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Initially, I was really surprised when I saw the main character with my own eyes knowing for a fact he came from the book I was reading back in my previous life.

The experience felt like I was meeting a famous celebrity.

I wasn’t faring much better here especially when the emperor was someone of stature and out of reach.

While I am completely aware of the emperor’s uncontrollable temper, I still find myself being surprised every time he showed that side of him, and it only further proved how much of a tyrant he was.

Would I even come out of this alive

However, having spent three months with the emperor thus far I could say I don’t see him the way I initially did when I first read the book; I am now seeing him as a person who just like anybody else, had a terrible past that haunts him everyday and numbs at the memory.

Looking at him at a close angle, I genuinely felt sorry for the darkness in his eyes.

Why do people suffer all the time Why does it have to be you

Did God intend the emperor to have endless hardships His 24 years of existence had been nothing but filled with constant suffering and despair; from being betrayed greatly and seeing his loved ones perish, all led him to this mess and now he’s retching blood.

No matter how much he persisted time and time again, he always ended up being at the losing end.

The readers that were invested in the story felt his pain as if it was their own.

When it was publicized that the story wouldn’t have a happy ending, the publisher’s site was spammed right away with hundreds of comments all from angry readers.

There was even an online forum where the readers exchanged hate comments towards the publishers, saying how unfair they were and how dare they give him a tragic ending.

I mean, who could blame them The emperor was about to live a happy life with the female heroine after a multitude of sufferings then just as instantly, the publishers turned haywire once again and proceeded to have him suffer.

He never had the chance of being happy, and thinking about his misfortunes was breaking my own heart.

Absently, I brought my fingertip to my lips, feeling it warm from having brushed the emperor’s skin.

Something stirred in my chest.

“Ridrian.” His name slipped past my lips.

I saw him faintly scrunch his eyes and saw him visibly relax.

The thing is, I always made sure to call him emperor and avoided using his name altogether.

I never called him by his name in fear of getting attached to him, thinking there’s a high chance I would wind up dead a year later because of his fickleness.

I was simply saving myself from disappointment that would surely come from having formed a close relationship.

If I am not mistaken, nine months from now, the female main character will appear, and I don’t have the energy left in me to expect anything from anyone.

I am just so exhausted.

All that’s left for me to do is do my best as a doll and leave the palace soundly after everything’s done.

Wasn’t that the future I’ve always dreamt for myself

It surely was, but something doesn’t feel right.

Then, my attention panned towards the transformation bracelet dangling over my wrist.

It was the item that changed my appearance and without much thinking, I impulsively took the bracelet off.

I glanced at the small mirror perched beside the bed and under the faint moonlight, my dark blonde hair turned back to platinum, and my deep green eyes became blue.

This is my reflection I haven’t seen for three whole months.

And for some reason, seeing my real reflection made me feel a little less frustrated.

I clasped both of his hands and leaned my head against it, muttering to myself.

“Don’t get sick.”

Even though I felt uncomfortable being treated as Liliana’s stand in doll, I never wanted him to suffer like this.

It was rather contradictory, but what am I supposed to do

Gradually, my eyes drifted close from exhaustion.



A soft caress patted my head gently.

It brushed my tresses in a leisurely manner while I was still in the midst of my sleep.

After it went on for a while, I slowly opened my eyes to my surroundings.

“Iona.” I turned my head to look at him, seeing him seated on the bed.

His head was tilted at an angle as he looked at me with a small smile on his face. I wonder what time he woke up. The distressed face I saw before I slept was now gone.

I was so glad seeing him in a much better state that I didn’t realize the smile forming on my lips.

I never thought I would feel this relieved.

“I’m glad you woke up.”

The emperor’s eyes grew wide at my words.

It was only then when I realized what I just said that I hastily covered my mouth but the emperor pulled my hand just as quickly, making the bracelet fall to the ground.


Suddenly, he leaned his face closer to me.

I didn’t have the chance to react and before I knew it, his hands were cupping my cheeks and hair, closing the distance between us.

“Your Maj—!” His warm and soft lips pressed against my own.

Dazed, my eyes fluttered close as I let myself succumb to his touch.


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