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Compared to Wang Machaos panic, Lin Ye was much calmer.

He immediately summoned all his equipment and entered battle mode as soon as possible, then stood in front of Su Mumu and Bai Zhi.


“These dark wave creatures didnt come in from the streets outside!”

“It was summoned inside the venue!”

“Theres a mole among us!”

Wang Machao asked subconsciously, “How did you know”

Lin Ye quickly replied, “Before I came, Ive memorized the route map to the college entrance examination venue.”

“The eastern area that the Cockroach-Man attacked is the furthest from the main entrance of the college entrance examination venue.

The route between the two areas is very complicated.”

“If the monsters came from outside the venue, they would definitely attack the audience in the other areas first.

They would definitely not attack there.”


“If I was a Fallen bewitched by an Abyssal Demon…”

“Theyll definitely place the portal to summon the dark wave in the underground shelter.”

“This will prevent the crowd from escaping to the underground shelter and maximize the casualties of the students.”

“Combined with the fact that the eastern area that was attacked is the closest to the underground shelter…”

“We can basically confirm that the enemy has placed the dark wave teleportation portal in the underground shelter.

This Cockroach-Man is a creature of the dark wave that escaped from the underground shelter.”

“Now, we have to find a way to send people to the underground shelter to block the dark wave teleportation gate.”

“Only then can we ensure the safety of everyone present.”

‘Grass puppet!

‘As expected of the genius…

‘He remained calm and observed the situation logically and thoroughly. Wang Machao thought.

The man then cursed in his heart.

It seemed that he was used to living a comfortable life.

He didnt even notice such simple details and had to rely on a young junior to remind him.

“Do you have any important people here” He asked.

“Do you know where they are”

“Ill go get them!”

Lin Ye immediately looked at the west side of the audience where Su Mumus parents were.

That side was opposite to where the dark wave appeared, and it would take at least ten minutes to walk there.

Moreover, that place was the closest to the main entrance to the venue, so they could immediately run out of the emergency exit and seek help from the city guards stationed outside.

So, Lin Ye was pretty sure that they were very safe.

This included Bai Zhis family, who were also in the west audience seats, which were the furthest away from the underground shelter.

Their lives would not be threatened by the dark wave creatures for the time being.

The only ones in real danger were the students who were running around in fear of the Cockroach-Man.

They were too close to thenest of the dark wave.

Once the creatures of the dark wave swarmed into the audience, they would definitely attack them first.

They would not leave them alone and go to attack the students in other areas.

And so, Lin Ye shook his head, “No need!”

“Theyre safe!”

“Brother Chao, you should go and save the group of students in the East first!”

“If its possible… Please think of a way to block the gate over there and prevent the dark wave from entering the venue from the East Gate.

I will help to command everyone to retreat outside!”

Upon hearing this.

Wang Machao made a very decisive decision— he would temporarily give up on hispersonal protection mission for Lin Ye and prioritize saving the group of students who were attacked by the dark wave.

He would also think of a way to block the dark wave from entering the East Gate of the spectator stand and wait for the other advanced Professionals to come and help.

He nodded and said,


“Then Ill leave this side to you!”

“Take care to protect yourself!”

“Be careful of the Fallen hiding in the crowd!”

With that, Wang Machao summoned his own beast, the “Winged Dragon,” and jumped onto its back in one big stride, deftly mounting it.

Immediately after, the black pterosaur spread its huge wings and soared into the air like a rocket.

It quickly rushed toward the Cockroach-Man who was gnawing on the corpses of the students in the east.

The Dragon Knight Commander!

This was Wang Machaos Awakened Talent, and also the hidden Class he had chosen.

He could ride on those flying dragons, soar freely in the sky, and attack enemies with his spear!

A Flash of Lightning!



In the blink of an eye, Wang Machao, who was riding on his black pterosaur, had passed through more than half of the college entrance examination venue and was now directly above the head of the level 20 Cockroach-Man.

Like a god, he looked down at it.

“You damn animal!”



Falling attack!

[Cockroach-Man -7,312 HP!]

Knight Skill.

The dark creature was sent flying!

[Cockroach-Man -5,129 HP!]

It had entered a floating state! Unable to move or attack!

Knight Skill.

A Back Thrust!

Bang! Bang!


Seeing that Wang Machao had taken care of the only Cockroach-Man that had barged into the exam venue, Lin Ye immediately picked up the gray microphone on the podium and stood in front of the camera that was specially made for the host.

He used the huge display screen above his head to quickly explain the current situation to the tens of thousands of people in the audience,


“Listen to me seriously!”


Immediately! Stay away from the Eastern Gate and the east side of the audience seat! Theres a large number of dark wave creatures running out of the underground shelter!”

“The people in the eastern area! Walk to my podium! Join me first! Then well walk to the west side of the audience! Everyone retreat from the West Gate!”

“People on the west! You will retreat directly from the West Gate! Please walk all the way out of the college entrance examination venue! The city guards will come to pick you up!”

“The people from the northern and southern regions! Dont go down the stairs! And dont go through the South or North Gate! Head west along the aisle of the audience seat! Retreat from the West Gate as well!”


“Well only go through the West Gate!”

“Dont go through the other doors!”

“Professionals above level 20, please go to the East immediately.”

Lin Yes words instantly calmed down the panicked crowd.

All the students seemed to have found their backbone and began to follow his instructions.

They began to evacuate in an orderly manner, and there were basically no incidents of collision or trampling.

The teachers whose Professional levels were not considered high also stepped forward at this time and went to the eastern area to help.

They blocked the eastern gate together with Wang Machao to buy time for the people to evacuate.

If there were no problems….

Once the students had evacuated…

Wang Machao and the rest would then work together to kill their way to the underground shelter and block the portal from the dark wave that kept sending monsters out.

They would kill every monster that came out and take back the ownership of the underground shelter, and this chaos would be completely over.



“Can the people in the venue hear us”

“Dont come out! Dont come out! A large number of dark wave creatures had suddenly appeared on the streets! Theyve surrounded the entire college entrance exam venue!”


“The streets outside are more dangerous than the interior of the college entrance examination venue!”

“Please retreat immediately!”

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