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The sky was slightly bright, and the sharp leaves of the weeds on the roadside still had crystal clear dew.

This was when the farmers went out to work.

However, at this moment…

A group of people was standing in front of Lin Yuelans door.

“Whats going on” Someone asked.

“I dont know,” The man shook his head.”When I passed by here, I saw Sanniang and Ying Zi kneeling in front of Yuelans house with their faces covered.”

“Oh.” Someone replied, “Why are they suddenly kneeling here And why are they all covered”

Every villager who passed by had the same question.

Therefore, they stopped to watch.

“Sanniang, Ying Zi, what are you two doing” Someone stepped forward and asked.

Ying Zi and Sanniangs faces were covered with a layer of black cloth, only revealing their eyes.

However, the people who came over seemed to smell a foul smell coming under the cloth.

He furrowed his brows slightly, not understanding what was going on.

Ying Zis eyes were filled with deep grievance and helplessness.

She looked at the person who asked and said, “Madam, we are here to apologize to sister Yuelan.”

This confused the crowd.

Gu Sanniang and Lin Yuelan had a few conflicts in the past.

Last time, she went to her place to steal money, but she was already punished.

Did Gu Sanniang forget her lesson so soon and come to offend the jinx again So now she had no choice but to come and apologize to the jinx

However, it did not seem to be Gu Sanniangs character to come to apologize…

One of the people who were on good terms with Gu Sanniang asked, “YingEr, Sanniang, what are you here to apologize for”

Ying Zis eyes were filled with grievance.

It looked like she was greatly wronged.

She looked scared, like she didnt dare to say anything.

Ying Zi hesitated.

In the end, she shook her head firmly and said, “its nothing.”

No one believed her.

The villagers knew that Lin Yuelan was a vengeful person.

Ying Zi had probably offended her by accident, so she had suffered her revenge.

As a result, Ying Zi and her mother came to apologize to Lin Yuelan early in the morning.

However, the villagers seemed to have forgotten that although Lin Yuelan was a vengeful person, she would only take revenge on those who had offended her.

Did they think she was so free to take revenge on people for no reason Although they were very afraid of Lin Yuelans current abilities and capabilities, many villagers were on Ying Zis side.

Seeing the innocent girl being forced to kneel, they felt indignant.

“Sanniang, Ying Zi, get up first.

Whats the matter that you need to kneel and apologize” Of course, the people who said these were those who were on good terms with Gu Sanniang.

“Oh, thats right.

Why did you cover your faces”

This was what everyone was curious about.

As Zhou Sanxiu spoke, she wanted to pull the cloth off their faces.

However, the mother and daughter, with abscesses all over their faces, were clearly not going to let her do that.

They hurriedly avoided her actions and only shook their heads repeatedly.

“Auntie, something has grown on our faces.

Im afraid it will scare you.” Ying Zi explained.

The villagers were puzzled.

“Something grew on your face that you had to cover it up”

Ying Zi bit her lip and said in fear, “Auntie, my mother and I were poisoned.

“What” The villagers were shocked.

“How did you get poisoned”

Ying Zi didnt want to say anything.

She seemed to be afraid, fearful, and embarrassed.

The more she acted like this, the more it aroused the pity and curiosity of others.

“Sanniang, why were you poisoned for no reason Also, why didnt you find a doctor Why are you kneeling here so early in the morning Could it be that your poisoning has something to do with the jinx” Zhou Sanxiu asked a bunch of questions.

Zhou Sanxiu was one of Gu Sanniangs close friends.

Gu Sanniang shook her head and said with difficulty, “Sanxiu, its alright.

We have accidentally offended Yuelan.

We got what we deserved.”


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