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Chapter 30: Blind Ke Zhene

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This palace was exactly where Dong Lei wanted to go.

There were still many figures in the palace, and some were hidden.

Of course, some of these people belonged to righteous forces and some belonged to evil forces.

When Dong Lei reached the entrance of the palace, he recalled the Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger and returned it to Mount 1.

Then, he carried the Hex Demon Spear and walked in.

When everyone saw Dong Leis Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger, they all knew that this masked man was not to be trifled with.

They all walked away, unwilling to provoke Dong Lei.

However, a man walked up to Dong Lei.

“Rascal! Are you afraid of meeting people Why do you wear a mask”

“Ill buy your mount! Name your price!”

This man was wearing black armor and his face was filled with disdain. He looked exceptionally arrogant and smug.

He spoke to Dong Lei in a very rude manner. The moment he opened his mouth, he said that he would buy it!

However, judging from the mans equipment and aura, he was not a simple NPC.

Moreover, he was holding an iron staff in his hand.

When he looked at people, he would always slant and seemed even more arrogant.

It should be said that he had some strength.

However, was Dong Lei someone he could provoke

On the spot, Dong Lei raised the Hex Demon Spear and used a skill on the man!

Dong Lei first used the Level 2 Rune Fixation skill to immobilize the black-armored man.

Due to the upgrade of War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots, the Level 1 Rune Fixation was upgraded to Level 2.

The effect had also changed drastically, working on from enemies within 10 levels to enemies within 20 levels.

Moreover, the duration also went from 20 seconds to three minutes, a total of 180 seconds.

In an instant, this man was fixed on the spot and could not move at all!

On the other hand, he could still talk, but he couldnt do anything else, including turning his neck.

“You... This... What did you do to me”

The black-armored mans expression changed drastically. He did not know what to do. He had offended such a terrifying person.

He was actually rooted to the ground, unable to move.

“Do you know who I am Are you holding me in place now You...”

“Since my skills are inferior, feel free to kill or torture me!”

The black-armored man said stubbornly.

Dong Lei walked up to the man and patted his face lightly.

“Whos the rascal”

“Can you afford my Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger”

Pa! Pa!

Then, Dong Lei slapped the man twice!

“Im the rascal, Im the rascal!”

“Sir, please spare me! I wont dare to do it again!”

Realizing that he was still unable to move, Blind Ke Zhene no longer had the arrogance from before.

Blind Ke Zhene finally started to look terrified and kept begging for mercy.

“Ah Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger I cant afford it! I cant afford it...”

Next, Dong Leis next move made the onlookers eyes filled with shock and fear!

Dong Lei held the Hex Demon Spear and directly attacked Blind Ke Zhene.

The Hex Demon Spear emitted a strong light!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, four rays of light shot towards Blind Ke Zhene!





Due to the 400% cooldown, a normal attack could be launched four times.

On the spot, Blind Ke Zhenes armor shattered. He was also lying on the ground, deader than dead...

Even his eyes were shattered by the light...


“You have killed the evil Blind Ke Zhene. You have received 300,000 experience points and 2,402 Military Merit points!”

“You have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received 33,000,000 experience points and 340,000 Military Merit points!”

“System Notification: Due to your level restriction, the EXP will automatically enter the experience pool!”

At this moment, Dong Lei looked around at the people around him. Everyone immediately retreated, not daring to have any conflict with Dong Lei.

This was Blind Ke Zhene! He was a Level 39 existence!

In the palace, he was extremely powerful!

In the end, Ke Zhene was not only slapped a few times, but also killed on the spot...

This masked man must not be provoked!

Everyone present realized this.

Dong Lei strode into the palace, making everyone heave a sigh of relief and start talking to each other.

“Who is this guy His strength is too terrifying, right”


“I think this masked man is at least Level-45!”

“Gasp! Level 45 I cant afford to offend him!”

“Who is this person Has anyone seen this person before”

“Isnt there a Gai Gang Chamber of Commerce here Arent they the ones who know everything the best and the fastest”

“Quickly invite Huang Rong out!”

After a short moment, a woman holding a wooden stick walked in front of everyone. She was wearing beautiful clothes and had a shiny hairpin in her hair.

Huang Rong revealed a rare smile. Her eyes flickered as she slowly spoke.

“Our Chamber of Commerce has a certain understanding of the person you just wanted to know about!”

“However, our Chamber of Commerce doesnt intend to announce it this time! Sorry, everyone!”

“Dont we know what kind of person you are Speak! How much does it cost”

A man in a black robe who looked creepy said impatiently.

“Thats right! Isnt your Gai Gang Chamber of Commerce famous for selling information Are you planning not to sell it this time”

“This person only costs 10,000 gold coins at most for us to understand his situation!”

“You stinky woman, youre not a human if you dont want to earn money!”

“Hurry up! How much does it cost Here you go! Everyone wants to know who this almighty man is!”

At this moment, everyones curiosity had long been piqued. They started making noise.

“Hehehe... I advise everyone present to keep your eyes sharp so that you wont piss off the wrong people!”

“Even we dont dare to offend him. Of course were unwilling to sell his information!”

“No matter how many gold coins and other things there are, our Chamber of Commerce doesnt want them!”

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“Dont cause any trouble for yourselves! Blind Ke Zhene has set an example for you!”

After saying that, Huang Rong didnt say anything else and left with the staff...

At this moment, everyone present fell into deep thought as they watched Huang Rongs back.

As for the black-cloaked man, he had also left the palace and disappeared.

This mans name was Zhu Cong, and he was the brother of the blind Ke Zhene.

Now that his big brother was dead, he knew that he was no match for Dong Lei.

He had no choice but to find out the identity of this masked man.

Now, Huang Rong of the Gai Gang Chamber of Commerce was unwilling to say.

He could only start to gather information about Dong Lei from his own Evil faction.

He also ordered the other six brothers to avenge their big brother!



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