587 97 887 1021) x 2.6 872x 2.5 = 6,851 true damage.

From the extreme pain expressions on the Cockroach-Mens faces, he could tell that they had all entered the heavily injured state, with all their attributes greatly reduced.

The group of high-level Cockroach-Men on the other hand, did not have much of a frantic reaction.

They only felt a little uncomfortable, probably because they had entered a wounded state where all their attributes had been slightly reduced.

Lets assume that the other partys HP is the maximum.

This meant that a low-level Cockroach-Man had about 9,787 HP, while a high-level Cockroach-Man had about 34,255 HP.

So the damage he dealt to them would still leave them with a sufficient amount of HP to go on.

He thought.

Lin Ye started to retreat.

Shangguan Yan, who was standing next to him, also retreated at the same time.

As for the Priest students behind them, their reactions were a little slow.

Their attention was all focused on the group of disgusting Cockroach-Men, and they didnt realize that they should also retreat.


They were still dumbfounded.

But it didnt matter.

Lin Ye had already expected this situation.

The distance between the students was absolutely safe.

Even if they stayed still, they wouldnt be attacked by the Cockroach-Men.

After that, with the Blessing of the Stars and the two random debuffs from the Aqua Tide, these Cockroach-Mens movements became extremely slow.

They couldnt even touch Lin Ye, who had been buffed by the students with multiple speed buffs.

He waited for the Skills cooldown time before starting the second round of attacks.

It was a reversal.

Stars Godly Glory!


A large number of Cockroach-Men died instantly!

First of all, there was no 50% damage like the Time of Silence, so the damage Stars Godly Glory changed from 872×2.5 to 872X2, which only dealt 1,744 true damage.

Secondly, the level 10 to 13 Cockroach-Men were not taken into account.

They had bled to death halfway through Divine Qi Therapy, and their HP was between 7,000 to 8,000.


He could also deduce the amount of health of the dead level 14 – 15 Cockroach-Men were all above 10,000.

Then, Lin Ye used Divine Qi Therapy and Aqua Tide respectively.

The 2.6 times damage bonus became 2.1 times damage, dealing a total of 2,216 true damage.

This combined with the new bleeding effect.

Only a few level 19 – 20 Cockroach-Men were left.

As a result…

Lin Ye was able to clearly see these black Cockroach-Mens HP.

He turned around and said, “Shangguan Yan, Ive got it.

Level 10 to 13 had 7,000 to 8,000 HP.

Level 14 to 15 had 10,000 to 11,000.

Level 16 to 18 had 14,000 to 16,000 HP.

Level 19 to 20, less than 20,000 HP.

Shangguan Yan asked, “Can you calculate their defense”

Lin Ye shook his head and said,

“Its hard to calculate, but I can determine that they have low magic resistance and high physical defense.

The difference between the two values is at least twice the normal damage.”

“Even a level 10 Mage can cause great damage to them.”

“Tell brother Chao.”

“Tell him to organize a few more groups of pure Mage vice-Cs.”

“Itll be helpful during the battle at the gate.”

“If its possible,”

“Find a few more Mage students with decent strength to come to us from the East Gate.

“I might need their help to recover some of my remaining health with their Skills.”


“Brother Chao is confident that he can pull the Cockroach-Mens aggro.”

“He can even lead the group of Mage students to attack from the South Gate and outflank us from both sides, pushing the blockade to the entrance of the underground shelter.”

“Hearing this, Shangguan Yan took out his phone from his pocket and sent a message to Wang Machao while he nodded to Lin Ye,

“Alright,” he said.

“I understand, Ill tell him about this immediately.”

At the same time, Lin Ye also raised his right hand and used reverse Heal Spell on the level 20 Cockroach-Man that was charging at him, instantly carrying it away.


“Shangguan Yan,”

“Ive also measured the HP of the level 20 Cockroach-Man.”

“Around nineteen thousand three hundred.”

“You can add it.”

Shangguan Yan quickly typed a string of numbers on his phone,

“Yes.” He said.

“Ive already sent him the text.”

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