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However, Liefeng understood that Lin Yuelan wanted to dye its fur for the sake of its masters safety.

Liefeng opened his big round eyes and looked at Lin Yuelan.

Then, its big head nodded.

Seeing Liefeng nod its head, Lin Yuelan immediately patted its head, “alright, Liefeng, remember.

Youve agreed to this yourself.”

Liefeng suddenly had a very bad feeling.

Little green nodded.

After that, Lin Yuelan took a look at the medicinal field.

Last time, she had sold ginseng.

This time, she planned to bring the purple milkvetch out of the space and send it to the Lin familys medicinal shop in a few days.

The milkvetch was a purple flower with seven leaves.

Although its value was not as high as thousand-year-old ginseng, it was still an extremely precious medicinal herb.

It could reverse the aging process.

This herb was very popular because who didnt want to be young forever

After taking the milkvetch out of the space, she prepared to go down the mountain.

However, before going down the mountain, little white found a thousand-year-old Lingzhi.

Lin Yuelan picked it up without hesitation and put it into her space for it to cultivate there.

It was already very late when Lin Yuelan returned home.

The moment she returned home, she felt that the house was very lively.

He saw Guo Bing and little twelve seemed to be talking to the crowd in high spirits.

“Whats going on” Lin Yuelan asked, raising her eyebrows.

Little Twelve immediately ran over and said excitedly, “Miss Lin, you know what.

Its selling very well!”

Lin Yuelan was confused.

“What is selling well”

“The clothes at Lin Yue Pavilion! Theyre selling really well.

” Guo Bing couldnt hide his happiness.

When Lin Yuelan heard this, she only replied indifferently, “Oh.”

Getting this response, Guo Bing immediately asked curiously, “Miss Lin, why arent you excited” Those were clothes that she had personally designed.

Lin Yuelan carefully held the purple milkvetch, which was still covered in mud, and said very indifferently, “whats there to be excited about Shouldnt the clothes sell well”


All of a sudden, the few people in the courtyard looked at each other.

How narcissistic!

But it was the truth.

Why were they so happy about a done deal But how could Miss Lin be so confident in the first place

Jiang Zhennan was the first to notice the item in Lin Yuelans hand.

When he recognized it, he was slightly surprised and asked, “Miss YueEr, the flower in your hand…”

Lin Yuelan raised the flower in her hand and said, “this is the purple milkvetch!”

“Purple milkvetch!” Doctor Zhang jumped out from behind and looked at the flower in Lin Yuelans hand in surprise.

“Little girl, did you find this flower in Mount Da Ao”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “yes, Grandmaster!”

Doctor Zhang looked at the purple flower and stroked his beard.

He asked curiously, “little girl, how are you going to deal with this flower”

Lin Yuelan said, “I plan to have the Lin familys medicinal shop in town sell it for me!”

Doctor Zhang was slightly surprised.

He said in surprise, “the Lin familys medicine shop in town is only a small shop.

You cant get a high price there.

If you sell this to a large family in the capital, it would be worth at least two thousand taels.

However, in a small town like Ning An, youll probably only get five or six hundred taels.

The difference in value is too great.”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Grandmaster, that is just perfect, right After all, we are all members of this small town.”

When Doctor Zhang heard this, he laughed loudly and said, “indeed!”

They were all hiding in this small town, so they had to abide by the rules.

Some sacrifices had to be made.

When everyone heard about the purple milkvetch flower, they immediately came over in surprise.

Other than Jiang Zhennan, who had seen it once in the palace, and Doctor Zhang, who cultivated it in the valley of the medicine masters, the others had not seen this legendary flower before.

“What a beautiful flower.

Its so purple.” little twelve exclaimed.


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