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“I see.

I think His Majesty is really fond of Iona.

Maybe you could be his royal concubine” She said it like she wanted it to happen.

Lina patted my hair softly, amazed with her own work while I, on the other hand, panicked at her words.

“Don’t… Don’t say things like that! I’m planning to get out of this place alive.”

“Hmm…” It seemed like there’s something she wanted to say but opted not to.

“Lina What’s with that face Did I say something I’m not supposed to” Anxiety began building in my chest, and I felt a chill tingling my spine.


Iona is smart, but sometimes you lack wits.”

“Well, I’m just His Majesty’s doll after all.”

I could see the exasperation in Lina’s face.

She’s shaking her head as if she can’t believe how clueless I am.

“There’s no way he has feelings for me.

And even if he did, it would never work.” I deadpanned.

“What makes you say that”

“Uhm… There’s this thing…” I trailed off, deciding not to say anything more.

I gently stroked my new hairdo while I stared at the mirror.

His partner will show up soon.

The only thing I’m focusing on right now is to live long and live happily.

I want to live my life to the fullest.

I reminded myself over and over again, then out of nowhere, I remembered the press of his lips on mine.

The memory made me so flustered that I stood up from my seat, unsure what to do with myself.

… Seriously… There’s no way.

While I was having an internal breakdown, Lina handed me a lace bonnet and asked, “Where will His Majesty take you today”

“Oh, His Majesty didn’t tell me.”

“Really I’m sure he will take you someplace amazing.” Lina assured.


Given that there are several gardens here.” I’ve heard that there are a lot of gardens in the Palace, and some even said that it would take a year to see all of them if you visit two a week, so I’m pretty sure I would be preoccupied in the following days.


“Your Majesty, you must finish these today.”

Ridrian sharply glared at his aide who tried to block his exit.

But having spent years being the emperor’s aide, Raven remained unfazed and unbothered, already used to his simmering temper.

He simply stared at him in response, not moving even a single step and added,

“I need you to finish these documents and case.”

“Didn’t I tell you I needed to go somewhere Have you lost your mind” The emperor seethed angrily.

“My apologies, but this is an urgent case.

If you finish this, I promise I won’t bother you anymore, today at least.” Raven said.

Ridrian couldn’t believe how adamant his follower was.

Sensing that he wouldn’t be let off until he did what he was told, he huffed in annoyance as he willed himself to calm down and went back to the worktable, muttering his displeasure all the while.

He grabbed the fountain pen and started writing on the documents and files just like what Raven instructed.

The senior aide standing beside Raven sighed in relief and whispered,

“That’s amazing, Aide Esteban.”

“Aide Rood, are there any updates about the case I told you about last time His Majesty takes that specific case quite seriously.”

“I-I am… thoroughly investigating it! I will send you the report within two days.

I just need more time…”

“How noisy.” The emperor clicked his tongue, shutting everyone up all at the same time.

After that, no words were said anymore and the only thing that could be heard was the minute sound of clothes rustling.

Ridrian reviewed each of the documents, but his mind was elsewhere.

Hmmm… I sent books yesterday, and I had the jeweler prepare another gem that is much smaller.

Based on the reactions I’ve gotten so far, it seems like she enjoys reading and eating the most.

When they had returned to the palace, Ridrian made an effort to know what Iona likes every day, following Ravis’ advice.

The day they returned to the royal grounds, Ridrian asked Iona if there’s something she really liked and she responded with, “Singing”.

Sadly, it was not something Ridrian could give her.

Feeling disheartened, he decided to figure it out on his own by presenting a variety of gifts daily.

However, Iona barely had a reaction after being given expensive jewelry or dresses.

He did not expect her to be so nonchalant since he thought all women were fond of expensive items.

Instead of material things, she preferred spending time alone quietly, like reading a book or going for a walk.

And if he sends her delicious food, people say that she never refuses any of them.

And it is still a surprise to him that she could read.

To be honest, Iona has always exceeded his expectations.

Thinking about Iona, who always bounces on her feet at the most unexpected times, made Ridrian unconsciously chuckle as he shook his head.

He didn’t realize his vassals and attendants were horrified at the sight of their emperor, who seemed to be laughing to himself for no reason.

When the emperor signed and stamped his seal onto the last document, he stood up and exclaimed, “Finally.”

All of his aides looked at him.

He asked, “Which one is the most beautiful among all the royal palace gardens”

The aides looked at each other confusedly, wondering if they heard him right.

The emperor, who was always efficient and expected nothing less from his subordinates, was now asking them about the most beautiful garden

Was he asking for the best garden for burying dead bodies One aide thought.

Perhaps he is still not right in the head after collapsing last time

Only Raven answered in a calm manner in the sea of confused aides, “Why don’t you visit the new garden It is a must-visit for women who enter the Palace.”

“Ah… the new garden.

So ladies really do like gardens.

Anything else”

The people in stand by were stunned into silence.

Is this true… The tyrant has a… lover!

For a brief moment, they all felt sympathy for the woman.


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