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Lin Ye frowned when he heard the message from the city guards.

He knew that something was wrong.

As expected, this group of Abyssal Demons had also set up a dark wave teleportation gate on the street outside.

They wanted to attack from both sides, outflank the students, and force all the students and parents in the college entrance examination venue to die.


What should he do now

Without the help of the city guards, it was impossible to break through the corridor between the college entrance examination venue and the underground shelter with only the teachers who were below level 20 and the ordinary students who were only level 10.

After all…

This was the reality!

This was not a dungeon!

The dark wave creatures were not like Bosses in games.

They would be divided into several areas and let you slowly grind down the details.

After clearing one area, you would rest and recuperate.

When you were ready, you would go to another area!

Instead, they would swarm forward and drown you in an instant with their huge numbers and sea of Skills!

These students who had never experienced training and the teachers who had never participated in real-life combat were unable to withstand their massive numbers and crazy attacks and desperately charge forward.

Would they be able to withstand the immense pressure of life and death, not have a mental breakdown, maintain their consciousness, and know what they should do

These were the questions that swirled in his mind….


If the number of dark wave creatures was high enough…

Even level 30 and 40 Professionals would be killed by the demon wave as if they were dungeon Bosses if they did not have any recovery abilities.

It was impossible to form an army by himself and fight the enemy for seven days and seven nights!

Not to mention, Professionals also had their mana bar and endurance set.

The former could at least rely on mana potions and mana recovery Skills to last a little longer.

However, the more they used their endurance, the less result they would have.

When a Professional reached the limit of a human, continuing to fight was equivalent to burning their own HP.

Not only would they lose blood crazily, but they would also feel as if they were in a trance from the impact, and their consciousness would be completely blurred.

Most of the high-level Professionals in this world were keen to form cliques and make friends with all kinds of geniuses with potential in advance, rather than directly killing the geniuses who had not yet grown up, and killing all the strong threats in the bud.

It was also because…

No matter how high their level was or how powerful they were, one person was still no match to go up against all mankind at the same time.

They had to rely on the help and support of their teammates and allies.

Only then would they be able to stabilize their position.

In history, there has been a Professional with divine-tier Awakened Talent.

He was overconfident and arrogant.

He wanted to rule the entire Professional Alliance and become the Emperor of the new era.

In the end, it was used as an example by a 100-man team of ordinary Professionals to defeat a secret Boss.


Without the help of the city guards…

Lin Ye didnt dare to go to the dark wave teleport portal in the underground shelter with Wang Machao.

First, he might be drowned by the ordinary attacks of the dark wave creatures.

Second, his stamina and mana might not be enough to support him to reach the dark waves teleportation gate.

Third, even if the two of them could fight their way through, the dark wave creatures that had already covered the entire eastern area of the college entrance examination venue would definitely rush into the audience seats through other passages and gates.

At that time, without Wang Machaos firepower suppression and high mobility to quickly support them, many of the tens of thousands of people in the venue would definitely died.


‘I cant help it.

‘All I can do for now is to gather the crowd at the center of the venue.

‘Then, dispatch the group of people with sufficient combat power to block the four main gates, preventing the dark wave creatures from barging in and killing us.

‘Hopefully stalling enough time until the Professional Alliance sent reinforcements.

He thought.

Lin Ye picked up the communication device on the table and asked the city guards outside the college entrance examination venue if they could all come in and fight at the gate or just send a few people to help.

The other partys reply was,


There were too many dark wave creatures on the streets.

There were also many huge Boss-level creatures, as well as dark wave creatures that could penetrate walls and dig holes.

If they were to come into contact with the outer wall of the college entrance examination venue, it would definitely be like hundreds of excavators instantly flattening the outer wall of the entire college entrance examination venue.

They definitely wouldnt be able to defend the central area where Lin Ye and the others were.

Therefore, the city guards had to stay outside the college entrance examination venue and form a defensive circle to prevent the dark wave creatures from approaching.

They didnt have many people to begin with and couldnt cover the entire outer area of the college entrance examination venue.

If they sent in a few more people, there would definitely be a few “blind spots” that they couldnt defend.

If they were to be attacked from both sides by the dark wave, it was very likely that the entire line of defense would collapse, and everyone would be finished.

Hearing this,

Lin Yes brain started to work quickly.

‘Alright, it seems like we cant count on the city guards anymore.

We can only rely on ourselves to think of a way to block the dark wave creatures that are coming out of the underground shelter.

‘First of all…

‘The East Gate was guarded by the Dragon Knight Commander, Wang Machao.

His level is very high, so as long as the Priest students present healed him, he could guard the entire path alone even if he only used normal attacks.

‘And I can heal, defend, attack, and cast mana, so I can also guard one path alone.

‘As for the West Gate, they had to go through the north and south gates.

As long as they found a way to block the middle of the corridor, they would be able to prevent the dark wave creatures from barging in from the West Gate and stealing their butts.


Now, they just needed to find a group of people who could block a single gate.

However, one of them had to be a Professional who could both resist and fight.

Their psychological quality must also be strong enough to become the core figure of the team blocking the gate.


Facing the tsunami-like attack of the dark wave creatures…

Without a strong big brother to hold the front, the people who were responsible for the support at the back would likely have a mental breakdown in an instant, causing the defense line at the gate to collapse along with it, allowing the dark wave creatures to rush into the venue.

At that time, it would be very difficult to block the way back and regain control of the gate.

In addition, many people would die.

While he was thinking, a guy wearing a hooded sweater and a mask, who looked like brother A, suddenly walked up to Lin Ye and snapped his fingers at him.


Lin Ye waved his hand impatiently and said, “Go away, Im thinking about something.

Dont disturb me now.”

Hearing this, the boy took off his mask and the white hat of his hoodie, revealing his beautiful face and calmly saying, “Lin Ye.”

“I know what youre thinking.”

“The four gates on the scene need two Professionals who can both resist and fight.

As the main damage output and mental support, they will block the narrow corridors of the South and North Gates respectively.”

“To prevent the creatures from the dark wave from invading the college entrance examination venue and conducting a massacre.”



Lin Ye suddenly raised his head.

“You are…”

The man revealed a faint smile.

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Shangguan Yan, and Im the eighth-generation sect leader of the Spirit Charm Sect.

Im also a student from the same batch as you.”


‘Shangguan Yan

‘Wasnt he taken to fish the White clown

‘Why is he here

As if he knew what Lin Ye was thinking, Shangguan Yan smiled and explained, “Im not the one whos tasked to lure the White clown.”

“Its an actor substitute that the Professional Alliance found.”

“I was at the college entrance examination venue the entire day.

As your fan and audience, I watched your entire performance.”

“I cant help but say.”

“Lin Ye.”

“… Youre really strong!”

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