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So the emperor really was serious, the aides thought.

Then, another aide took a deep breath and cleared his throat,

“Sky… the sky terrace is also widely known for its beauty.” The aide could feel the pounding in his chest as he spoke.

“Sky terrace Right.

That place is also nice.” The emperor nodded in agreement.

“Do you need more suggestions” Raven asked.

He shook his head, “No.

That should be enough.” He turned on his heel about to leave the room when Raven called for him again,

“Your Majesty.”

The emperor exhaled, “What now” He was not at all amused with Raven’s another round of interruption.

“I have news regarding the case you mentioned last time.”

He paused in his tracks and turned to look at him, “Well, did you find it”

“Not yet, but we managed to catch a witness.”

Ridrian smirked, flashing everyone a cold smile.


Then I’ll leave the rest to you.

Make sure to finish it promptly.”

“I’ll make sure of it, Your Majesty.”

He took his outerwear from the awaiting attendant and spoke over his shoulder, “Raven.”


“Keep your word, will you I’m done for the day, so don’t bother me anymore.” There was a slight threat in the emperor’s words and Raven, finally acquiesced, nodded.

“I will.”

At that the emperor left the office without another word.

Raven and the other aides could only stare at the emperor’s retreating from with a confused look on their faces.


About an hour ago.

It seemed like the emperor was still caught up on his work.

He had sent a maid to relay a message telling me to wait in the courtyard for a while.

Another thing that I noticed was the maid seemed to be addressing me much carefully, like she was afraid of messing up especially when everyone saw how kind the emperor’s been treating me ever since we got back.

And honestly, it felt strange being treated like that.

Wait, maybe Lina telling me that I should be a royal concubine simply got to me.

I’m not going to be his anything.

I sent Lina and the maid back to the palace and sat on one of the chairs in the courtyard.

I looked up at the blue skies, dazedly watching a white bird fluttering in the air as it chirped happily.

Since I’ve been left unattended in the imperial palace for over three months, I find myself easily zoned out whenever I am alone.

If only I could fall asleep while doing this.

Then, for some reason, I snapped out of my thoughts as if I was doused in cold water.

My body had finally recovered, and I realized I wouldn’t be fair to myself if I spent my days so lifelessly and in such a dazed manner.

If I stayed the way I am, I might as well become a growing moss covering a bedroom’s walls.

When I returned to the palace, my body had a hard time adjusting to different activities since I was only used to just eating and sleeping, and I wouldn’t lie that it was difficult for the first couple of days.

Or maybe I’m just not in the position to do other things But things have been good lately.

My body is completely healed and the emperor was not as violent as before and to top it all off, I had lots of free time in my schedule.

I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

There must be something else I could do.

While I am not a fan of working incessantly, zoning out was just as bad, if not more.

I wish there was something I could concentrate on without overworking my body.

Reading novels was the best option.

But the books the emperor gave me were hard to read and it was more educational than leisure.

I mean, where would I even use random military information in my daily life Hmmm.

Well, I’ve never cooked before… sewing on the other hand was something I have no talent for, and cleaning is the maids’ job.

There’s literally nothing else I could do.

Just like the Korean that I am, being productive was something that was engraved deep into our souls, as if lazing around was an abomination.

I want to change something, and I felt frustrated for only being allowed to go between the emperor’s palace and the gardens.

And didn’t I completely lose it the last time I felt constrained that I answered back to the emperor Honestly, it was amazing that I am still alive after that chaotic meltdown.

Could it be that he let me live because he grew attached to me after living together for months

I tapped my chin with my fingers, contemplating.

“What should I do”

“Are you planning on doing something”

I jumped from my seat, clutching my chest tightly at the sudden, yet familiar voice.

I turned around and saw the person I least expected of being here.

“Long time no see, Iona.”


The high priest of the Order of Theres stood before me with his usual gentle smile and blonde hair tied back elegantly.

His face was illuminated by the bright sunlight, casting him a white glow like a halo.

“How have you been I see that you took the bracelet off.

You look just as great with platinum blonde hair, by the way.”

He was able to recognize me even without the bracelet.

I guess Ravis knew more than I thought, and somehow, it made me feel embarrassed.

“What are you doing here… Wait, no, I mean… It’s been a while, R… Ravis” The last part came out like a question.

After I rambled on and made a fool of myself, I straightened my back and gave him my manners.

Ravis’ eyes widened and he took my hands in his, the action taking me by surprise.


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