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Lin Ye looked at Shangguan Yan, who had a feminine aura and looked like a girl.

He pointed to the North entrance and quickly said, “Well talk about the other things later.”

“Tell me now.”

“Can you block the gate in the North for at least half an hour with your team”

“If theres a traffic jam.” Shangguan Yan began, “Itll definitely be blocked.”

“But Id rather go to the underground shelter with you, block the portal of the dark wave, and take back control of the underground shelter.”

Lin Ye was stunned.

“What do you mean”

“Do you have a way for us to kill through the dense dark wave creatures in the corridor without the help of the city guards, and then kill at least a few thousand dark wave creatures in the underground shelter”

Shangguan Yan nodded, “Yes.”

“With my Awakening Talent and your high-damage AoE attack, we would have a chance.”

As he spoke, he reached out his right hand and suddenly grabbed Lin Yes arm, emitting a white and yellow light.

[Prompt: An unknown power has been applied to you.

You have gained the ability to adapt from Shangguan Yans soul.

Next, all Skill damage will increase by 100%, Skill casting distance will increase, your AoE Skills will increase, all Skill cooldowns will be increased, you will receive a 30% cooldown reduction (calculated in the maximum 40%), your mana regeneration will increase, your HP will recover faster, and all damage you receive will be evenly distributed toShangguan Yan.]



‘Ah… Are you…

‘A father of all Support Systems

“This is my Awakened Talent, Soul Link,” Shangguan Yan said off-handedly, “It can transfer my soul to you and greatly enhance your AoE Skills and the cooldown time of all Skills.

It can last for an hour at most.”

“Its very suitable for our current mission.

We can take the initiative to attack the tens of thousands of creatures of the dark wave.”

“But the price is a mayfly.”

“At the same time, I will lose all the attribute bonuses and effect bonuses from my equipment, and all my Class Skills will be sealed.

I will become a useless person with no ability to protect myself.”

“I also cant stay more than five meters away from you.”

“Otherwise, my talent will be ineffective to you.”

“After that.”

“Ill be unconscious for a week.”

“During this time, I cant resist whatever you want to do to me.”

Lin Ye furrowed his brows.

“So… Youre saying,”

“Youre putting your life in my hands”


Without the attribute bonus from his equipment and being unable to use his Professional Skills, Shangguan Yans body would become extremely weak.

He would only be slightly stronger than ordinary people who had not farmed free attribute points.

If he was hit by the creatures of the dark wave, it was very likely that they would enter a state of serious injury with his health bar below 30%.

He might even die instantly.

After all…

The ability points of Professionals mostly came from their equipment.

Even Lin Ye, a monster who fought for an SSS rank in every dungeon, had 300 points in all his stats.

Half of that came from his equipment and not from the free attribute points he had earned.

If it was someone else, the attribute bonus from equipment would take up at least 70%, and the more hidden specific ability points (attack, speed, defense) would take up at least 80%.

Professionals without equipment were like a turtle without a shell, fragile and would break at the touch.


This soul connection would transfer all the damage Lin Ye received to Shangguan Yan.

It wouldnt be enough to just make sure that Shangguan Yan didnt get beaten up.

He had to make sure that Lin Ye didnt get beaten up either, and it would be best if he was completely unharmed.

There were too many restrictions.

A little carelessness….

Can kill his Support and put himself in a precarious situation.

Not to mention, Shangguan Yan would be unconscious for a week after using his Awakened Talent, which meant that he would lose a weeks time to develop forever.

He would get less free attribute points than the others, and he would have less equipment and Skill books to farm.

Which means…

This Awakened Talent, Soul Connection, should only be used as a last resort at the most critical moment.

You cant just use it whenever you want to.


This talent cant be considered divine.

At most, it could be considered a legendary support-type talent.

However, it was still a very terrifying talent.

Skill damage increased, spell range increased, damage range increased, cooldown decreased, and mana regeneration increased.

To a “Master Shepherd ” like Lin Ye, who had a lot of true damage AoE Skills, it was like a tiger gaining wings or a dragon flying into the sky.

He instantly killed everyone under level 20 using the ocean current tactic and crushed them all to the ground.

Even a single-target “Knight” like Wang Machao, who focused on both attack and defense, with Shangguan Yan as his Support Father accessory, he could immediately switch from a bird gun to a cannon, killing creatures of the same level at will.

Shangguan Yan still had a faint smile on his face.


“Ill leave it to you.”

“I believe you can definitely bring me to the underground shelter unscathed.”

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you something.

According to the rules of the Spirit Charm Sect, you should call me Martial Uncle.”


Shangguan Yan smiled evilly.

“Cao Wuming, who taught you martial arts since you were young, is actually my elder sister.

Her real name is Shangguan Waner.

Although she is no longer a disciple of our Spirit Charm Sect in name, all of us still treat her as a part of our sect.”

“Entering her sect.”

“Its the same as joining mine.”

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