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The atmosphere I was in was unfamiliar, but I’m living for the peace it brought me.

Time passed slowly and before we knew it, the teapot was already near empty.

The emperor, who was silent the whole time, spoke.

“Iona, I’m planning on hosting a masquerade at the imperial palace in a couple of weeks.”

Wait, I did not expect that at all.

My brows were drawn in confusion as I waited for him to go on.

The emperor informing me of his plans for the palace was not uncommon, but telling me about it in the wee hours of the night and at an outdoor picnic at that, too, was a first.

“Would you be my partner for the masquerade”

My teacup was near my lips when I froze in my tracks.

It was as if my body had turned into stone, and I could feel my mind going haywire.

I know he had been trying to bring me outdoors recently, but now he wants to take me to a gala

Panic immediately filled me from the inside because as the emperor’s secret doll, I do not wish to participate in unnecessary events that would jeopardize my position.

However, there was a part of me that was innately curious.

What do people say in such situations Curiosity killed the cat, was it I know accepting this proposal would be dangerous, but being out of the palace quite a few times somehow stirred my sense of adventure, and I just couldn’t say no to the emperor’s invitation.

I really wanted to go to the gala especially when banquets weren’t held as often.

The emperor being the person that he is, the number of times he had held banquets so far could be counted with one hand.

He held one to commemorate the emperor’s founding of the land and two, to celebrate his birthday.

He left the celebrations shortly after delivering his brief yet compelling message, though, not bothering to stay and join the festivities.

The attendees didn’t have the chance to interact with the emperor, making the banquets nothing more than a place decorated with fancy lights.

But unlike the banquets expected of him, he seemed to be making an effort for this masquerade in particular since here he was, asking me to go with him, in the middle of the intense summer heat.

There’s not a political agenda behind the masquerade, is there Like secret intelligence, perhaps

All I know it would be as spectacular as this trip here in the pavilion.

But despite wanting to attend a masquerade myself, I still couldn’t shake the feeling of uncertainty.

Having been accustomed to hiding and suppressing who I really was over the years had me terrified at the thought of being out in such a public place.

My fists clenched tightly atop my dress.

Should I just consider not going to the masquerade altogether I felt more disappointed than I imagined of being, but attending the masquerade would be too risky for me.

Trying to convince myself that it was not a good idea, I lifted my head and saw something I did not expect.

How long has he been looking at me like that

The emperor had his head slightly bowed as he subtly stole glances in my direction.

The sight of it reminded me of a puppy who knew he was in trouble while awaiting his owner’s reaction.

What am I even thinking about! How crazy am I to liken the emperor to a puppy! As I internally reprimanded myself, the emperor still didn’t cease to look at my direction.

I could see well his glances that were full of longing, and it wasn’t doing any good to my fragile heart.

I summoned all the courage I could muster as I prepared to decline his invitation. I can’t go.

It would be dangerous, I keep telling myself over and over again.

Still going back and forth with my decision, the emperor noticed my inner turmoil and he asked with a defeated expression, “Would it be so hard to go with me”

The sadness in his voice was so apparent that it vividly tugged at my heartstrings.

I could practically feel the defenses I’ve tried to muster the past few minutes crumble before me.

I raised my right hand, signaling surrender, “I-I will attend the event.”

Like a boxer knocked out after a sharp, final blow, I did nothing but accept his invitation.

Hearing my acceptance, he plastered the biggest smile on his face and his irresistible grin is making my poor heart suffer all the more.

It was then when I realized I will no longer be able to change my mind.

Ugh… To fall for his charm….

They don’t call the South The South for nothing.

Realizing I had no outlet to vent all my frustrations, I threw him a weak smile, and tried to convince myself that at least I won’t be bored out of my wits for a while.

If I could go back to my unbothered, relaxed self, I most definitely would.

For the next few days, my life would be something akin to hell.


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