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Flying Dragon Mystic Realm, Containing the Dragon Bloodline, Frost Dragon Wolf

In the next moment, he felt the world spin. Mu Xuan had already arrived on the other side of the spatial passage. Mu Xuan took out his cell phone and located himself. He was shocked to discover that he had actually arrived 30 kilometers west of Golden Flower City!

In other words, a spatial passage could teleport him 30 kilometers away. It was so terrifying. As expected of the legendary spatial pet!

Mu Xuan couldnt be more satisfied with the Void Dragon Polecats performance. The Void Dragon Polecat was no longer just a beast, but a strategic existence!

After the test, Mu Xuan chose to return to the city and continue to advance his Ice Crystal Spirit.

Three days later, the impact of the beast tide gradually subsided. The factories and schools were reopened. Golden Flower City was still the prosperous city in the middle of Zhe Province.

Then, another piece of good news came. Principal Lin Xuanye woke up. Although he lost his right arm and his beast, he still survived.

In the nursing home in the north of the city, Mu Xuan visited Lin Xuanye.

“The college entrance examination is coming soon, and you still have time to see this old man” Lin Xuanye said with a smile. He seemed to be in a good mood.

Mu Xuan was silent for a moment before saying, “Principal, I caused you trouble.”

Mu Xuan knew that if it werent for him, Lin Xuanye might not have become like this.

Lin Xuanye scolded with a smile, “Get lost. It was my decision. Its none of your business! Dont say such stupid things!”

After yelling at Mu Xuan, Lin Xuanye smiled faintly and said, “The college entrance examination is coming soon. Dont think about hiding your abilities. The more outstanding your performance is, the more people will think highly of you and the more people are willing to help you! Do you understand!”

Regarding this, Mu Xuan naturally understood that this era was not suitable for playing dumb.

Lin Xuanye smiled faintly. “Go back. Im already very happy that you came to see me!”

“Well, Principal, Ill leave first…”

Seeing Mu Xuan leave, Lin Xuanye sighed and said, “Unfortunately, Susu is a little old. Otherwise, he would be a good grandson-in-law candidate…”

Not long after saying goodbye to Lin Xuanye, Mu Xuan had just returned home when Lu Xiaotian actually called. “Student Mu Xuan, Im not disturbing you, am I”

“No, no. City Lord, whats the matter” Mu Xuan asked. He knew that Lu Xiaotian, the dignified City Lord of Golden Flower City and a beast king Level 6 expert, would definitely not look for him for no reason.

As expected, Lu Xiaotian said, “Haha, Student Mu Xuan, dont be nervous. I have good news for you…”

“Student Mu Xuan, you should have heard of the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm, right!” Lu Xiaotian said. “In the past few days, the City Lords Mansion has sent people to explore it. There are many dragon-element demon beasts and many resources inside, including ice-element resources.”

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“This mystic realm is prepared to be opened to the beast tamers who have participated in this regional beast tide. Student Mu Xuan, as the winner of our Golden Flower Citys Hero Medal, I naturally thought of you!”

“Student Mu Xuan, you should go and take a look if you have the time. Perhaps there will be a fortuitous encounter!”

“City Lord, of course I have time. To be honest, Im lacking a large amount of ice-element resources!” Mu Xuan hurriedly replied.

“Thats good. When you want to go in, just show them your hero medal!”

After hanging up the call with Lu Xiaotian, Mu Xuans face revealed joy. How could he not take a look at the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm The Dark Dragon was once sealed there, and beast kings like the Golden Armored Flame Dragon and the Frost Dragon Wolf had appeared. Perhaps there were evolution resources needed by the Ice Crystal Spirit!

Under the enhancement of the four ice-element resources, the Ice Crystal Spirit had already reached commander level 9. Mu Xuan wanted the Ice Crystal Spirit to evolve, not advance.

This was because Mu Xuan realized that the higher the realm, the more expensive the evolution resources needed. If he really waited until the Ice Crystal Spirit reached the peak of the overlord level before evolving, just collecting those evolution resources would make him vomit blood.

It just so happened that the Little Cat had already grown up, so the advancement of the Ice Crystal Spirit was not that urgent.

Then, Mu Xuan didnt hesitate and asked for leave from the school the next day. The reason was naturally to increase his Beast Taming strength. After all, he was already a commander level 9 beast tamer. There was really nothing else to teach him in the school.

At noon that day, Mu Xuan arrived at the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm, which was the former Flying Dragon Village.

Outside the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm, dozens of city guards were stationed. The leader was surprisingly an overlord Level 7 beast tamer.

“Who are you This place hasnt been opened yet. Youre not allowed to approach!” The Level 7 beast tamer said calmly. The beast under his feet looked at Mu Xuan covetously.

Mu Xuan took out the pure gold hero medal. The two words on the medal shone brightly.

“This is… the Hero Medal!” The Level 7 beast tamer was stunned on the spot. Then, his expression turned serious as he shouted at Mu Xuan, “City Guard Zhang Mingqu greets the hero of Golden Flower City!”

Then, under the lead of the Level 7 beast tamer, everyone actually saluted Mu Xuan!

Mu Xuan could feel that everyone was sincerely saluting him.

At this moment, Mu Xuan was deeply shocked…

After a long time, Mu Xuan finally stepped into the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm. This was a small mystic realm, but the spiritual energy concentration inside was more than ten times higher than the outside world.

The higher the concentration of spiritual energy, the more resources there were in the mystic realm. As expected, in just half an hour, Mu Xuan discovered a ten-year-old Dragon Saliva Grass.

As Mu Xuan went deeper, Mu Xuan discovered more and more resources. Moreover, the resources he found were also more and more precious. The Hundred-year-old Fire Spirit Flower, Hundred-year-old Star Condensing Fruit, Hundred-year-old Spirit Calming Wood, and other items he found were all very expensive.

On the other hand, there werent many demon beasts in the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm. He had only seen two in an afternoon, perhaps because they had been dragged into the beast tide.

Mu Xuans goal was very clear, which was to obtain the ice-element dragon bloodline and ice-element evolution resources.

At night, Mu Xuan arrived at the north of the mystic realm. He discovered that the ice-element spiritual energy in the north was very dense. It was very likely the habitat of the Frost Dragon Wolf that day.

Perhaps it was because he was extremely popular, or perhaps it was fate, but just as Mu Xuan was about to rest, a Frost Dragon Wolf appeared not far from Mu Xuan. It was a level 2 overlord-level Frost Dragon Wolf!

[Frost Dragon Wolf]

Species: Ice/Dragon Wolf

Level: Overlord Level 2

Bloodline: beast king Level

Quality: Elite

Skill: Frost Ice Waterfall, Dragon Breath, Dragon Wolf Claw, Snow Stamp Trace

Introduction: One of the heirs of the Frost Dragon Wolf, a beast king in the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm. It contains a weak Frost Dragon bloodline. Its a demon beast at the top of the food chain in the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm. However, the appearance of the beast tide destroyed and dispersed most of the demon beasts in the Flying Dragon Mystic Realm. Without enough food sources, this Frost Dragon Wolf can only take the risk!

When Mu Xuan sensed this Frost Dragon Wolf, he immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. His eyes lit up. “Little Spirit, Little Cat, prepare for battle!”

“Contains weak frost dragon bloodline No matter how weak it is, I can still extract it!”

“Meow!” When the Void Dragon Polecat heard the order, it instantly escaped into the void and waited for an opportunity to attack.

The Ice Crystal Spirit at the side also flashed with blue light, its skill ready to go!



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